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One hour for this one. Just something to play around with, another piece from redditgetsdrawn!


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Margaery Tyrell by revois 1.13 by revois Speedpaint - Portrait by revois
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I really enjoyed this piece. The complexity on the face and details that went into the shading are impeccable. And the simplistic/ minimistic hair and background are nice. At first I wondered if the background was too busy for the line work in the hair but once I clicked on it and looked at it more I felt like it worked; Like she is coming from the chaos around her.

One thing I am not sure about is that a tattoo on her neck/ chest or is it a shirt? Were you going for the more minimalist approach to the tattoo? I think the shading is great, I feel like the eyes are drawn to it and maybe more on the detailed side it would have conveyed better. Especially since its the middle of the piece and your eyes are drawn right to it. However I can understand why you did it that way, because if you did it like the hair it might seem too dark and might be hard to come across, but I like the darker with the light lines opposed to the white with dark lines. Overall, this is beautiful. You are very talented.
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Thank you so much for the wonderful critique! The reference of the woman I drew is in the comments section. I tried very hard to portray her accurately, including her tattoo. However, I wanted there to be contrast between the white lines and the black lines. Do you feel like the contrast is too sharp? Should the white lines be darkened or the dark lines lightened? I really appreciate your feedback :heart:
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I thought it was a great resemblance...I would have to say maybe is there a way to meet somewhere in the middle? Like the hair around the neck to fade into a lighter shade of gray/ or tattoo should be darkened? hahaha I'm waving my hands in the direction I think would work but thus, isn't very good at helping using words. -_-; But I think maybe if the hair around the tattoo was lighter maybe the contrast wouldn't be AS sharp, but still wanting to stay enough of a contrast to make your point, you know?
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Right, good suggestion (: I will play with it more later tonight (: Thank you again!!
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I think this is magnificent... :heart:
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I think you're magnificent :heart: :heart:
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looks very lovely :3
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Absolutely beatiful!
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Wonderful work!
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