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Trauco Encasement Gear 3/3

Here's a detailed look at the gear used in my previous commission.
This third slide shows how the final layer of restrictions is applied securing the prisoner in a way that prevents any possible escape while also be good looking and functional.
All buckles function with a sophisticated magnetic lock mechanism that can be opened only through fingerprints reading so there's no way an unauthorized person could open them once they've been locked.
Thanks to CaleDV for commissioning it and helping me designing it, I'm sure we will see stuff like this way more often in the future ;)
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I feel like this woman is giving up her own life. She understands she will not leave this as a person ... she will have accepted slavery so deeply into her mind she will no longer be able to think of herself as a person.

But someone is waiting for her on the other side of this, some one she loves, some one she WANTS to give up her personhood for. A sacrifice she makes with fear and faith.

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This is your the best picture. Can you do another similar one? I love encasement etc.😍

This looks like something out of a Sci-fi series.

Amazing work and design ideas, just love all 3, very well done :)

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hehe once again this looks like so much fun when can i put one on ^-^

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Great series. Guess this gear would work with males too?

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Of course! You'd need some kind of sounding instead of a vaginal plug tho
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Story Mothers Boring Lockdown Christmas.

Mother and Son was home all alone for Christmas during the Coronvirus Lockdown Again!.

As a Secret Santa Son!, had brought his Mother!, this Kit for a bit of Fun!.

Husband/Father was miles ways in isolation for many weeks, and after far too much alcohol and boredom, it was silly and reckless, but as they was home alone, Son talked Mum into just trying it On!.

Nobody is visiting or disturbing you in Lockdown.

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Creative and kinky : congratulations !

fantastic work! thanks for making these. Where can I get those gear? ;)

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i'm in love with that <3

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i wish i had money, because i want to see the final result.

ReverseTension's avatar this something you can volunteer for?

just asking.  FOR A FRIEND!
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your friend must have a very good taste ;)
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me to is this a volunteer thank i know someone that wood love this

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Y'all ain't much on taking chances, are you ? ......
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Ok and 1,3 and 6 and then i would be happy
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why stop with just those?
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...and when she finally is well entertained and will take well care of her for the whole time of storage and/or transportation.Giggle Devilish 
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I don't know:o (Eek) 
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