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On that fateful day of February 26th 2017 a total of 16 singers came to the very first choir rehearsal held at St. David of Wales church in the Abernathy neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. 4 sopranos, 4 altos, 3 tenors and 5 bass/baritones were in attendance. Prior to that first meeting Kevin Levy met with Jeffrey Kauffman to help arrange the first batch of songs. Mr. Levy who is the sole songwriter for the choir came with the music, words and vocal melody lines for each song and Mr. Kauffman helped to arrange them into S.A.T.B parts. Those first 5 songs included Greedy Politicians, Climate Change, Overworked and Underpaid, Equal Work for Equal Pay and Love Conquers Hate. Mr. Kauffman also helped as choir conductor and also played the piano for the first month of the weekly practices to help sectionals nail down their parts. After a brief stint with the awesome Paris Brewer behind the piano, Ross Gulko stepped in as the new pianist and with his amazing piano skills. Mr. Gulko was immediately admired and loved within the choir. Jonathan Gibson then stepped in and helped to arrange 3 more songs including Gerrymandering, Universal Health Care and Crenshaw.

The preparations for our first large performance began. July 8th, 2017 was the date at the Laurelhurst Park concert stage in Portland. It was a powerful and educational show with a few hundred in attendance. Hale Mednick stepped in as the bass player for that event and a camera crew caught recorded it all. Just prior to the Laurelhurst Park performance, Adventure land, located within the Hawthrone District invited The Revolution Choir to perform to a decent day-time crowd of tipsy folks. As the weeks and months have passed, The Revolution Choir has performed on KBOO radio, Open Signal TV Media block party as well as attending and performing at the Good in the Hood Festival in North Portland where the beloved US Senator, Jeff Merkley was in attendance and spoke.

As 2017 has already ended, Kevin Levy brought in Fedis Gray as the new bass player with his infectious bass grooves while Mikaela Bailey stepped up as the percussionist playing the Cajon. Kevin Levy remained as the main rhythm guitar player. 3 new songs were added to the line-up that was arranged by Mr. Levy including Mom and Pop Shop, Love is Love and Income Inequality. Carl Tietze, aka Solovox added his super-groovy drum and bass lines on Love is Love and Income Inequality with Mikaela Bailey taking the lead vocals on those two.

As March of 2018 rolls around, The Revolution Choir is taking a new twist...turning their songs into a musical. Only the future knows how that will turn out. Stay tuned at and be prepared. Only something good can come out of this.
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March 12