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Luvia Captured (Commission)

Another Fate commission, this time from ManoftheNorth93.
Just like Rin, she doesn't like being restrained but she will soon learn to love it :devilish:

previous Fate commission
Commission Info for everyone who wants his own commission, feel free to PM me ;)
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Give yourself a really tight hug. And hoping your captor will let you stop hugging, sooner than later.

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That's the frilliest strait jacket I've ever seen. I didn't know asylums could be so stylish!

it would suck if she had a ogazsum

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I love the lace and the bows on an otherwise hard bondage image.

Not forgetting the padlock, of course!

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These are the kind of drawings that the more you look at it, the more you realize how restricted she is
an example of what happens when the mayors daughter develops a conscience and confesses her sins (in front of the whole town).Meow :3 Waaaah! Meow :3 
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beautifully secure
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Seems to be a very cute and cozy little place she's living in now ....   (ICON) TLH - Sid Nodding                  ( and a different key for every lock ??)
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A different key for every lock would be overkill. I like it
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Excellent work, as always.
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thats a really impresssive piece of art!
love the setting, all those amazing details and her facial expression
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This is my kind of containment for a young lady like her.  She looks lovely! 
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Just a classic restraint attire. Now this is some tight yet secure way to have your classic clothes on. Who is up for it. Anyone here wanna try it first like this ones.
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I bet there's a lot of volunteers
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You betcha there are.
You'll needs classifieds because there will be a long queue here.
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