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Bruce Lee

No Chuck Norris jokes or "facts" allowed. Only positive Bruce Lee jokes or similar praises to one of the world's greatest martial artists will be allowed on this page :|

You have been warned ^^
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Yeah... But to being completely honest, it's not only Bruce that inspired Hara and Buronson, also Mel Gibson on "Mad Max". Let just say they pick lot of characters and movies and put 'em all inside a blender.
Old Joseph Joestar.
Top that.
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Kenshiro is easily my absolute favorite Bruce Lee tribute character, Fei long is second.
Werewolf-Korra's avatar
A character?

My friend, Watchmojo was able to do two top ten lists of characters based on Bruce Lee. One of anime characters and one of video game characters.

Chuck is... Ok, but Bruce is practically a demigod. Hell, some people say he didn't really die, he just ascended to heaven.
Fortis-Ferus's avatar
There was a senior at my school last year named Bruce Lee. Shifty Eyes 
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Thank you, I can't stand Chuck Norris "facts".
Werewolf-Korra's avatar
I can, but they are getting old.

I find it funny that a right wing creationist became the undisputed god of the primarily left wing atheist internet.
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Really? I didn't know that about him.
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Bruce Lee was The Greatest and The Baddest Man On The Planet not those other guys.:) (Smile) 
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Fist of the North Star is the best anime and Kenshiro is the best anime charactor of all time.
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Bruce lee kicks so much ass its not even funny, but chuck norris does have a character who looks like him, Chris Bradford from tmnt 2012.
Lee is still better though
finalmaster24's avatar
Bradford became a punching bag later on
But we have Ray from Urban Rivals, but he's not too popular
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while i have to agree that this is awesome and so is bruce lee.... I do wonder.... would it count as a chuck norris reference for two characters: Rain from MK (dat roundhouse) and Kenshiro with a beard like in the animated movie?
Tony-Antwonio's avatar
marshall law
forrest law
lui kang
fei long
rock lee

all inspired by and would not be characters if not for bruce lee
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Bruce is so F*****g awesome!!

Never will any other man like him (well, just Batman)
Don't forget Kenshiro.
Werewolf-Korra's avatar
Bruce Lee as Batman? The world isn't ready.

But there is his son, who played the Crow.
VientoErrante's avatar
Yeah... that was a big tragedy too.

Persons like them always be needed.
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what's his name on the right?
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Tytrun's avatar
from what anime?
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Fist of the North Star.
Tytrun's avatar
never heard of it
DrGate's avatar
I think it came out in 1984?
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