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Sandy and Lace

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I feel like at some point during the past month I started leaning way heavy into the raunchy rather than the cute. Oops. I mean, these character designs don't exactly have to be G-rating friendly, but extended views focused on smooth featureless crotches and breasts is gonna stop feeling innocent if the characters otherwise don't serve any other function.

So anyway have some cute! Two acqaintences play together and chat, reminding eachother that not everything explodey has to be scary or dangerous. They deal with plenty enough deadly forces on the regular that getting up to some harmless mischief has to be some kind of relief.

Sandy is from Fallout: Equestria - Better Days by GammaDeekay
Starlace Shadowmoon is still pending a rename but belongs to me and is intended for use by HeliumSqueeze when that's ready.

And yeah, that's it! It wasn't exactly an "Inktober" but it was some kind of drawing challenge, and I'm done with it for now. About to try to push myself into novel writing starting tomorrow. I do have one or two more drawings to post that were done this month as a backup option incase I got sick or otherwise couldn't make a day. They're not much, but i'll get them posted up when I can.

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Congratulations on successfully making it through your challenge, Retl!
i do hope things go well with trying to write your novel, give it your best shot!  *hugs very gently*
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*Huggles* I keep forgetting the new site theme breaks mobile comments

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Thanks, I appreciate it! I'll go what I can, and dvdn if I don't finish, what I get written, I can use.

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Yeah, that's a good attitude to go into it with.  *hugs one more time*

And yay about the comment breaking...  Hopefully they'll manage to fix that eventually...