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Valentine's Day with Hannibal Lecter
It's Valentine's, and I have love aplenty.
And candles, liver, and a nice Chianti.
The lambs stopped screaming, so be at ease.
But you haven't touched your fava beans.
The only things between you and me
Are this glass wall and your own, Clarisse.
Don't be afraid to show your tears.
And ignore any sudden rushes of fear.
Don't put any lotion on your skin.
You're as beautiful outside as you are within.
I love your suit, I cannot lie.
It fits you as well as this mask of mine.
I want to win you, and this is no stunt.
Passion radiates, but I can't smell your cunt.
Have some chocolate, and have some fun…
Then eat your heart out on a sesame seed bun.
:iconreverendaspen:ReverendAspen 0 0
Valentine's Morning Star by ReverendAspen Valentine's Morning Star :iconreverendaspen:ReverendAspen 1 0
2018 in 22 Lines or Less
Fantasy furries steal a bug's screentime
Sci-fi fast food can be sublime
In this world, it's squid or be squid
Pour your heart out and take a sip
Plague doctors can't fix your heart
Clowns in sewers will tear you apart
The field, the field is covered in blood
You really are an idiot, bud
Roman holidays adapted for today
Alchemy is a science, they say
The best laid plans of a foxy bitch
Have nothing on a rat and a witch
Listen kids, say "No" to bad rooms
Taking bruised lessons from Dr. Seuss
The Countess has a daughter now
No one really quits habits so foul
Opposite poles must become one
Nothing matters, so have some fun
Reflections chastise, but speak the truth
Varied morals from ageless to youth
My poems can be dumb, but alas, forsooth
:iconreverendaspen:ReverendAspen 2 0
Looking at Myself
Hey, you.
It's me... your reflection.
Yeah, yeah, I know; it's a lot to take in, but just shut up for now.
Shut up and listen.
Listen to me.
Listen to me as hard as you fucking can.
You live under the delusion that you are the only one suffering.
You have convinced yourself that your pain is all that matters, everyone else's be damned.
Tell me that after knowing about their pain, where more than once, their night ended in dread and terror over wondering if you were going to survive to see them tomorrow.
Or how about someone else you know and care about, who has hours worth of stories to tell you.
All too many of them involving the words, "And they abused me, too."
For that matter, what about them?
The one who has spend more time under the watch of doctors in a year than you have in your entire life?
And don't even dare get me started on the one who is so close to you that you consider them a sort of sibling.
They hold onto their faith in the hope that you will never be subjec
:iconreverendaspen:ReverendAspen 1 0
Hey, Aspen, you look lost. Do you have any idea what you're doing to yourself? Or more importantly, do you have a clue what you're doing to everyone else?

Yeah, Chris. Yeah, I know. But here's the thing: I'm making an effort to be different.
You're hopeless. Nothing changes, and you know that. You won't change, and no one else will, either.
If I'm hopeless, then why are we even having this conversation? I can and will change, no matter what you say. As for everyone else, I can't speak for them. But I know who I can trust and who I can't, and the ones I can will help me.
There's no helping you. You're just going to alienate and disappoint those people. Just like so many other people you used to know, trust, and love.

That just means I have to help myself. And once I do that, I can get other people new and old to help me further.
You making new friends? What a joke. What you have now is all you'll ever have, and you'll force them away from you the same way you d
:iconreverendaspen:ReverendAspen 0 0
Marlboro Man
Once an hour I
Go outside to kiss butts and
Slowly kill myself.
:iconreverendaspen:ReverendAspen 2 6
Marciannah Reference 2018 (with Archne) by ReverendAspen Marciannah Reference 2018 (with Archne) :iconreverendaspen:ReverendAspen 12 5
    I would like to start by saying in advance that I'm sorry, Joanne, if you even still remember that name. But anyone who wore the hat and chanted around a Skype fire was called to the cult. The Cult of passion and passive-aggression, the Cult of beauty and backstabbing, the Cult of comradery and corruption. Many of you have escaped, but those who remain probably don't even know you're trapped. You're test subjects in a maze with no prize waiting for you at the end. Rather, you navigate a labyrinth with nothing but your end at the hands of a Minotaur unless you find your way out. But some of you never will, and for at least the time being, don't want to.
    However, some of you have found ways out already, one way or another. For some of you, freedom was as painful as the truth of why you left. But it's always for the better at the end of the day. After all, it's better to live a truth where there's occasional pain than a lie where joy only comes out of believing
:iconreverendaspen:ReverendAspen 1 0
A Faded and Fated Fan Fiction
Once upon a time, after his great adventures, Sepia was wondering what to do that week. He had picked up his life from where he left it and wanted to make something from it. Then all the sudden a strange woman appeared on Sepia's doorstep. She was hiden beneath a long cloak and had long brown nails on her fingers. Her dirty hair fluished down from beneath the cloak and she had glowing eyes!
"You are not who you think you are!" said the strange woman.
"What do you mean?" said Sepia
"You are not who you think you are," she said again with a mysterious crackling voice like a bad radio transmission.
"I still don't understand you?" said Sepia.
"Here, take this," she said and gave Sepia an alarmclock.
"Take this and give it to your parents or guardian, they will know what to do with it!"
And with that she disappeared before Sepia's eyes!
Sepia was confused but thought that he had to do something. But rather than going to his parents or guardian, Sepia decided to show it to Sir Twitt.
"Oh no,
:iconreverendaspen:ReverendAspen 0 8
2017 in 50 Lines or Less
My characters hate me, it's such a shame
They're the c*** that comes when you call their name
Robot squids just can't have fun
D&D carols for The Spoony One
Evil insects that love looking dapper
dA poetry's gone down the crapper
I love you all, hope you feel the same
Two species and faces with one name
I almost went away last year
Nonsense drivel: it's what poets revere
I am a god, both kind and cold
Pictures emerge from within the code
Map a course and then diverge
Beat their threat with a magical surge
Halflings hate fluffy Kitsune tails
But don't mind dragging them down trails
Shamisen are strange instruments
Exposition for all ladies and gents
Kicked in the head and dragged away
Trek and smoke fantasy weed everyday
Your survival skills leave much to be desired
Sing like an angel before you get mired
Walk through muck and try not to scream
Venture to town with a marvelous team
Cross-examined in a Zone of Truth
We're your nightmares, you want proof?
The Sylph will find you at the
:iconreverendaspen:ReverendAspen 1 7
Faded and Fated, Chapter 30
    “Two Parties of Two”
    At the exact same time and for similar but different reasons, both Sepia and Tixtapa exclaimed, “What?!” In a fit of desperation and fury, the Kitsune bolted up the stairs and found herself face to face with the unarmed, weeping woman who had seconds earlier been her and Sepia’s judge. Once standing back above ground, Tixtapa calmly yet frantically looked for anything she could use as a possible means of defense if the need arose. However, she could only stare down Couar with frightened and resentful eyes. She kept staring at the human in green while she hissed and took a small step towards her, “Listen to me… I know you’re scared right now. And with the way you were talking just now, you scared me, too. But I’m not a witch, okay?! I’m just a Kitsune who lies too much for her own good…”
    After a couple panting
:iconreverendaspen:ReverendAspen 0 4
Faded and Fated, Chapter 29
    “The Truth Comes Out”
    As the pair of heroes carried their fallen partner through the streets of Whitewood, the duo of Sepia and Tixtapa found themselves sweating in the fruit cellar underneath the tavern. However, the transformed Ratfolk had to restrain his confusion-induced worry over the beads of salt water coming out of his skin. Rolling her eyes and instinctively panting with her tongue hanging out the side of her mouth, Tixtapa quietly moaned, “Look, I know it’s a new feeling to you, ratboy, but it’s called ‘sweating.’ It’s what races with skin tend to do when it gets hot.”
    “I know what sweat is and what causes it,” Sepia grumbled, “but that doesn’t stop me from being not comfortable with it. And that’s not all, because I don’t think my entire body is supposed to ache when I sweat…”
:iconreverendaspen:ReverendAspen 1 2
Faded and Fated, Chapter 28
    “Interlude of Light”
    While Sepia, Tixtapa, and Petti fought and slain Madam Rahal before hiding in the woods off the path to Whitewood and the last surviving crew member of The Rouge Orca had made his escape attempt, the four remaining members of the Light Brigade had retrieved the defiled body of their fallen compatriot. After wrapping his body in cloth and being ever on the lookout for Montague Sans, the Light Brigade at last had a moment to sit down and discuss the future.
    After spending a solemn and silent night at a different inn, Sir Twitt stated with a sigh as the four began to gather their belongings at the stables, “The past day has certainly been… an eye-opener for me. Where did we go so wrong? At what point did we stop being heroes for the people of Lightfall and start being slaves for a pirate?”
    While Twitt stroked the muzzle of his hor
:iconreverendaspen:ReverendAspen 1 2
Faded and Fated, Chapter 27
    “Welcome to Whitewood”
    Guided through the woods and brush in near-silence by Couar, the duo of Sepia and Tixtapa could only wonder to themselves about different things. While Tixtapa solemnly thought of what could have happened to the once-thriving town, Sepia’s only thought was how much longer he would be able to pull off the guise of being a Gnome. All the while, they closely followed the true human in the green dress while apprehensively wondering about her village’s relationship with Glau.
    When the trio had finally cleared the woodland and found themselves in a grassy clearing, Couar turned back to Sepia and Tixtapa before quietly stating, “We’re not far from Whitewood. Just follow my lead, and only speak when spoken to; in fact, let me explain everything I can, alright? Trust me, it’s for the best that they not have to ask too many questions; when they do, they
:iconreverendaspen:ReverendAspen 0 3
Faded and Fated: Evil Interlude #3
    “Mistakes were Made”
    It was just before dawn when a Hobgoblin woke up. With a candle in his hand, he went to the window of his room in the gothic mansion that he for the time being called “home.” Unlatching and gently pushing open a window, he looked out at the ocean to the south and deeply inhaled through his nose. After waiting for a few moments he blew out the candle and set it on a table away from the window and took another long sniff of the outside world.
    The Hobgoblin could smell much more than any typical humanoid could have attempted to; the salt of the ocean, the foliage of the forest to the west, the miserable humans in the village below to the south, and other common smells that were of no consequence to him… except for the unique odors of a Ratfolk and a Kitsune and blood from somewhere down the trail.
    What concerned him was that it was human
:iconreverendaspen:ReverendAspen 0 3
Faded and Fated, Chapter 26
    “Deceit of Races”
    With an eye twitching and trying to control his tone, Sepia replied, “Wait, what?! How are you going to do that? Are you sure I’ll change back? And how does this fit into your plan? I have a lot of questions right now, Tix!”
    As Sepia ranted, Tixtapa closed her eyes and morphed her body into her human form. Before Sepia could ask any additional questions, the now-human Tixtapa asked her ratlike companion, “Are you any good at acting?”
    Sepia grunted, “I guess, maybe? But does this have anything to do with changing me into a Gnome?”
    Tixtapa replied, “Everything,” before pausing to listen for the supposed newcomer some more. “After all that’s happened in the past couple-few days, would you rather go into town as someone they might recognize immediately, or in disguise? I
:iconreverendaspen:ReverendAspen 0 3
Crappy poetry, crappy prose, crappy OCT entries, crappy novels-in-the-making, crappy photography, absolutely God-awful artwork, and crappy crap in general. And great reference sheets made by other people.
…This is getting awkward.


LaF Sketches 02 by InuHoshi LaF Sketches 02 :iconinuhoshi:InuHoshi 14 4 LaF- Headshot Gifts by AmiliaLongTail LaF- Headshot Gifts :iconamilialongtail:AmiliaLongTail 19 50 Like Your Life Depends on It by Shinkoryu14 Like Your Life Depends on It :iconshinkoryu14:Shinkoryu14 2 14 Sketches by Ramvling Sketches :iconramvling:Ramvling 13 8 Crayon Reservations at the LaF Hotel by Shinkoryu14 Crayon Reservations at the LaF Hotel :iconshinkoryu14:Shinkoryu14 12 29 LaF Doodles by AlfaShampoo-Artemis LaF Doodles :iconalfashampoo-artemis:AlfaShampoo-Artemis 5 9 LaF Audition - Page One by Shinkoryu14 LaF Audition - Page One :iconshinkoryu14:Shinkoryu14 7 31 Amu'geplas And Sozeti Reference by ReverendAspen Amu'geplas And Sozeti Reference :iconreverendaspen:ReverendAspen 4 5 CM Iscribble Party- Now with Chocolate! by Ramvling CM Iscribble Party- Now with Chocolate! :iconramvling:Ramvling 6 10 CM Round 1 - Page 3 by Shinkoryu14 CM Round 1 - Page 3 :iconshinkoryu14:Shinkoryu14 5 35 FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU by SnowTheWolf FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU :iconsnowthewolf:SnowTheWolf 2 2 AAAAAAAAAAAA by SnowTheWolf AAAAAAAAAAAA :iconsnowthewolf:SnowTheWolf 8 43 The darkest of beasts by Finion591 The darkest of beasts :iconfinion591:Finion591 2 6 ToH desuuuuu by TwelvePM ToH desuuuuu :icontwelvepm:TwelvePM 29 98 RoA Size Chart: Part Two by SnowTheWolf RoA Size Chart: Part Two :iconsnowthewolf:SnowTheWolf 11 19
PUT ON A :iconimhappyplz:

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Coloring Medium Round 2
         The competitors were tired, traumatized and worn, competition had barely just begun.  Looking from worn out competitor to worn out competitor, the genie smiled his demonic smile. His round would not be nearly as easy as the mouse's was.
"Listen to me my friends; what I have to say is gravely important to your continued existence." One by one, the competitors stopped their chatting and turned their attention to the ghostly figure.
"I hope you realize just how easy you had it last round. Classics are resilient, and they usually don't mind be tampered with. I can't say the same for what's behind these doors."  The genie gestured towards the eight doors behind him.
"Those of you familiar with Medium will recognize these doors. Elements of them appear behind every door within this place. Archetypes and clichés are the building blocks of Medium and it is those very things you will find behind them. That may sound
:iconramvling:Ramvling 3 11
Expecting by Dyemelikeasunset Expecting :icondyemelikeasunset:Dyemelikeasunset 8,206 1,787
dA Font Formatting Guide
To READ this with a Fancy Layout WITH source code, see
Did YOU Know that you can use the < font > tag in boxes, journals, descriptions, and in litterature?
Well, yes you can! No Premium Membership REQUIRED!
To prove my point, :eyes: below!
The Tag
Did you enjoy the awesome presentation of the "Test." text above? Well, here's the source code:
<font face="Droid Sans" size="9">Test.</font><font face="Arial" size="3">Test.</font><font face="Tahoma" size="1">Test.</font><font face="Oswald, Droid Sans, Lucida Sans Unicode, Arial" size="5">Test.</font><font face="Brainly, Nunito, Testt, Times New Roman" size="4">Test.</font><font face="Helskini, Klavika, FF
:iconlablayers:LabLayers 7,314 1,312
Friendship is What by NuclearLoop Friendship is What :iconnuclearloop:NuclearLoop 5 10 TF2 Flash - The Question by Zeurel TF2 Flash - The Question :iconzeurel:Zeurel 8,795 2,060 Bat-Cat by NeoSlashott Bat-Cat :iconneoslashott:NeoSlashott 10,233 1,743
Round 1 Part 2 vs. The Hylan
The Hylan listened attentively to the Peepiceek's words. Clues? Why would they bother with clues when they had to fight? Though she admitted to herself that any help was welcome, especially when she had no idea of who…or what…she'd be facing.
Hopefully not one of the pirates, she thought, though they should be long gone by now. The jellyfish had also disappeared…the silly thing had probably been frightened off. Still, one never knew –half the competitors were things she'd never even seen, despite with her experience of other worlds. Robots, aliens, dogs, even something that looked like a doodle itself.
A piece of paper came flying toward her and as she flinched it stuck itself in her pipe. Grimacing, the schoolteacher pulled it out, and read the stained number, 8. So that was her door.
She was about to put her pipe away when something that looked like a rat crossed with a man came up to her and shook his finger at her. "You should be ashamed of yourself! Smoking a f
:iconcloudbat:Cloudbat 1 5
RoA- Round 2 by Nyla-Silverlyth RoA- Round 2 :iconnyla-silverlyth:Nyla-Silverlyth 4 17 Robolegs by WingedCatDusk Robolegs :iconwingedcatdusk:WingedCatDusk 6 23 It has BEGUN by NuclearLoop It has BEGUN :iconnuclearloop:NuclearLoop 10 22 Remembrance by AlfaFilly Remembrance :iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 57 29 We Remember by NuclearLoop We Remember :iconnuclearloop:NuclearLoop 4 17
People better at art than I am.

Mashup of the Now


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Hi, my name is (what?)
My name is (who?)
My name is
mud R. C. A.

You look at the profile of some strange creature who addresses himself as ReverendAspen and wonder, "Who is this guy, and what brings him here?"
Upon investigation, he through inaction tells you that he's a passionate yet so-so writer from Minnesota, USA with a desire to one day be a true raconteur. He goes on that he also makes plushie dolls, takes the occasional photograph, and may or may not dress up as characters from popular fandoms (although he admits that the latter three aren't his strengths).
With a grimace, he admits to you that he's also a paranoid, cynical pit of self-loathing but hopes to learn to trust people right away. Despite this, he knows that he's a submissive pushover that will fold an argument like a bad poker hand once you do gain his trust. To this day, he is still searching for the happy medium between "trust no one" and "let people walk all over him."
As if to awkwardly change the subject, he abruptly rattles off his quirks and hobbies. He explains that his favorite pastimes are talking to his comrades on Discord, reading books by authors he admits are much better than him, and saying the curiously subjective phrase, "I like listening to good music".
You soon learn that he lives with his cat Wheatley in a small apartment in the middle of downtown. He confesses that he is a caffeine addict and former smoker. This man seems to care little for politics, save for human rights. And he is most apparently a casual furry.
So here you sit, knowing with either satisfaction, disgust, or something in between that you've met That Rabbit in the Hat, "Reverend" Chris Aspen.

SSJ Goku by ReverendAspenSSJ Gohan by ReverendAspenLucifur by ReverendAspenHemorrhoid by ReverendAspen
Rick Terr NEO by ReverendAspenStar Platinum by ReverendAspen
Honey Badger by ReverendAspenFab Three by ReverendAspenFlamebow Dash by ReverendAspenWilt by ReverendAspen
Garfield by ReverendAspenGrrrrrrr by ReverendAspen
Sassy by ReverendAspenTitanic by ReverendAspenSherman by ReverendAspenNimbus by ReverendAspenLars by ReverendAspenIrritation by ReverendAspenSSJ3 by ReverendAspenPester by ReverendAspenMCR by ReverendAspenGojira by ReverendAspenPS1 by ReverendAspenGamecube by ReverendAspenImperfect Cell by ReverendAspenSemi-perfect Cell by ReverendAspenPerfect Cell by ReverendAspenSamoa Joe by ReverendAspenAnnoyance by ReverendAspenI Heart Skitty by ReverendAspenRock Lobsta! by ReverendAspenBotherBother by ReverendAspen


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