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My first journal of 2018 and April too.

Art Block is the worst shit to have and getting back into drawing is hard because of depression and laziness. Also fucking school but I’m almost done.

I'll try to draw again and post pictures here on this site but I mostly upload them on Tumblr. Soo...  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Hello everybody!! Happy 31st of December or Happy 2018 to the people of the other side of the world!!! First thing I want to say is that I'm sorry for not being here that much because I'm kinda used to uploading my art on Tumblr and not here but I try to be active here. (If I can...) 

Alright, I want to start about how I feel about 2017. To be honest, this year is a 50/50 meaning it's mixed, average, etc... Why? I want to talk about the bad things first:

1) I miss some of the people here like Outmost433, I haven't interacted with him too much but he looked like a cool guy. Hey Ethan, if you're reading this I hope you're being successful at life, and I hope that 2018 will be a good year for you!!

2) Musicians and Suicide. This was the bad part of 2017, artists like Chester Bennington (Linkin Park), Kim Jonghyun (SHInee), and Chris Cornell (Don't know him but I do know he was a close friend to Chester.) all gave up on their lives because of Mental Health problems. It makes me feel horrible how Depression can be ignored in the Music Industry. Celebrities are not robots, they're human just like you and me.

3) Youtube and Bullshit. My favourite Youtuber, Azzman had his channel suspended because of some censorship bullshit. But he's got a new channel called Piesenpai! But what's more important is that he can go back to his old channel! Yay!

And here's the good part about this year:

1) I got my first job during the Summer! And I got paid really good trying not to brag. I might consider working instead of going to university/college next year!

2) Was getting into Attack On Titan during the Summer and I love it! I'm going to rewatch the episodes from Season 1 and start watching Season 2 when I get  back to my Mother's house to turn on the Wifi. I can't wait for Season 3 which is coming next year.

Yeah, 2017 is mixed but slightly better than 2016. Even though I rather be back in 2015. I wonder what 2018 has a story to tell to me.
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Happy birthday to this account. 3 years of being on Deviantart. 🎉🎉
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Yep, I made a new account to start off fresh and use it for as a backup account just in case if something happens to my old one. (I'll still use this account but I want to use my new one more.)
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I've been inactive for a few weeks here it's because I been working as an assistant teacher for the new 3rd graders since the 30th of June and my last day is the 17th of July. (I'm off during the weekends.) The children are so sweet to me, and I love them all. Well, my job is short. (The time starts around 9 am and ends 11 am - 12 pm.) I can't or have enough time to draw because 1) My phone's connection is out, and I'm staying at my Grandmother's house, so it only works at my Mother's house. And 2) I probably ran out of ideas what to draw or lost interest in drawing.

Or maybe I have been obsessing over Deep-Sea Prisoner/Funamusea; I love their art and characters, mostly Totsusahime and other characters who are my favourites. I might make a new account to start out fresh and just in case of something happens to this account. Starting on this month.
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Always wanted to do this haha.
Inspired by ChametzKiwi 

[x] You drink a lot of tea. 
[x] You know what a brolly is. (Hint: It protects you from the rain.)
[ ] Deal or No Deal has taken over your life.
[ ] You wanted Ben to win X Factor.
[x] You use the word "bugger" or the phrase "bloody hell." 
[x] Fish and chips are yummy. 
[ ] You can eat a Full English Breakfast. (What?)
[ ] You dislike Emos almost as much as you dislike Chavs.
[x] It's football.... Not soccer.

Total = 5

[x] You wear flip-flops all year. (Does wearing them in the house all year count? xD)
[ ] You call flip-flops "thongs" not flip-flops. (In NZ, people call them "Jandals". Kinda like Sandals. :3)
[x] You love a backyard barbie. (In a mood for one right now.)
[x] You know a barbie is not a doll.
[x] You love the beach 
[ ] Sometimes you swear without realizing.
[ ] You're a sports fanatic.
[x] You are tanned.
[ ] You're a bit of a bogan. (Uhh no. Besides, that is just Australia's answer to the US's Redneck.)

Total = 5

[ ] Your last name ends in a vowel. 
[ ] Your grandmother makes her own sauces.
[ ] You know how a real meatball tastes.
[ ] You know Italian songs. 
[x] You have dark hair and dark eye color.
[x] You speak some Italian. (Can understand a little but I know French a little bit more.)
[x] You are under 5'10''
[x] Pizza/spaghetti is the best foods in the world. 
[ ] You talk with your hands 

Total = 4

[ ] You say 'member' instead of remember.
[x] You speak Spanish or some. (I do speak it a little bit.)
[x] You like tacos.
[ ] YoU TyPe LiKe ThIs On YoUr CoMpUtEr (NO.)
[x] You are dark skinned (Tan/Brown mostly.)
[x] You know what a Puta is. (Yes and that word doesn't have a nice meaning.)
[ ] You talk fast occasionally.
[ ] You have had highlights or have dyed your hair. 
[x] You know what platanos are. (Yes and I don't eating them.)

Total = 5

[ ] You say villain as: Vee-Lon.
[ ] You have more than one vodka bottle in your house.
[ ] You know the difference between channel 1 and RTVI. 
[ ] You know of somebody named Natasha. 
[ ] You don't get cold easily.
[ ] You get into contests all the time.
[ ] You can easily make do with the cold weather.
[x] You can speak some Russian. 
[x] You love listening to techno.

Total = 2

[x] Your parents let you drink. (My Mother doesn't care. xD)
[ ] You know what a pizda is.
[ ] You have Pierogi at least once a week.
[ ] People always ask to see your "kielbasa" checking if you're Polish.
[ ] People randomly call you their best friend.
[ ] You have made/know what pisanki are.
[ ] You laughed when Poland beat the USA in the 2002 World Cup

Total = 1

[/] You think beer is the best. (Nah, coconut rum is better but it makes me tired when I drink it too much.)
[ ] You have a bad temper. 
[x] Your last name starts with a Mc, Murph, O', Fitz or ends with ay, on, un, an, in, ry, ly, y. 
[ ] You have blue or green eyes.
[x] You like the color green.
[ ] You have been to a St. Patty's day party. 
[ ] You have a family member from Ireland.
[ ] You have/had red hair.
[ ] You have/had freckles.

Total = 2/3

[ ] You have slanty/small eyes.
[x] You like rice a lot. 
[ ] You are good at math. (No, I suck at it.) 
[ ] You have played the piano
[ ] You have family from Asia
[/] You laugh sometimes covering your mouth (Sometimes.)
[ ] Most people think you're Chinese
[ ] You call hurricanes typhoons.
[ ] You go to Baulko.

Total = 1/2

[x] You like bread.
[/] You think American Chocolate is good.
[x] You speak some German. 
[x] You know what Schnitzel is
[x] You hate it when stupid people call you a Nazi. (I'm not German but why call them that?)
[x] You went to Pre-school.
[ ] You're under 5'4".
[ ] You have been to Germany 

Total = 4/5

[ ] You like to ride 4 wheelers. (Those look fun tho.)
[ ] You love beer.
[ ] You say eh. 
[ ] You know what poutine is.
[x] You speak some French. 
[ ] You love Tim Horton's.
[ ] At one point you lived in a farm house. 
[x] You watch(ed) Degrassi.

Total = 2

[ ] You like French toast. 
[x] You love wine.
[x] You speak a little or are fluent in French 
[ ] You have eaten a snail.
[x] You like fashion.
[ ] You have been to France.
[ ] You are either a Catholic, a Muslim, a Protestant or a Jew. 

Total = 3

[/] You like fast food. (Sometimes, I can get sick of it quick.)
[ ] You call football football and soccer soccer...
[ ] You can trace your ancestery back to Ellis Island...
[/] you watch way too much TV (Used to but not right now.)
[ ] You are obsessed with the royal wedding 
[ ] You have a dog (No but I want a Cat, Rabbit, or a Cockatiel/Parrot.)
[ ] You have a cushy job
[ ] You were sad when Steve Jobs died (I can't remember on how I felt back then because it was years ago.)

Total  = 2 maybe...

I'm a mix between British, Aussie, Italian, Spanish, and German. That's nice...I'm thinking of Hetalia characters that I am right now. XD
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Yes, Yes, Yes! I'm getting a job for the Summer starting on June 26th! It will last around three weeks, middle of July most likely. I am excited and nervous at the same time at least I'm doing some support!
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I'm having a good day despite being at school.
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Hello everyone, I just wanted you all to know that I'm back and just doing fine in real life (Despite having rapid mood swings because of Depression.), But yeah just came back here to just let you all know.
I'm still inactive here...But I'll still try talking to all of you.
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I'm glad this piss poor excuse of a year is finished. What 2016 did was took away my favourite cartoons like Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, and Regular Show. Even I don't watch AT or RS but both of them coming to an end just brought shock to me because I used to watch AT and RS ALOT back in 2010 through 2011!

What also made 2016 shit was Politics, Terrorist Attacks (Like the ones in Belgium, Turkey, Nice (France), etc.) and Celebrity Deaths.  Like my favourite singer of Wham! George Michael died on Xmas day, and now it doesn't feel the same without him! I know people die every year, but deaths in this year just bring sadness!

I hope 2017 brings peace into this world soon; I just want Happiness in this world, not Sadness.
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I kind of miss 2015, even though bad shit just happened to me. But that was only January, February, Early September and December (Those months sucked.) Late December was okay tho. I was into Tokyo Ghoul (In the Summer.) and Undertale (Before it went to shit this year.), I also loved going to the beaches with my Mother, but now she's kind of busy with work. I miss my 15th birthday and wish I can celebrate again.

It's clear that I got a Love-Hate (<-- Mostly that yet I miss it.) relationship with 2015.
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I had to delete my old Tumblr because I kept getting Fake (Porn) Followers and it was getting irritating, and also I want to start off fresh. If you want to know my new Tumblr account, comment and I'll note you (because I want it to be private and was meant to be.) I might make a new DeviantArt account (For same reasons.) based on my Tumblr later during this month or next month.
So guys!! Comment and I'll let you know!!

Just letting you know: I don't post anything since it's the only way to avoid those type of followers according to me.
Have a safe night!! And a good November too!!
I went as a black cat and got candy. X3
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It's been a good Summer, but least year's Summer was better.
I really wanna see Suicide Squad sometime!! ^^
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I'm actually dreading that high school starts next month (which I will become an 11th grader) because I feel like I'm going to be manipulated by those sons of filthy bitches again like last year. I honestly want to talk to my therapist about but I'll have an hard time about talking about it I don't know...
I wish I was actually home schooled and stay away from those fucks.
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I'm almost done with season 1 of SVTFOE!! Are you excited for the season 2 premiere? I am!!
Also July kinda feels like an long month!! :P
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It's the first day of June and the shittiest things are already happening on the fucking first day like WTF??
Tsk tsk tsk, It's a shame that June would never change, ever. I expect more worse things to happen in this damned month.
June, along with December are my two worst months for me. November all the way!!
The only upsides about June is that I won't able to see MOST people that I fucking hate from school (YAY :) ) and my 5 year (2011) anniversary of me getting into the Ginga Legend series (dunno if it's late May or Middle June because I can't remember the actual date).
And I'm only here to write my thoughts and feelings out so yup.
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Deviantart reminds me of school on how much I hate everyone and a lot of fake people here..
This DeviantArt used to be fun back in late 2010 but it's major piece of shit site right now.
So I'm going to be inactive on this site for a couple of months (I should have been inactive on the first week of May but meh) but I would be around July- early August.
I'm a lot more active on Instagram, YouTube, and Tumblr (kinda).
I'll still post drawings that of stuff I only like or into, so yeah.
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I really appreciate it dudes!! I had a good birthday. ^^
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Yeah, You read the title. I wanted to mention this last year but I don't how any of you dudes will react.
The reason why I lost interest in Undertale because it became like FNAF and MLP. Rabid fans/haters and shitty fanbases all these three have all in common. Or maybe I'm just prone to lose interest in everything... :|
I'll still like some Undertale fanart and there are some characters I still love, like Asriel.
I feel that there's nothing else to like anymore...
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