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Revnart Styles

My old styles for Photoshop, pack contains 24 different styles, I've tried to keep it clean and simple :)

Hopes, it will be useful to someone.

Some of them depend on object size, so you will need to play with them, but I think it will help you working with styles and be creative. :)

All styles in this pack are free for personal and commercial uses as always ;p
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Nice, Thank You.

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Thank you very much :D
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Thanks for sharing!!
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Hey there ^.^
A friend of mine recommended me to look for some stuff for Photoshop, called Photoshop Styles, cuz I want to learn how she does her work in Photoshop.
I came upon this site, to which led me here to download on of the Style Batches.
I'm still knew to Photoshop... So do you think you can explain to me what a "Style" is?
Is it like a Paint Swatch, where you just click and paint or is it something eles???
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the reply button is ghosted btw....
sorry but this is not a free download, its scamming ppl to invest money or get the PC full with virus! The installer will messup the W7 REgistry

i will report that site to get closed. its not allowed to 

spread 941 Addware and Trojans in your 'free' (hahahahha) Download. That is simple as fucking bitch try to 

add spyware on PC's with free Downloads. All Members plz check out your PC that downloader is FULL with maleware! I cant understand that this 

can even exists in the network. Its sad to see how bad the ppl are. 
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I see you are new here :) The file in the download is .asl file which is native extension for styles in photoshop. There is no installer, no exe etc. and its free. I guess you are the first person in almost 50,000 who said that :) check once again, hope the styles will be useful :)
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awesome, thanks.
will donate if i make money with this ^^
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<font><font>Gostei... sou novo aqui pessoal.. como que eu posso baixar esses styles???</font></font>
where is the download link please?
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Very Nice
Clean as a Pin.
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tnx for sharing
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