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Berry Pop

Are we having a pizza party? Count me in. Especially for the party part.

Okay, I'm done drawing this one for a while. Rough around the edges, but could still be useful for others.
For ~fanofetcetera to use as they wish.
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Done for a while is just fine since this may be the perfect version. <3 A bit rough like you said, but it is just trial and error style right now anyways. I appreciate the hard work on making her perfect though. ^_^
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Glad you like it. The main thing I had in mind when I started this was proportion. 90% of this is just a bunch of stills from the show cobbled together, to be frank. :B But still, it should help enough that if someone wants to make a more refined reference thing, or wants to just do a sketchthingy, it could still prove handy.
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Count me in too. This is just so cute. Berry Pop is simply so cute.