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Not everything has to have sense to be sensational

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Published: May 10, 2020
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When you were watching TV and interferences came up, frustration did the same.

That screen was so annoying and in a way disturbing, especially if you couldn’t fix it: you stayed there staring at it and feeling uncomfortable at the same time.

If you expand your field of view literally elevating yourself through imagination, then you get what there is on the left, the observable universe, whom you can’t actually stare at and not even try to fix it, but the vibe you get from it is based on inferiority and uncomfortableness when you compare yourself to it.

On that TV you could switch channel and the same goes for the universe, you can switch it using your imagination and still there would be another one, but despite that, you will only live on this one here. You can neither fix it nor change it? Hell no, then cope with it!

There is no sense in TV noises, likewise in the universe: nobody knows it all and nobody ever will, but still there are personalities that with their actions get the universe at their duty. Others prefer generating a new one of their own, but still inside the one we all share.

Can’t understand the chaos? Live within it, set up your rules and stand by nothing but your own meaning.

Not everything has to have sense to be sensational.

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