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Buzzer beater!! It was done at 11:59 PM, I swear xD
I suppose this is a follow up to the image I did of Margaery earlier in the week.. I just can't get enough Game of Thrones.. 

Started this at 7 this evening.. so I guess it's been a 5 hour piece. I can't draw males. Forgive me.


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What, are you kidding? This is fine work, and well above the balance of your other work so far. The composition, light rendering, and drawing are very good. If you don't do men so much, maybe you should do more. Doing something that challenges you can bring out your best, too! I also like the chiaroscuro tone. It gives the face and piece a sense of the personality and gravitas of the character. The bac-klighting and details are well done. I also like how the eye is drawn to his eyes by increasing the level of detail there. That's a common but effective technique. The light side of his face seems a bit overdone, maybe a bit too bright and washed out.

Overall, an excellent work.
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great drawing!! i want to punch his face.....
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... I loves me my Starks, and Little Finger needs a good punchin every once in a while.
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Good enough reason for me xD
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This is lovely!

Can't draw males?!?!? Shock Emote   This work proves that statement to be incorrect.
It is a bit softer than the reference, but I think that actually makes him look more pensive, his eyes the more piercing.
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Thank you lol. I had a lot of fun working on it, though the facial hair about killed me :faint: I'm just not used to drawing the more square features of men, I kept trying to add curves to his face. And then I'd try to polish them out and it ended up looking fuzzy lol. But overall I kinda like this attempt.
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(Remember what I said about experimentation) 'nuf said.
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I really appreciate the lighting in this! A beam of light shooting down from the heavens to illuminate his face! Quite a nice choice.
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Thanks :D The reference image I had was pretty great (: I love sharp lighting like that.
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That's pretty great. :)

Don't see much fault in it. I think his face just looks TINY bit chubby for some reason. But that might be lighting at work.
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Thanks (:
I think you might be right... I used a soft brush on this one and it made the whole image seem fuzzy and too big. But he does seem to have chubby cheeks haha.
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Not a major flaw thou.
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Gorgeous details! =D
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Very good, actually it's better then very good... !!!IT'S EXCELLENT!!!
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:blush: Thank you so much!! I really appreciate that :heart:
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