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You need to install action Revnart_DVD.atn in Photoshop.

[ How to install actions ]

Then open Revnart_DVD.psd file and import your images there, you will need two images, one for front and one for side of the box. Put them into "[ images ]" group and run the action by pressing Shift+Ctrl+F12

Photoshop will cut images automatically so you don't need to be precise :) Just remember to put layer "front" lower than "side" layer :)

Inside .rar file you will find Revnart_DVD.psd and Revnart_DVD.atn

I'm still working on it :) This is first release. I'm waiting for comments and suggestions :)


Upgraded Version - [ here ]
better looking ( in my opinion ;) ) faster and without several bugs.
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Absolutely simple to use :-) THX