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KagePix Countdown by ReverseMirror KagePix Countdown by ReverseMirror
These dorks are animated! Please view them here:…

Oh man I prolly have a lot to say OTL

I'm guessing I've been pretty absent here lately, then on Tumblr I've been working for days to do this pixel countdown for that thing I've been raving about for the past year or so heheh/// hope you guys didn't expect for me to just sit there and idly wait for the anime or something
I didn't exactly express this on Tumblr, so I feel like spewing it out here. This project was insane, absolutely stressful, and entirely worth it. What happened was I was gonna do just normal drawings instead of remaking the pixels, then three days before the start of the countdown I was too behind and they looked ugly as heck so I scrapped that and basically started every pixel the. Day. It. Was. Due.
Talk about being awful at time management. 

So now there's a good chance I'm gonna take a KagePro drawing break because of this, except I wanna finish a couple of the originals that looked decent!
This project was a lot of fun in the end and the anime seems so satisfyingly good I don't even regret waiting 2 years for it ha~

Maternity Spiral (c) Jin, Shidu, & Shaft
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CVictor Featured By Owner May 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've been kinda out of the loops with your work, what is your tumblr again?
ReverseMirror Featured By Owner May 20, 2014
I keep forgetting to post on dA also so that's my fault///
I think it's on my frontpage, but the url is rouree (be warned though, sooooo much kagepro  OTL)
CVictor Featured By Owner May 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Found it!

No problem, i was actually addicted to it until the anime, so many plot twists wattered down in needless humor (dont mind me, humor is cool, but i think it's taking too much time in mekaku city actors, thus keeping the story at an absurdly slow/sudden pace....)

Kagerou days still gives me the chills (specially with soraru's voice).
ReverseMirror Featured By Owner May 20, 2014
Ah I hope you like my blog then///

Hmmm I kinda get what you're saying, though I don't think they overdue the comedy aspect (except when Shintaro was in his underwear I was kinda like SHAFT WHYYY) but the pacing and transitions are pretty terrible. For me they make it up with the archetypes and foreshadowing though, because I eat all that up * v *
Without me getting into a long dumb analysis over animated kids, I'll just say I accepted that the songs and PVs are the heart of Kagepro and that the anime was a bonus to let me scream over things I didn't get before/// I can't say it's the best anime I've watched but I still say it was worth my wait haaa~

I can agree to that, plus Outer Science still gives me heart attacks
CVictor Featured By Owner May 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Even though, that aint excuse to lose the dramatic potential of the story : /

It would be like making a movie out of "walking dead" or "mass effect", those stories take time do develop, "cars and explosions -hollywood cut-" aint gonna do it...

Have i said how much i LOVE to make critique? <3
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April 14, 2014
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