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Web Icons Shapes

60 Shapes for Photoshop CS3

Inside this pack you will find 60 icons such as:
Home, Locks, Mail icons and more :)

Use everywhere :) If you download - fave them it makes all the hard work worthwhile.

If you need brushes go [ here ]

Don't claim them as your own.

Thanks, Revn.
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A thumbnail would have helped.
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Really good work, congratulations!
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yeah! they saved my time .. thanks.. :)
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Thank you~rev89
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Wow... Great pack of icons. Thanks a lot!!!
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Awesome. Your avatar looks like Pacific Revitalize/Palit Badge. AHAAH
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Thank you very much!
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eee! rawk.
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17,486 downloads yet only 192 favourites. Some people are so selfish.... Here, have another favourite for all your hard (and very good) work.
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Simply love it! :)
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Great pack ! So useful ! Many thanks
Thank U man. Nice shapes.........
thanks for sharing :)
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Very Nice Icons! Thank you.
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Thanks for sharing!
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