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So I uploaded a bunch of pictures (almost a whole page worth) some old some new. Most of them are black and white but there a few color ones. Hope you enjoy. :dance:
God is the pattern of chaos.
If you think you know the pattern you belittle God.
God is the beauty of the unknown.
If you think you know beauty it is because the world is broken.
Truth IS - this is THE miracle.
If you don't believe me, seek truth.
Sadness, Satoshi Kon (a favorite director of mine) has recently died.…
So I've been crazy busy taking summer classes. I'm back in colorado which is nice on the one hand (seeing friends) and lame on the other (wife still in Texas) but what really compelled me to do this Journal was the fact that while I was doing homework for art history I came across this amazing video. Enjoy.

Click this one--> Untitled from Bruce Livingstone on Vimeo.</p>
I just discovered that one of the most iconic illustrators has met his end. Frank Frazetta died on May 10th. :cry:

On a different note I've found my new favorite tool. An online color scheme generator. It also has some really cool tools for web designers (like myself from time to time), exporting CSS and XML documents.
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Wow, I have really been holding back on this journal. Three years! Seriously.

Anyway let's get the big stuff out of the way: I'm Married and have two kids now. Because of all of the goings on that entails I'm still working on my Bachelors. You'd think it would be art that I'm going for but I'm really annoyed that they want to turn me into a "gallery artist" rather than allowing me to be an illustrator/designer like I am.

I was also out of the state for a while (down in Texas) but I'm back at least for the summer :D I missed Colorado so much. Of course the flip side is my wife is still stuck down in Texas due to her work situation :'(

But trying to keep my spirits up and hopefully I'll post more than once every couple of years.
I feel it's time to update and at least get the b-man rant off my front page.

I mover about a month ago down the mountain to Glendale (inside Denver) and I've been slowly decorating, I'm still slim on furniture and my computer isn't up yet (posting this from work I'm bad). Still in all I'm liking the apartment regardless of how sparse it is.

Also I've been attending Denver University for one quarter now and I'm set to start up by January 2nd at which point my life will become unimaginably busy.

Ta-ta for now
  Holey shit fuck nuggets of flaming joy and madness amazing insanity tinged by dreams of mad men and condensed beauty all covered in dust!

     So back from my chosen Neverland known as burning man. Suffice to say I've had another wonderful experience, in fact many, all squashed into a single week. To try and describe burning man to someone who hasn't been there is like trying to explain color to someone who's been blind from birth. I am mealy trying to sift through the indescribable event and separate my experience from the playa dust that has seeped into the very essence of my being.

     First off the man burnt early this year, but we all burnt him again. On Tuesday some guy climbed up on the man and set off a firework that caught and torched the thing. Apparently he wasn't just drunk he had a point. Last year his art car (an "Art Car" is any contraption that motors it's way around the playa, often shooting flames and invariably covered in lights. Everything from pirate ships to and actual eight legged walking robot) was burned and the state wouldn't prosecute because of the nature of the event, so he lit the man on fire to see if he would be prosecuted thus shining a light upon the disparity of justice.

     It fucking rained! It doesn't often rain in the middle of the Black Rock Desert, Nevada. Well at least very rarely in the summer (in winter the playa is a mud pit). However, the rain itself was not the truly amazing part the double rainbow stretching across the entire city was, incredibly intense and beautiful. What's more is the type of people who go to burning man really appreciated it. Imaging a city of 50,000 people (roughly the total population of black rock city this year), at the sight of a rainbow, taking to the streets and singing, praying, screaming, or staring in utter awe at the appearance of a rainbow. It's a lovely experience. Also you get a similar effect at the sun rises and sun sets although each one of those is more like 15,000 people in praise. Additionally on Tuesday morning there was a lunar eclipse between 2:30 and 3:00 am the just happened to be a total lunar eclipse, and again similar praise and the dissidents gave similar amazement.

     Another particular point of interest was at Thunderdome (Yeah the thunderdome from mad max is at burning man, they strap people up in a bungee harness and have them beat the crap out of each other with padded swords), before the normal Thunderdome events started there were a woman and her team doing suspension work. I'm talking hooks through the flesh here folks, total pain junkie she was. Any way I get there just after they've got all the hooks in, the woman is sitting in a folding chair with six suspension hooks in across her chest. I also see something on her back but I can't really see what the arrangement is. After the slow process of lifting her into the air from the hooks in her chest, and a number of beautiful acrobatics whilst dangling from them I see her whip out a knife. (On any decent suspension rig the hooks are roped with a single piece of rope, this way if one rope breaks the person doesn't drop to a single hook and rip out.) Then I suddenly understand the apparatus in her back, as she reached up to cut the rope holding her chest up time slowed, it was excruciatingly slow. Just before the line snapped you could feel the collective cringe of the audience, and then she dropped, tumbling slightly as the rope unraveled, catching at last upon four hooks through her upper back. The drop was about four feet of height total. Yet the show didn't end there, (frankly I'm amazed she was conscious at this point) she swung back and fourth and bounced up and down from her back while little rivulets of blood caressed her body. At one point her handler (the guy who puts the hooks in and keeps things sterile and whatnot) hung from her legs and he was easily 200 lbs or more. Then the finally, which was not planned, she was bouncing up and down when the second rope, woven through the back hooks snapped. She fell 10 feet and landed hard on the ground, but true to form as a performer she stood up and took a bow.

     People and nature were far from all that was at burning man. For instance there was a piece of are out on the playa called "The Big Rig Jig" that consisted of two complete trucks with oil tanker trailers, each twisted into a semi circle, one hung atop the other stood vertically into the air.
     There was an animated sculpture that consisted of a bunch of monkeys and snakes on a large spinning contraption powered by people on exercise bikes and drums. When you got enough people riding the exercise bikes and people playing drums the whole thing would spin around. The way the monkeys and snakes were arranged it looked like the monkeys swung between the branches of the structure while the snakes wriggled up the branch and into the monkeys' mouth. This effect could be enhanced, by looking through masks that had a shutter flicker in them or at night there was a strobe light lighting the thing.
     Another project of interest was the steam punk tree house designed by the same person who did the set design for the movie "City of Lost Children" (which you all should see if you haven't). It stood about two stories tall and was a tree house made out of metal with a giant tire swing, and all about the branches were various steam powered contraptions and whistles, which could controlled by a system of levers inside the tree house itself all powered by a portable boiler.
     To boot my friend Sam
Artfull Dodger
had his piece "Wings of Desire" set up way out on the playa. They are a set of giant metal and stained glass wings with chromed wing ridges, and a wingspan of about 12 ft. They looked fabulous in the moonlight and at sunrise. I could go on about just the art projects but it goes on and on and on.

     Last but certainly not least Fire. Lots and lots of fire. Lots and lots and lots of fire. For instance one night I was just wandering around and in the midst of some flaming cacti (metal frames with a series of tiny holes in vertical lines over the surface, with propane fire pumped through them so that flames shot out the holes like little spines) was the fire organ. I wouldn't call it musical as such but it is a functional organ based on fire being forced through a system of pipes and shooting out the end. A transvestite holding an electric keyboard with radio control to the organ played the contraption. Oh yeah1 the organ was mounted on an art car and drove around at night.
     Of course The Man of burning man burned this year, they'd managed to get a new one up only 72 hours after the first on burnt, stories vary on where the man came from but he was there to burn again. Everyone there participates in this event, before the man burns popper there is the largest gathering of fire dancers on earth all performing at once around the Man. After that there is an incredible fireworks display, this time culminating in a fireball, of about 100 gallons of propane being lit at once, engulfing the pyre and the man in flames. Once the man collapses somewhat the fire team lets people in closer and the mob of humanity dances fore hours in mass celebration. Periodically throwing bits of oddments prayers and other things into the flames.
      It gets better though, this year there was a large wooden tower built stylized like an old oil derrick. On the same night after the Man burnt and another shocking fireworks display, up through the middle of the derrick was shot 2007 flaming gallons of propane and jet fuel. This initiated with about 800 gallons of it being shot up into the air as a single fire ball reaching heights of 600 ft or higher. The Guinness book of world records was there to record this because apparently it was the largest single release of propane ever. (Burning man holds a couple of world records like the worlds largest group hug).
     The following night the temple burns. This structure varies somewhat in design each year, but this is truly the place to send off your prayers. There even sharpies provided so that one can write directly onto the structure. This year it was shaped with a pseudo Japanese gateway feel. I was a little late to see it start but that was perfect. The temple was just about a mile and a half from center camp and there was a row of lamps lining the road out to the temple and as we were walking the temple lit, also there was a pretty solid dust storm going on (in case you haven't figured it out Burning Man in an incredibly dusty event being out on the playa and all. You need to carry a dust mask and goggles at all times just in case a dust storm kicks up). The combined elements of the straight road lined with lamps leading to a flaming temple while the dust swirled about has been burned into my mind as one of the most amazing sites I have ever seen. I was AWEsome in the true sense of the word. The temple had become a doorway to some ethereal realm, as compelling frightening and welcoming as the gates of death or dreams. I am an emotional creature but I was moved to the utmost by the sight they stretched out before me, and as my eyes began to tear at the sight of utter beauty that laid out before me, I could have sworn that I could see the prayers and hopes and dreams of the people rising into the sky with the smoke and dust. Loves lost, hopes shattered, all transformed into new beginnings by the living heat, fire, liking devouring and transforming, all that was given to the temple by the people.

I could go on further about Burning Man what it is and my experiences at it but like I said at the start, it is simply indescribable.

I got to dance to Paul Oakenfold, BaseNectar, and rabbit in the moon all spinning live at various stages and tents around burning man. I'm sure there were more famous ones but these were the ones I remember figuring out.
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Well crappy couple of weeks.

First I broke up with the female I was seeing, never a cheerful event for me. Then shortly after I got a ridiculous rash, Pityriasis Rosea, which didn't really do much except make me look horrible and itch when I was sweating, thus further souring my mood. The rash is finally clearing up but then I broke the turning signal switch on my car, for the second time. I'm still fixing that, and to boot it took me way too long to upload the new bits of artwork I’ve made to this site.

But I shall not be daunted, at the end of this week I will be going to Burning Man, and I refuse to be upset at the one place I can finally be myself and feel normal. All things considered it's probably good that I'm not currently involved with anyone, should make burning man more interesting.

In other news I've finally gotten a damn myspace. I only did it to drive people to my website, but if you folk want to friend me after that rant here's the link.
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Woah I've been away for a long time. Anyway I'm actually properly doing the print selling thing now, I enabled it and then I never made anything available. But now there are prints galore and more to come so you should buy them.

In other news, I've decides to start a company, I don't know what I'm calling it or exactly what it will do suffice to say it will act as a way to work on all my many projects. Plus if I get stiffed doing freelance my personal finances  don't take the hit.

Anyway I hope to be more active here for the next few months so you all can look forward to more artwork form me.
Yup another year has passed and my parents feel like it's a big deal. Frankly I think that birthdays should be birthing days, because it's my mom who did all the work.  Plus I'm all moody and weird lately, I just hate waiting for life but because I've had to for the job search I've gotten all social just to enact some sort of control over my life. I guess it kind of works, but any new relationships are a bit precarious because I don't know where I'll end up due to whatever job I get.
Well it's been about a month of non-stop job searching. I've been looking for the good career starting job doing my artwork or animation. I've even gotten some responses to the resumes I've sent out. I just hate playing the waiting game. It's not like I couldn't get a job just doing tech work or something, but I want the fantastic great job and apparently that takes time. In fact I could start work on at least three jobs...but of course they don't have any capotol to pay me. If you're still reading this I'm supprised cause I'm just venting.
Oh my god! Sooooo cool. Or really Soooooo Hot.

Right anyway, I just got back from burning man and boy was it awesome. From Dance Dance Immolation to a pneumatic spanking machine, from raves all night to climbing giant hands with string held between them during the day. Yes Black Rock City, both the dustiest and coolest place on earth, and it's pretty high up on the list for interplanetary locations as well.

So I'm attempting to re-insert into normal society now, doing a bunch of work for the, oh so many, comics I'm working on. Additionally, up through September 16 I'll be working my ass off on things for the Blizzard Entertainment's art contest. I'll post my submissions (None will be fore sale, part of the guidelines) after that date.
So I've gotten back from LA recently, while I was there I visited a bunch of digital effects companies, in hopes of getting a job at one I'll be working a lot on my demo reel creating animations 3d and 2d alike. I plan on sharing some of the stills with you all as it develops. I'll be putting conceptual work into the scraps and the more refined design work and stills of the characters and animation in the main deviations.

Well i"ve not been submitting much lately because I've been working on my personal website, and now it's finally done. So go ahead and take a look, most of it works except some of the animations act weird but I hope to fix that soon.
Wow been a while since I last updated. I've been very busy with work and school, I'm working on at least 2 animation projects one that's 2d art where I'm acting as the art director and key animatior. The 2d one is going to be done in a style similar to the Ukiyoe or japanese wood block prints, and as I get tests ans scenec done I hope to upload a few here. The other project I'm working on is 3d with Maya and I'm planning on creating a short animation (that may turn into a series) but basically the goal of the project is to get something that has the feel of and Edward Gorey book, in both the visual style and the way dialogue and story are presented. So the long and the short of is is busy busy busy.

Well till next time ciao.


Thu Nov 3, 2005, 9:05 PM

yeah so it was my birthday on november 1'st and beyond all logic I'm actually 21. Freking weird !) Anyway I'm all excited because my parents were awesome and now I have a brand new drawing table :P....what else...nothing I guess enjoy may art 'till next time and after that too.

Well maybe I jumped the gun, I have set up a print account but the print I was testing to get it working is not working yet, approvial Is one problem because I'm not a pefered member ut I'm still working on it. Other news my sister gor married, so hurrah :). I also hope to uplaod a halloween pic soon so keep an eye out for it.
Just doing another update, I've gotten a print account set up and am waiting for approvial. Anyway I'm starting with the pic Dangerous red because it's cool and I actually have a large version of the file. Anyway if anyone sees one of my other deviatations and wants to be able to buy a print of it leave a comment and I'll see what I can do. I plan to do a print of Beautiful Rythm son.
Well I've known about deviant for years and I finally went and got an account. I really have no idea how often I'll update this but I've had problems with other free services. Anyway I'm glad I wen't a head and got an account.