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Lot Of Pokemon Plushies II by CheerBearsFan Lot Of Pokemon Plushies II :iconcheerbearsfan:CheerBearsFan 5 2 Steven Universe: Connieven by Neodusk Steven Universe: Connieven :iconneodusk:Neodusk 2,636 411 Daily Paint 2183. Griffon Vulture by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2183. Griffon Vulture :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 1,480 52 1001 Animations: White Elephant Gift Exchange by Regulas314 1001 Animations: White Elephant Gift Exchange :iconregulas314:Regulas314 34 23
Thank You!!!
Hey guys! I just wanted to thank you all so much for the Birthday wishes this year! I'm awfully sorry that it's going to take me a while to reply back to thank you guys individually, but I just want you all know that you're fantastic and I really appreciate the kind words.
My dailies have been a little on the repetitive side this past year, I had a lot of work and life events, but I really plan to turn things around for 2019! Can't wait to let you guys know about the book I've been working on :) I hope you'll like it!
Have a party sloth
:iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 56 77
Excelsior by Regulas314 Excelsior :iconregulas314:Regulas314 84 13
Detective Pikachu Trailer #1
I didnt know I needed this in my life, but I want to see this more than ANY OTHER MOVIE in 2019! I never thought realistic Pokemon could ever work, but they just might be able to pull this off! I feel so much better after seeing this! You'll DEFINITELY get a reeeiw of this next year, and I think I'll be getting back into reviews now.
:iconregulas314:Regulas314 4 3
Space Age Love Song Title Card by MrEnter Space Age Love Song Title Card :iconmrenter:MrEnter 43 6
R.I.P. Stan Lee
I knew The Day has come... THE BIGGEST HERO FROM ALL IS PASSED AWAY!!! Oshawott cry plz 
:iconcookie-lovey:Cookie-Lovey 7 10
He was a Good Man by Cookie-Lovey He was a Good Man :iconcookie-lovey:Cookie-Lovey 58 0 The Dairy Queen by Cookie-Lovey The Dairy Queen :iconcookie-lovey:Cookie-Lovey 14 2 Jimmy Two-Shoes - Fused Together by akuma319 Jimmy Two-Shoes - Fused Together :iconakuma319:akuma319 8 1 Daily Paint 2182. Keywi by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2182. Keywi :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 2,740 90
Jess and Morty Extort the Fans Again

This is the officially licensed, Galactic Federation-approved Jess and Morty discussion thread. Discuss away. I'm hitting serious dead ends every time I rewrite and realize it's time to extort outreach to develop my ideas.
Shout-out to supermariospongebob, whose awesome title cards I now use in every single one I write. Just an all around cool guy who deserves promotion anyway. There's actually a whole list of people I need to promote. :lol:
:iconthe-artist-64:The-Artist-64 3 6
Esso - Early One Morning (1948, UK) by akuma319 Esso - Early One Morning (1948, UK) :iconakuma319:akuma319 32 6 Kris - The Leader by PikaGamerthePikachu Kris - The Leader :iconpikagamerthepikachu:PikaGamerthePikachu 35 2


Hello to the reader,

today was gonna be a birthday post, but now I've lost it since I heard the news of Stan Lee passing, so now let's just pay our respects to a man who made a true believer out of all of use, and to all he did for his fans.
Hello to the reader,

This is a minor star vs the forces of evil theory.(I know how original)

We've all heard the theories questioning Marcos alignment as well as his humanity, but this is is either different or more of the same.

We my first idea comes from toffe and Marcos interaction where after Marco gets hurt slapping the sandwich away toffee say "you are such a disappointment" for Marco to replay "well your boring" which actually looked like it hurt his feelings.

Why would toffee see him as a disappointment and have a minor opinion of him?

Heres where…

My theory is that toffee is from the future of sorts.
His last line befor his(nightmare giving) death
"only I know how this all turns out"
how would he know what's gonna happen before unless he has already seen or heard of it.

Maybe in the future Marco is one of the greatest warriors in all of Mewni and toffee is disappointed in seeing a man of legends barley hit with a toothpick and crying about it.


Its about a 25 percent chance. Toffee has been shown to be a master manipulator, like how he had Ludo's army turn against him in a matter of days. He also thinks highly of himself so that could have just been one last jab at the heroes knowing he was licked. As for the Marco part he could have seen him fight or hear the other monsters talk about fighting him and thinking he was a skilled warrior until he met him.

But what do you all think? Agree or disagree? If I get enough agrees(which at the minimum would be 5) I'll add the other part of this theory, and like the guards from The Shawshank Redemption I shit you not on the other half being more out their then this one. Let me know in the comments below and have a nice day.
Hello to the reader,

In the last day of spook week, in gonna give theory onthe power puff girls worst enemy HIM.

While yes he is to represent the devil has anyone ever noticed in the show that HIM, never actually fought the power puff girls head on. Yes I remember their dreams but that was only in their dreams. The theory is that he can only manipulate the situation.

    They best example would be in the episode "Speed demon" when the girls accidentally go to the future and see what would happen if they were gone. In that future HIM is in charge, and we never see him fight the girls just get beat up and turned into a larger form of himself. 

The only flaws in this theory is in two episodes "Telephonies" and "Meet the Beat Alls". In Telephonies we see HIM actual beat up the gang green gang. In Meet the Beat Alls" he does blast the girls and it causes damage. The only argument was that he teamed up with other villains in both episodes.

Also in Telephonies when the girls are mislead by the gang green gang, instead of trying to kill the girls, he just brushes it off and calls mojo to talk about it.

So what do you people think. Him can only cause the problem or he just chooses to let things happen. Let me know any support or evidence against in the comments and have a nice day.
Hello to the reader,

It may be past Halloween but I'm still gonna give two more days of spooky journals. As you guessed I'm gonna give 5 of the creepiest pokemon theories, either from the show or of the games. If you have a specific theory you feel should be mentioned leave it in the comments thank you.

5-Genesect is actually a weaponized Kabutops-It shown in both the game and show that fossil pokemon can be revived, and with the idea of item power ups, who's to say one (mad) scientist took it a step too far and tried to Iron Man a Kabutops

4-Gangar is the shadow of a Clefairy-the theory goes that a clefairy's shadow came alive and became a Gangar. While see able I'd sooner believe a hangar is the ghost of a clefairy.

3-The war theory-the war theory is just that, that some war broke out in the world and some characters are veterans of said war. The reasons may vary, some say it was because of land issues, other say it's because of the way pokemon were used, I'd say that with how most pokemon resemble real animals I'd say they were used to fight in the war and now are a sort of hunger games fashion, while most areas are cut off from each other(notice how their is little reference to any prior games)

2-Animal testing-Similar to theory 3 it goes that since most of the pokemon resemble real world animals, it goes that every pokemon was mutated to have a living supply of a resource. Which would explain why the 3 starter pokemon are just 3 elements of 3 actual animals. It would also explain why their are no prehistoric versions of modern day pokemon.

1-Ash is a runaway-This theory can either make too much, or too little sense. Every fan has heard a "Delia is a bad mom joke" and the lack of a dad in the show it also gives some promiscuity jokes on her(cough cough, professor oak). Each of the times Ash goes to a new region it's him just running away for some reason, and following the pattern he returns home only to have another fight with Delia and the process repeats. It would also explain her indifference to whenever ash comes home he wants to start another journey(he hears of a new challenge not a day after and they show gives us a fake out of Delia giving him new clothes and saying have fun). I'm gonna leave this half on "She let her son stay in the equivalence of Hawaii".

It is also worth noting that team rocket is just a gang that sees ash constantly fighting with his mom and them knowing where he comes from (James especially) want him in their gang and Pikachau is just a reference to ash energetic personality.

So what do you think of these theories, any support of holes in them I'd love to hear it, and have a nice day.
Hello to the reader,

 And you know what that means


yes ed and in the spirit I'm gonna give something different(I know how original)

The trope is even evil has standards, meaning that as evil as characters can get, they all have a very fine line of their evil and just plain wrong.

The character I have in mind is from the Rankin and Bass halloween special Mad Monster Party. The Baron Von Boris is an fine example of this. While he may have made a formula that can destroy matter(take that Einstein) he genuinely cared for his nephew Felix, expressed great gratitude in Francesca. He also wanted Francesca and Felix to become friend(Which they went past), and while the movie showed Felix to be something of a klutz, Baron showed great trust in Felix by naming him as his successor upon retirement.

Agree, or disagree or want a trope you like noticed please leave a comment, and have a happy Halloween. 
Hello to the reader,

today was gonna be a birthday post, but now I've lost it since I heard the news of Stan Lee passing, so now let's just pay our respects to a man who made a true believer out of all of use, and to all he did for his fans.


United States


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