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Hello! Here participating artists will be able to choose and claim the event and holiday of their choice.

When choosing your event, the sky is really the limit, whether you'd like to go for something as universal as New Years, or something culturally specific such as the Dragons Boat Festival. As international artists are asked to participate from many different parts of the world, we encourage you to select a holiday specific to your country. I'm sure myself, along many others would love to learn more about other cultures. (You will be able to add a short description to your art piece that will appear in the artbook along with your artwork.)

Keep in mind that there are, of course, a bunch of other 'national' holidays that are a bit more light-hearted that are up for the taking if you choose! Believe it or not, there are holidays such as 'International Cat Day' (August 8th).

For holiday ideas to choose from, check out:

International Holidays
Public Holidays
Days of the Year

If nothing piques your interest, perhaps do a quick search online for "International/National ________ Day"; there is a high likelihood that something similar exists.

[ To Claim Your Selection ]

As selections will be exclusive to the artist, it will be based on a first come first serve basis. To claim your selected holiday or event, please send a note to Revel-AB or an email to with the titile 'Revel Artbook Holiday Selection'. In your message please include the name of your chosen holiday, along with the date.

All artworks will be placed in chronological order of date in the artbook. In the case of holidays/events with no set day of occurrence, dates will be based on the 2018 calendar, but not all events (those with set dates) will necessarily happen in 2018 (ie. Leap Day).

[ Participating Artists + Their Chosen Holidays ]

:iconruina:  Japanese New Year - January 1st
:iconameriya:  World Braille Day - January 4th
:iconekkoberry:  Cheese Lover's Day - January 20th
:iconkirwet99:  Dutch Carnaval - February 11th
:icontigermint: Inventor's Day - February 11th
:iconpoursuu:  Valentine's Day - February 14th
:iconendlessrz:  Spring Festival - February 15th
:iconkirabunni:  Chinese New Year - February 16th
:iconmeodualeo:  Tet Holiday (Vietnamese New Year) - February 16th
:iconc-palmer:  Leap Day - February 29th
:iconqsanart:  White Day - March 14th
:iconguava-pie:  Spring Equinox - March 20th
:iconclownchime:  National Flower Day - March 21st
:iconnaussi:  World Water Day - March 22nd
:iconnuuti:  World Health Day - April 7th
:iconpopseacle:  Reach as High as You Can Day - April 14th
:iconshiranova:  Sechseläuten - April 16th
:iconlongestdistance:  International Creativity and Innovation Day - April 21st
:iconim1m:  World Penguin Day - April 25th
:iconchriston-clivef:  Labour Day (May Day) - May 1st
:iconjayuu:  Midori No Hi - May 4th
:iconmxlk:  Kodomo No Hi (Japan's Children's Day) - May 5th
:iconanocurry:  International Museum Day - May 18th
:iconseerlight: World Ocean Day - June 8th
:iconblunell:  Fête de la Musique - June 21st
:icontheelvishdevil:  International Yoga Day - June 21st
:iconuchuubranko:  Meteor Watch Day - June 30th
:iconnagifry:  International Social Media Day - June 30th
:iconkutty-sark:  Ivana Kupala Celebration Night - July 7th
:iconkiekyun:  Tanabata (Star Festival) - July 7th
:iconemphasis-lest:  Stonehenge Summer Solstice Festival - July 21st
:iconponchiux:  Guelaguetza Festival Inaguration - July 23rd
:iconkanlamari:  International Tiger Day - July 29th
:iconlluluchwan:  International Friendship Day - August 6th
:iconomigrim:  Infinity Day - August 8th
:iconyeinart:  Obon (Festival of Souls) - August 15th
:iconorony:  Fight Procrastination Day - September 6th
:iconmokkorin:  International Literacy Day - September 8th
:iconsobbing-jester:  US National Chocolate Day - September 13th
:iconmintycanoodles:  Autumnal Equinox - September 22nd
:iconrainry:  World Teacher's Day - October 5th
:iconlilianei:  Ballloon Around The World Day - October 5th
:icondathie:  Astronomy Day - October 13th
:icon6ooey:  Plush Animal Lover's Day - October 28th
:iconpepapen:  Halloween - October 31st
:iconemariechi:  All Saints Day - November 1st
:icono-hikaku:  Dia de Los Muertos - November 2nd
:iconmoryapanima:  Remembrance Day - November 11th
:iconcelstie:  Pastry Day - December 9th
:iconshiyumichan:  Winter Solstice Festival - December 22nd
:iconskunkyfly:  Christmas - December 25th

Depending on how well this project goes, we may also need volunteers for additional merchandise, such as posters, bookmarks (though these can go off from your submitted artwork), and perhaps keychains.

Sign - ups for these will be open at a later date.
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