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Cenobite Female Concept
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Mature Content
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This sketch was for a competition held by the hellraiser fansite [link] to design a cenobite. I'm thinking she used to be an aspiring fashion model when she was human. Highly competetive and vindictive, In between vomiting and coke-fuled parties she was given 'the box' as a gift.

An emaciated being with a mockery of a ponytail made from a black iron chain swinging from the back of her head. The most obvious feature is the circular maw, remenicent of an organic food processor it features rows of concentric teeth dissapearing into void.
The creature enjoys eating your limbs while they're still connected and leaving you at the mercy of the inhabitants of leviathan's realm.

mixed media, sketch with a crayon rubbing I scanned and photoshoped togeather.
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