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Keep up with the times! My drawings get better as they get newer


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Requests 2017 Oficially Open!
Here we go again! READ:
Well, Sometimes, when i really boring or just blocked of my commissions, i take random requests of Facebook, and maybe i can do the same here, but how? here my idea, write in a comment in this journal your request, can be anything you want, no limits, NSFW, SFW, one character, multi Characters, i dont care, but you have more chances if the idea is simple or original.
This is not something i will do in orden, i will pick one randomly, not today, not soon and with no warnings, so, you need to be very detail about what you want, show good references and of course dont push about your pic NEVER.
So, when i like to draw something i will back to this Journal, pick one comment, and do a free pic for a random Fan.
You must to be a Watcher.
You Must re upload the pic if you get it, so, you help me in get new views of my art. (yeah, you are geting a free pic, at less do something for me) No reupload = enter in my black list
If i
:iconmini-feru:Mini-Feru 53 636
Why are you smiling at the fish? by Gameaddict1234 Why are you smiling at the fish? :icongameaddict1234:Gameaddict1234 86 9 Forever For Always by kawacy Forever For Always :iconkawacy:kawacy 14,791 398 Gladion's Family by xNIR0x Gladion's Family :iconxnir0x:xNIR0x 1,426 77 Reference by xxoceanbreezexx Reference :iconxxoceanbreezexx:xxoceanbreezexx 3 3


No specific thing I want here right now
Wanna keep this widget up but I have 0 time to mess with this right now lol


ReverendPhantom has started a donation pool!
1,325 / 600
Sometimes I have dead seasons, so thanks for thinkin of me ^^

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ReverendPhantom's Profile Picture
Mr. Khun!
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

HELLO EVERYBODY THIS IS HASLOVER100 SPEAKING! I'm a drawing and digital art hobbyist, which means I typically WON'T pursue art as a career, it's more of just (obviously) a hobby! I'm also a youtuber hobbyist! Putting two and two together, like youtube and art, results in me making speedpaints for you all to watch. I also have spare time frequently, so please, feel free to commission moi! But please, forgive me if I take a while to get something done. I have a LOT of other things to balance; my art career is high in my priorities, but it's NOT number one. Anyways, I've been dubbed (by myself, because I have no life) the Everything Artist, so if you want a commission, you should throw me your weirdest OCs. I have drawn species that I and the commissioner don't know the identity of. You should commissions me. Commission Precious! I'm a jack of all trades, but I do have stuff that I cover the most and therefore am better at. Ponies, humans, pokemon, cats, dragons, anthros, backgrounds, setting, painting, the list goes on! Live your dreams with me, I will endorse you!
Other things about me, hmmm. My favorite pokemon is Umbreon (and its shiny is even cooler, I love it to the point I have an OC of it) I like the show Danny Phantom and have lots of OCs there, I'm into MLP and also have lots of OCs there. I liek Gravity Falls a lot too, a lot of cartoons. I'm a cartoon enthusiast. But I also really like Doctor Who, I started Sherlock, love Back to the Future Trilogy, I like a LOT of stuff. But my all time favorite thing is probably How to Train Your Dragon. Completely obsessed. And it hurts because I can barely draw dragons. I like Disney Fairies. I don't care what anybody thinks about it anymore, I love fairytale stuff. I like Warriors. I can't stand horrific stuff, I just get a heart-wrenching feeling when I am watching that stuff so I don't do it at all. Comedies are my favorite. Don't know why they're considered a low form of entertainment, it's the best.

Another subject that rivals my obsession with HTTYD, is webcomics. My favorites, in order (you should read all of these!!) Tower of God, Noblesse, UnOrdinary, The Gamer, I Dont Want This Kind of Hero, Wake Me Up, Lumine, and Charisma. All of these are on LINE Webtoon. Read them.

But that's enough from me, I wanna know about you guys! I'm pretty nice once you get past the sometimes often complaining about everything. Come join the crew that is the rest of my watchers!

GROUPS that I do



(unlimited) Amy Walls- Whale Ponies

Language Level Stamps: Faeth-design
Floating Shiny Umbreon pixel: MissingFirefly
Sleeping Shiny Umbreon pixel: cloudylicious
(My OC) Shiny the Umbreon Scratch: Melodious-Mutt
(My OC) Phantom Claw Blinking Doll: SpacyGalaxy



1. you must be a WATCHER! Don't watch me and then unwatch me when it's done, because if you're that type of person you shouldn't actually be interested in what I have to offer
2. You must SHARE THIS JOURNAL! link me to the shared journal in your comment. ALSO, do not EDIT an old journal. must be new. it can also be a status update.
3. Post a sufficient ref for a fullbody of your OC OR a show character (which just means a fullbody picture you dont have to have an official actual reference sheet), and what type of expression you want on their face. Be creative; I can do like a disgusted look or like if you want a windblowing effect, go for it! It's ALL free!
4. I can do ANY OCS! Tell me ANYTHING! Challenge me!
5. You will receive a number for organizational purposes and for extra prizes. How the prize works, I have a lucky number. Whoever is numbered that lucky number, will get and extra drawing of their choice

IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN GUYS! At this rate, it looks like I get 100 watchers per year. Cheers! I'm very glad to have you all. My last giveaway was August 29th, 2016! But this giveaway is special. I wrote this three days in advance (say hi to past Rev! Hello!) so as of this point I have 297 watchers, not 300. So why am I going ahead with this? Because 3 days in the future (hello future Rev!) on October 1st, which will be my 3 year anniversary on DeviantArt! 

This is probably a bad decision because I'm behind on my comic and all but I'm having unlimited spots open.

Aaaand the raffle. When you enter the giveaway, I will automatically assign you a number. That number will be used to enter you to the raffle. If you don't want in the raffle, tell me and I'll skip you. But who wouldn't want a chance for moar free art?

You can receive extra tickets. How? By tagging extra people in your comment. For every two people you tag, you will receive one extra raffle number. There is no limit to how many people you can tag to receive these tickets.

Be a watcher of course! Same rules about watching as giveaway
2. SHARE THIS JOURNAL WITH WATCHERS in any way that you can (journals, statuses, polls)

There will be TWO winners this time! The winners will be randomly decided by

Giveaway Offer
Jared Burns Comic Style
Not the entire panel just a drawing in this style. Because this is the best example I have right now.
Also, preview for the next episode. Unless I release the episode by then, then it's just the most recent episode.

Untitled by ReverendPhantom

Untitled by ReverendPhantom

Raffle Offer
Like the comic style except with some pretty shading

Untitled by ReverendPhantom

New Comic Cover by ReverendPhantom

Bolded numbers are finished. More numbers will be added when needed.




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If you're into NSFW feel free to checkout ZappyNSFW

Or for extra support and extra goodies, discounts and occassional NSFW feel free to contribute to my Patreon <3

How are you today? ^^
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