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Like legit.

I just kinda...forgot. To check and post and stuff hahaaaa///
So sorry that I haven't been active since September, I guess college life kept me busy? Anyways, I really wanna try reintegrating myself back into the swing of things soon, so I'm gonna (hopefully) post drawings I did over my break this weekend! Once again sorry to my new (maybe you guys are old now idk) watchers that just saw me not move or anything.
Also if there is anyone that wants to gush about the new fire emblems or gravity falls I am here for that please do that I am open to that!! ^q^

And just a reminder I am way more active on Tumblr, so if you wanna see me update more frequently check out my blog:

Well thanks for reading! Hope you're having a great day and whatnot!
I check dA a lot less than I used to, and have kinda fallen behind when it comes to acknowledging friends (again, sorry gooy ;n; ), so I'm just gonna mark up my status as a semi-hiatus.

Don't worry I'm still posting as much art as I can, but my messages are delayed and chatting to me is a bit slow/// I'm just super busy right now sorry!
Hey my bro came in and said I draw extremely feminine men and he bagged on this one drawing I wanted to use to request to get into advanced art.
So I'm really, really sad and anxious and nervous to the max and needed to spew feelings because I draw animu that's like some sort of sin in the social part of my brainnn

BUT besides that I was going through my art folder and had to see all the art back from when I started digital, and wow was that horrible.
I was really bad. And am super surprised that people believed in me.
So this is a thank you to all the watchers and friends who believed in me way back then, and also a thank you to the watchers who think I am good enough today! Thanks for putting up with my KagePro infatuation and slow updates and BS'd backgrounds! Thanks for thinking I was cool or nice or talented, because I'm pretty sure I don't think that myself////
Thanks for believing in my androgynous boys too, they aren't becoming manly anytime soon ^q^

And as of now, I think my art is alright. Hopefully my proportioning is okay and my poses aren't too sloppy. I wanna get better along with you wonderful artists out there!
I gotta go make deadlines and be injured over criticism now wooo~!
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Hey guys, I've been a bit busy with AX and preparing my cosplay (which basically I didn't take any pictures of...though if you still wanna see one I'll post it maybe) but now that's over and I only have studying and stuff~

So I've honestly been feeling bad about drawing so much KagePro, plus I'm working on another one now haaa OTL I was wondering if it bothers you guys, and also asking for suggestions on what else to draw. I guess recently I've been watching Shingeki no Kyojin, Madoka, Free! and I've been playing New Leaf if you wanna see any art from those. I do have some OC wips too.

Any requests? It may or may not influence what I draw. And sorry for drawing so much KagePro (because I am really self conscious about that)
Thanks for any input!

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...but Otsukimi Recital//shot
Anyways, a short LS because I haven't done one in awhile

Back to sad quality
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  • Reading: Oh I can finish Warm Bodies now
  • Watching: hairflips-I I MEAN FREE!
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That's okay, my pun bro :icongooygreen: came up with awesome questions ^q^

1. You must posts these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 things about them
3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the persons you tag will have to answer
4. Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal
5. Go to their page to inform them they are tagged
6. Not something like "you are tagged if you read that"
7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people//(sob who has 10 friends)

 (I can't get out of italics send help)
1. I regret everything I say ten minutes after I've said it
2. I'm really shy and do a little awkward ramble when I meet new people
3.I have a soulbro who argues about pants with me
4.I wish I would draw my OCs more often
5. I'm self conscious about how much KagePro I post but will not stop anytime soon
6. I'm pretty sure I have a fancy vest fetish
7. I'm awful with relationships and romantic feelings
8. I use lazy as an excuse to not actually voice my opinion on why I didn't do something, but I'm still surprised by how many people believe it instead of realizing that's not the real reason (seriously, everyone just thinks my only emotion is lazy, it's upsetting)
9. It's a dream to have a dA friend that improves over the years with me and we both end up with killer art (I have a couple actually =v= )
10. I'm really closet about my anime obsession (but will talk
 endlessly to certain friends...that I feel bad for because I regret it right after////)

1. On a scale of 10 to 90, how many cats do you want?
I like having only a single animal to share all my love with, but in this case get all 90 because I can just get lost in a sea of cats
2. What are your thoughts on puns?
3. Am i pretty :iconnosebleedsplz:
Of course my pun child you sparkle animu sparkles in my mental image
4. If you have to choose to be a sheep, zebra, or whale, what would you be and why.
SHEEP definitely. They're just fluffy and cool and it's that close to being a cloud~
5. If we were trapped on an island together, what would be the first thing you do
I would use you as my flashlight at night because your animu sparkles would light the way...then I'd eat you or something (seems legit)
6. You turned into a slice of pizza and are about to be eaten. What are the first things you scream out?
7. What are your favorite plz accounts;; :iconmingyaplz:
I don't use plz accounts anymore OTL So I guess my fave icon is ^q^?
8. What is the worse anime you've ever seen?
My soulbro asked me this before, but now I know the answer. Persona: Trinity Soul. I watched the whole thing, thinking it would get better.
IT DID NOT (though there's prolly 2348910 animes worse I can't think of)
9. How did you get your username?
Back when I was 13 I thought it was symbolic. Something about how art is my reflection but I create it into a reality. I like the Tumblr one Rouree a huge amount more though, and that one is just supposed to be like a username to be called by.
I thought I was poetic as a preteen haaaa
10.  GUESS MY AGE:iconimbishieplz:
HONESTLY I think you're like, 15. Please don't kill me is that too young////

It's okay I'm not tagging anyone I can't think of silly questions~

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  • Eating: we grilled for today ^q^
  • Drinking: diet coke
Hey guys, I know I've pretty much died what with finals and whatnot, but my summer vacation started about two days ago!
I can't say that I'm entirely free though, I made some weird summer plans and now have a class for the majority of the week OTL, and this summer's pretty pumped with studying, hanging with friends, and games. And my new dog, that one was a massive surprise eue
But I do have news I guess? I had something planned that was gonna be a summer project, but I actually have a busy schedule, so I can't handle it now. So I think I'll have something cool in the winter! If it works out I'll talk more about it later~
And my cosplay, when I finish I'll post some pics. If I decide to take pictures at AX, I'll post them on

But basically that's it, nothing really planned art wise. Umm too many summer goals to mention, but it really seems art is taking a backseat this year. Don't worry, I'm still drawing all the time though!

Have a good summer! Hope you'll enjoy whatever I spew out this season!
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Continuing yesterday's picture, and I'll turn on the mic after awhile ^q^
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This one will be cool~
Though there is lag in the chat sorry
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  • Eating: nope
  • Drinking: nope
Edit: sorry stream died at the end, thanks for all of you who came!
Got a temporary laptop and am doodling some KagePro for awhile!
Honestly, I wanted to test and see if this laptop would lag or not ^q^

p.s. Happy Easter!

Sorry, I was trying out LS (in the end it was too much work)
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So a few days back my laptop did this weird reboot, and it's dead.
I can't go on any programs or even the internet (only reason I can be on now is I'm using my bro's old comp). I tried fixing it, but it's kinda hard to do when half of everything won't open. I'm giving up and asking for a new laptop I guess.
Meanwhile though, if my programs can't open that means Sai doesn't work and I can't draw. My workload kinda made it difficult to sit down and actually use my tablet, but now it's pretty much impossible///

SO YEAH: I'll be quite inactive both on Tumblr and here. Hopefully you won't forget about me~!

Semi hiatus is activated//sob
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  • Drinking: milk
Sorry I haven't been answering messages! These months up to May are kinda busy.

I don't really have free time now either I'm just procrastinating and making bad decisions ^q^
So LS until I get called for dinner maybe?

Thanks for coming! (or considering coming, either's fine)
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Ummpf I was supposed to bake a pie today, but that's so tiring OTL busybusy///

Doing this thing instead! Tagged by: :iconkeiketsu:
1: Post these rules.
2: Tell 10 things about yourself.
3: Tag 10 people from your friends list (or watchers). hahahahahanope
And because I would like to use this opportunity, I'll say 10 things about an OC of mine as well~

1. My favorite color is orange. Like a cream orange color ^q^
2. I like when people don't use my full name online. Username or Mo is fine, I just find it better.
3. I like to plan stories before going to sleep. So laying in bed and sleeping halfway through plot OTL
4. It's hard to get a hold of me. I don't text, e-mail, and basically don't use my phone.
5. My favorite weather is sunny, with a lot of clouds in the sky. So after rain is pretty nice.
6. I'm a horrible gamer, usually put down a game for months before I even get to the halfway point.
7. I'm not athletic. The way to block a ball for me is just run into it. I have no problem getting injured in sports though//notanentirewussOTL
8. If a friend notices something stupid or insensitive I've done/said then I usually wallow in shame for an entire day.
9. For my birthday I'm eating sushi, but I'm more excited for the ice cream at the end? (I'm running out of stuff///)
10. I highly enjoy coincidences. I'll screech for hours if I find one.

I guess I should use Gale:
1. He's short. It doesn't really bother him though.
2. He takes to instruments and music really well.
3. His favorite food is honey-melon.
4. He's 16, and his birthday is somewhere in April.
5. He doesn't like when people yell, though he yells pretty frequently himself.
6. Prolly my only OC that has a canon relationship OTL///
7. Even though he's best buds with Lundiev, he finds him annoying at times (mainly because he's really loud all the time)
8. He hates reading. Audio books were made for him.
9. He has a huge sense of moral code. Doing the right thing by any means necessary is his livelihood.
And let's give a big one for a finale ^q^
10. Gale was going to be part of a future secret police for his country, but then joined an anarchist group that rescued him. That's also where he meets his friends.
Clear the Skies is a revolution story yes V_V

Yup, so that's it! Hope it was....informal? You're welcome to do the meme if you'd like.
Thanks for reading!
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Although I haven't really been uploading, I'm gonna still declare a hiatus for the next couple weeks.
Meaning that I'll ask my mom to hide the laptop from me OTL yes it's a huge ordeal can I even handle it ahaksldfaj

Hope your guy's next few weeks are better than mine. Gotta study for finals ahhhh///
Later! ^q^
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Ahhh shooting off to 2013! The year past by so fast :icontearplz:

How are you guys celebrating? Partying hard and all that?! I'm just gonna welcome the new year with food, we're having a dinner feast at our house (and cake omg never have cake often ^q^)
Welp, I've heard some awesome new year's resolutions, so I guess I'll make one up to!
...uraghasduhadlknopeno it would be school oriented I know I'd break it nope////

Okay so new year and everything, guess I should share something new, as in a different site. I've had my Tumblr for a couple months and all I do on there is like...reblog and fangirl (t-that's what it's for right?), occasional wips though. And I just wrote a small thing from my story Clear the Skies that I'll post on there soon!
I promise I'll post more art on Tumblr though, there resolution art resolution.
Sooo introducing me on a lazier scale:

Let's enjoy a new year and hope your holidays was great!
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From the last three hours I've learned that will never be my friend
Actually, anything that shares with sound///sob

My KagePro feels came back, and I'm fixing that fact that there are no Konoha's in my gallery ^q^
Either that or I'm painting a fight scene. You'd laugh at that one heheh////

Enjoy! This'll be a very easy going LS (all mine are actually)
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Wow I haven't written a proper journal in ages stop the presses hold all the phones wow woah

Hey guys, hope you had a great spook-season!
I'm kinda disappointed I didn't draw anything for today, sorry about that OTL
But on another note I accomplished studying for Chemistry and trick-or-treating (and also stealing my friends' candy ^q^). I will have five lollipops in my mouth when I walk into that Chem. test tomorrow ha!
Since I actually went out and quit being anti-social and handing out candy I don't actually have a treater story, except:

It was the beginning of the night and treaters were starting to come, I heard some voices and the garage opened all of a sudden.
It was just my dad.
Shhh I didn't overreact//////

So yup that was my night, hope your's was filled with more scares and spooks popping from everywhere, I'm just gonna go and plop on the bed and pretend I'm prepared for that test.
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Continuing my last pic, probably a quick LS
I drank a lot of bubble tea too//starting to feel the effects ahhhh
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  • Reading: History work OTL
  • Drinking: lots of boba
I wanna stream colors later. Hopefully that could be later tonight.
I've just been drawing all day, so might as well stream~
If all goes well, might be on for awhile.
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Ahhh really shouldn't LS but I spent the whole day studying and it's so tempting too tempting////
I'm gonna stop all these constant LS's soon it's probably really annoying sorry OTL
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  • Watching: Hyouka
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