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Over the past few weeks I've been sketching a picture a day as I try and learn more dynamic poses with figures in general. some of the more intresting ones I'll eventually put here!
I'm getting into a habit of just using this as an artdump rather than actually participate and join groups. Eventually I'll actually be more social and network more. :P

Anyway, I participated in a art compo' held by the Hellraiser fan community I made the finalists for designing a cenobite which I was more than chuffed about!
At some point I'll make an effort to join some groups and share some stuff a little bit!

Also one thing I've noticed is I need to start sorting out media folders for my pictures. Sorting mixed media and cgi so it dosen't look cluttered and ugly.
Thinking about it and doing are two different things entirely mind you :P
Decided not to watermark the real media pics as they're already signed and it just seemed silly and egotistical. So I'll keep the watermark for cgi gubbins.
Thats pretty much all the cgi stuff I wanted to add here for the time being. I'm going to start uploading the traditional media next! This is illustrations done with eather prisma markers, indian ink brush pens or other art brush things. I started doing a lot of noir style pictures recently too. Some were exersises in negative space. In some I looked at a bunch of photo refs to get ideas and imagine where solid shadows would be and combined them into particular noir style images... I'll upload over the next few day and you'll see what I mean!
Right, I'm back! I'm going to start uploading say, 3 pics a day to begin with. First I'll get the old pics and cgi pictures out the way before I put up the pen/ink ones. Some I'll have to stick watermarks on, out of force of habit.
Howdo, This'll be where I dump Arts/illustrations. I won't start uploading untill I get back home after the weekend, say mon 13th or tuesday!

I do eather cgi illustrations or traditional media, involving Prismas, indian ink, art brush pens. I do a lot of figure drawings. So see you there! :)