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Raven - Beyond

I don't normally do requests, but this was suggested and I just 'saw' the design and had to get it down before it disappeared on me. I see her as being a somewhat more human descendent of Raven, or perhaps a new incarnation of the same character. Either way, I decided to call her Branwen Ùna Roth. Going more Irish/Celtic in her look rather than the full on goth queen or fantasy sorceress which most designs for Raven seam to favour.

[edit] I felt the face was looking a little too androgynous for my taste so I've gone back and feminised it up a little. Trying to avoid making her look too "pretty" but at the same time I don't want her to look like a cross-dressing Marilyn Manson impersonator either.

[last edit, I promise!] The plain under-shirt struck me as a little uninteresting, so I thought I'd make it...uh...less uninteresting.

[last edit + 1] The collar was starting to bother me, so I incorporated one of Raven's chakra/broach type things.

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Throw a hood on there and I'm sold.
bigfatcarp93's avatar
That's honestly pretty cool.
It is awesome, I love it.
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any chance you could tell us who the father is? I mean, she hasn't got any green, so I guess it couldn't be Gar, right?
ReverendTrigster's avatar
Trigon. And before you go "eww", this isn't Raven's daughter, it's Raven reincarnated in a new body. ;)
Makutakin's avatar
ohhh, okay, yeah, that does happen doesn't it? when she dies, she's reborn into a new body
ReverendTrigster's avatar
Hell if I know. I just made it up. ;)
Makutakin's avatar
well, that's still what happens, in the comics anyway, whenever she dies, after a while, she's reincarnated into a new body, I think the last one she was reborn as became known as Rachel Roth, which is probably where you got that name from.
akatorg13's avatar
The design is absolutly amazing! You did a wonderful job on her!
ReverendTrigster's avatar
Thanks for the compliment and I'm pleased you enjoyed her!
akatorg13's avatar
she is awesome!
Crystal-Peak's avatar
I like the hair and the outfit. The name is very nice, I like Irish and Celtic names, and is she related to the original Raven? If so and if not,I think she would have a different surname than Roth. No offense ^^; Still, the design is original :)
ReverendTrigster's avatar
Actually, this is the original Raven after she reincarnated herself in a new body. That's just the new name she chose for herself.
Crystal-Peak's avatar
I still don't get how she does the 'reincarnated' stuff. But it makes sense why she kept Roth.
Kerevon's avatar
Very cool, love the Celtic elements.
anonymous92's avatar
I can totally see a new incarnation of raven wearing that if the show was still running. trigon returns as the new batman's first (if I'm not mistaken) mystical threat and who better to re-surface than his daughter.
Match25's avatar
oh that is hot
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