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Beauty in Darkness (VampCamilla X Mreader)
(Time to do some Vampire themed stuff. Been meaning to for a while, just haven’t been having any ideas on what to exactly do. But finally got something. So, here we go.)
(Your POV)
“(FN), could you come here.” I heard Lady Camilla call for me. I walked into her room as she finished writing down something. “Could you be a dear a bring this to Selena?” She said, handing me a note. I took it and nodded. “Of course, anything for you M’lady.” I said and left the room. I walked through the halls of the castle as several soldiers pass by me. I looked at them, to only see red eyes look back as I quickly turned the corner. I was a servant to the Nohr Royal family, Lady Camilla being the one who  served the most, but the others would have me do tasks for them as well. But see, my situation was a bit more...interesting.
See, I was human. Full on human, but those who I served and served with weren’t. They were Vampires. So you can see wher
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Requested By derpydoge911


I was heading towards Junko's room after getting a text from her saying "We need to talk" when I got there I heard talking or rather I heard her screaming at Mukuro.

Junko: Tell me, how do you like that!

Murkuro: It's very good Mistress. Please keep punishing me like the dog I am.

Junko: Then bark for your Mistress!

I guess by "We need to talk" she met she wanted to break up. I decided not to interrupt them and just head back to my dorm, It was weird but I felt a wave of relief, sure it sucks she cheated on me but it was better now than down the road.

Aoi's POV

I was on my way to Y/N's dorm to see if he wanted to go grabs some donuts with me. Slowly but surely I would steal him away from that crazy bitch, Junko. He belongs to me and me alone. I walked past Junko 's room when I heard some screaming and moans. So not only has she stolen mine Y/N but she even had the nerve to cheat on him. No, this will not stand I pulled out the knife I started to keep on me and was about to secure my future with Y/N.

Junko's POV

I was tormenting my ugly dog of a sister who was strapped down to my bed while waiting for Y/N to show up. I can't wait to see the look on his face when he sees what I had in plan for us. The door slowly opens I turn around hoping to see him but all I saw was that swimming bitch who Y/N is friends with.

Aoi: Junko how could you cheat on mine Y/N!

Junko: I would hardly call it cheating wait...what do you mean your Y/N?

Aoi: He belongs to me, I could make him so much happier than you ever could!

She rushes at me with a knife. I didn't expect her to have the guts to tried to kill and before I knew it she had plunged the knife into my chest...I couldn't help but enjoy it. The taste of despair of losing my man to someone who might be crazing than me.

Junko: Yes! O god yes!

Aoi: You're enjoying this?!

Junko: This is the Unlimited Despair!

She kept stabbing me with more and more anger. The last thing I see is her slowly moving towards my sister with the same expression.

Aoi: No witnesses.


I am looking over at the canvas thinking about what mine next masterpiece was going to be when Aoi barge into my room.

Aoi: Y/N!

Y/N: Aoi what's wrong!?

Aoi: It's Junko she is...

Y/N: ...cheating on me? Yeah, I kind of already found out.

Aoi: You did?  But you don't seem to be upset.

Y/N: It's hard to be upset when I wasn't really happy with her.

Aoi: Really!?

Y/N: Yeah now I can spend more time with friends and painting.

Aoi: I have something else to tell you.

Y/N: What is it?

Aoi: I love you and I'll never let anyone else have you!

She brings her lips to mine. I could only do what I felt was natural, I returned the kiss. I never felt this way with Junko. We pulled back looking into each other eyes.

Y/N: Well you want to go out?

Aoi:  YES! Let go right now.

I looked down at her hands and notice some red on them...I must have gotten some red paint on her by mistake.

Y/N: Whoop sorry it looks like I must have gotten some paint on you.

Aoi ...I will forgive you if you give me a kiss. *Smiles*

Y/N: *Smiles* Deal.

We shared another amazing kiss. I think I was going to be much happier with Aoi.

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Asia X Pontiff Sulyvahn Reader X Rias
I going to take some time later to try and updated and edit some of my earlier work since I my grammar is very poor in them.

Also don't own Highschool DxD 
If I did I would make it about Issei getting hurt for being a pervert.
Issei's POV

I was heading to the Occult Club room. I love that I was able to get Rias as the first girl in my harem. She made me one step closer to becoming the harem king. How I love her massive tits I could look at them all day half the time I get lost in them and don't even hear her. I was at the door and heard Rias and a voice I never heard before and I got pissed at what I was hearing.

Rias: You're so sweet, Y/N that why I love you.

Y/N: I love you to Rias with all my with my heart.

I could feel my rage boiling and I tried to kick the door open. To see who was trying to steal Rias from me.

3rd POV

Rias was sharing a kiss with Y/N her newest Rook. They have been going out behind Issei back for a couple of weeks, Rias's Peerage knew but they were just happy she was with someone who could give her the love that she wanted. The couple turns their heads towards the door after hearing a bang on they looked at it for a minute than the door open show a piss Issei.


Rias: Oh Issei you're here. I am just with my boyfriend.


Y/N: First you can't own somebody. Second, from what Rias had told me you don't listen to her you just look her chest whenever you're with her.


Rias: He is Y/N L/N,  my newest Rook and you don't care for me you just love my boobs.


Y/N: Really? When her birthday?

Issei: ... October 13th?

Y/N: April 9th. Let try another one what are the color of her eyes?

Issei: What do you take me for an idiot.

Ddraig: Yes.

Issei: SHUT UP! They're brown. *Smirks*

Y/N: You don't even know the color of her eyes.


Issei ran full speed at Y/N causing a large dust cloud to form.

Rias: Y/N!!!

The dust clear to show you safe while holding Issei's fist in your hand like it was nothing.

Y/N: What did I just tell you can't own people.


Y/N: Don't worry Rias, I got this.

Issei: I will kill you bastard!

Y/N: Please do tell how to plan to beat me.

Issei: By... hitting you hard!

Y/N: Good plan listen, I don't want to hurt you so just leave.

Issei: That makes one of us. Booster!

Y/N: Really you're not doing anything but wasting energy.

Issei: Once I kill you I will get her back and I will be another closer to owning a harem.

Y/N: Wow you really are scum you know that.

Issei: SHUT UP!

Rias: Issei just stop this, I with am with Y/N and I love him.

Issei No you belong to me, you whore!

(Morgen Freeman: It was at the moment Issei know.... he f***ed up)


Issei WH...

Before Issei could finish he notice his power fading away which was too much for him as he fell to his knees being defected.

Afterlife Ddraig's POV

Ddraig: I finally free of that perverted idiot!

Occult Club 3rd POV

Y/N: There we go all done.

Issei: *weak* What did you do?

Y/N: I just aged your gear to the point where it would crumble to dust. But I was able to keep you alive, now you can keep living.

Rias: No.

Issei: What!

Rias: He knows too much and I believe if he lives he will just become a threat.

Y/N: As you wish my love *point hand at Issei's head* any last request and if you say anything perverted I will end you in a more painful way.

Issei: Rias was I not good enough for?

Rias: NO! Not even close, you didn't care you for me, never took me on even one date, never listen to me and never were romantic, unlike Y/N. The only thing you care about were my boobs. While Y/N truly love me for me.

Issei: You do have great jugs.

Y/N: I warned you *remove hand from the head and rips out Issei's heart killing him*

Just like that Issei had died a second time and Rias set his body ablaze turning it to ashes in seconds.

Rias: I love you Y/N.

Y/N: I love you to Rias.

Rias: You know Y/N I never did give Issei my virginity.

Y/N: Okay?

Rias: *Hugs you and whisper in ear* I want you to be one first and only.

Y/N: Listen, Rias I love you, but I would like to wait for marriage.

Rias: *Smirks* Okay...Then let's get married.

Y/N: What?

Rias: We love each other so why not, let's get married right now.

Y/N: Are you sure about this Rias?

Rias: Yes, I feel different when I'm am with you, I feel loved, safe you cared for so please let's get married now. *Kiss*

Y/N: *Smiles* If that is what you wish then let's get married. *Kiss*
Cheater? Rias X Reader Nice Guy Finish 1st
So many cheater stories why not chance the formal a up a bit.
Sorry for not post for a long time
Also Thank You to all for 69 Watchers and 94 Followers with over 68 hundred reads it mean a lot anyway on with the story
Thank you, everyone, who Follows and Watches me here a Remaster/Redone version of my first story.


Y/N: Please stop win...I'll shall become your, just please stop all this bloodshed.

Pyrrha: I know you come around senpai. I love you.

Y/N: (Fearful) I... lov.

You were cut off by Pyrrha locking lips with your on the outside you were fearful but on the inside you were smiling and enjoying it have the women you love and admirer for her strength and her personality the kiss was not a battle of dominates you just had to submit to and give in but you were not complaining when your kiss was cut off.

???: CUT!

It was the director of the movie you and Pyrrha were staring in before you have to go to beacon to train to become the future huntsmen and Huntress. The movie is a love story about a girl who falls in love with her  Senpai then it slowly takes a dark turn as it became darker and darker. You look at Pyrrha your admirer her commitment to the role it really looks like she was going to murder anyone who would dare stand in her way.

Pyrrha: *annoyed* What is it!?!

Director: Pyrrha you need to let Y/N finish his line before the kiss that the fifth time.

Pyrrha: Sorry guess I got to into the role *laughs*

Director: *sighs* Kids. FROM THE TOP TAKE SIX.

Y/N: *Whisper and smiles* Good luck Pyrrha.

Pyrrha: Good luck to you to......Senpai *Smiles*

Her smile looks so perfect for the role you could not believe this was her first time acting.

Timeskip Y/N POV

I was glad we finished filming today only a couple of more day to beacon would start up, I heard my, sister, Coco who got a job as the head of the Costume Department for the movie. Her teams were asked to come back early to help with the first years and she offers to give me an early tour of Beacon.

Coco: Hey Star, you killed it out there.

Y/N: Hey Coco, you know I hate that nickname, But thanks.

Coco: Your welcome also to bad. Are you almost ready to go?

Y/N: Yeah. Thanks again for letting me bunk with your team.

Coco: No problem, it gives you a feel for the campus plus we do have the bed we don't use so it fine. Are you nervous?

Y/N: A little. But I am ready to start to become a huntsman and...

Coco: Not another pretty face.

Y/N: I was going to say someone who sits on the sidelines.

Coco: Whatever (Smirks and waves) Hey Pyrrha.

Pyrrha's POV

HOW DARE SHE TALK TO MY Y/N! WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS! Whatever she's just another body like all those other actresses that got in my way.

Pyrrha: Y/N is mine.

Coco: Hey Pyrrha. *Smirks*

As I am walking over to the two Y/N and Coco gives me a smile. I had to hold myself back.  

Y/N: Hey Pyrrha. Ready for Beacon?

Pyrrha: Yeah. I am.

How I hope we get to be on a team together

Coco: Hey Pyrrha I just had an idea would you like to come to Beacon early with me and my little brother.

Pyrrha: WHAT?!

Y/N: Yeah Coco said it would be alright too go early and since is she is helping with the tours. It will be fun.

Pyrrha YES...I mean sure that would be very nice I just need to get my thing at the hotel.

Coco: Of course. Hey, Y/N would you mind getting us some to drinks before heading out whilePyrrha and I talk a little?

Y/N: Sure. But why can't we go together?

Coco: I just want to have a girl talk with Pyrrha.

What does she want to talk about?

Y/N: Okay? I will be right back.

Coco: Take your time.

I watched as Y/N left and turn the corner.

Pyrrha: So, I guess you want to talk?

Coco: Yep, I want to know how many people you killed that stood in your way.

Pyrrha: What?!

How did she know I kill those girls?

Coco: Relax. I am not going to tell anybody.

Pyrrha: Why and how can I trust you.

Coco: Women in our family tend to be what some people may call "yandere" while the men tend to attract them. So, the way I see it you're already part of the family. We just need to get you two together.

Pyrrha: Really!

Coco: Of course.

Pyrrha: How do I know you won't stab me the second you get the change.

Coco: I have no reason to, I want my little brother to be happy and safe plus if it helps I am already dating someone, and I have killed people for bullying her.

Pyrrha: Okay So, what is the plan?

Coco: Just be honest with Y/N he knows it's his fate he meets a someone like you.

Pyrrha: Really?

Coco: Trust me.

Pyrrha: Okay I will confession to him the first chance I get.


We were going back to my hotel, so I could check out early and get my suitcases.  We were entering the hotel and Y/N said he would help me with my luggage if I wanted and I accepted know it was my time to act. We were in the elevator alone.

Y/N: It was fun shooting with you Pyrrha.

Pyrrha: Thanks, I am glad we could star in it together.

Y/N: You did an amazing job playing a yandere if I didn't know better I say you were a yandere for real *laughs*.

Pyrrha: Let's say I am a Yandere how would you react.

Y/N: Honestly I would not care. It just shows that you care a lot.

Pyrrha: Then, in that case, look into my eyes and tell me does it look like I was acting or am I really a Yandere who has killed to be with you.

Y/N: Sure, thing Pyrrha.

He stared into my emerald eye as I stare into his E/C and I saw as he grows that smile I adore so much.

Pyrrha: Y/N I love you.

Y/N: Pyrrha, I love too.

We share a long another long and passionate kiss when we broke apart I grab him by the wrist and drag him to my room. I am sure Coco won't mind waiting a little longer.


After that, we headed back up with Coco.

Coco: I would ask you what took so long but I think I already know. By the way, you two will be sharing a bed. I hope you don't mind.

Y/N: Nope.

Pyrrha Not at all.
Been awhile since I watched Fairy Tail but I going to pick it up again.

Note: I am not doing request yet... but if you know of a character who gets a lot of cheater stories let me know maybe I will give them one next.

Erza's POV

I glaze upon Y/N as him and Natsu were talking I know I am a relationship with Jellal, but he is just an uncaring asshole with a fooling smile that could trick some into thinking he was nice. I had a crush on Y/N since we were younger, but I didn't act fearing our friendship could be ruined. I was busying stare at Y/N that I didn't hear Lucy calling out my name.

Lucy: Erza.

Erza: ...

Lucy: Erza!

Erza: Sorry Lucy I zoned out. What would you like to talk about?

Lucy: That Jellal, not a good guy. You could do a lot better.

Erza: Lucy you might be right there.

I turn my head back to Y/N and Natsu but saw Natsu attack Y/N.


I watched as Y/N got knocked out and was worried and mad.

Erza: Y/N!

Natsu: Crap. I think I hit him a little too hard.

Erza: NATSU!


Natsu and I were debating which jobs we should take when Natsu brought up Jellal and Erza.

Natsu: Jellal such a creep, I can't believe Erza trust him, after everything he has done.

Y/N: Natsu, we should be supportive if Erza happy we should be happy.

Natsu: Come one stop lying you and I both know how you feel about Erza.

Y/N: I don't know what you are talking about.

Natsu Ever since we were younger you had a crush on her.

Happy: You love her.

Y/N: Shut up Happy, please just shut up, even if I do love her it doesn't matter.

Natsu: How do you know that?

Y/N: She is with Jellal. Plus, I don't want to ruin our friendship.

Natsu: Here the deal we are going to fight and if I win you have to tell Erza that you love her.

Y/N: What?

Natsu: readysetgo...FIRE DRAGON IRON FIST!

I didn't expect this, so he got a lucky hit on me knocking me out.

3rd POV

Natsu: Listen Erza I can explain.

Erza: Please do.

Natsu Mind: Crap why did I let everyone other talked me into this.

Erza: I am waiting.

Natsu: I told him if I could beat him in a fight he would have to confess his feelings for you.

Erza: *Blushes* His feelings? I going to talk to him upstairs and Natsu you better not be lying.

Erza's POV

I brought Y/N upstairs, so he could rest, and I plan to stay until he wakes up so I to see if I was going to kill Natsu for attacking Y/N or for playing with my emotions.

I thought back to when I first met Y/N.


I have been a part of the guild for a few days, I had not talked to any other the other kids really. When one of them came up to me with two to pieces of cake. He put one down in front of me and smiles.

Y/N: *smiles* Hey I am Y/N L/N, what is your name?

Erza: Erza.

Y/N: That is a pretty name.

Erza: *Blushes* Thanks.

Y/N: Could we talked I would like to get to know you since your new.

Erza: Sure.

He was the first person other than master I talked with and open up to he was just as understand as well. I felt at ease with him, but as time went on I grow feels for him, but I didn't want to risk losing what we had.

Flashback Over

Y/N: *Gets up* My head.

Erza: *Smiles* It good to see that you're up.

Y/N: *Blushes* Erza. Hello.

Erza: So, do you have anything to say.

Y/N: Thank you for treating my injuries?

Erza: Anything else?

Y/N: *sighs* Yes, I love you, Erza Scarlet, ever since we were younger, and you capture my heart I wanted to tell you so many time but never could work up the courage and I didn't want to throw away our friendship it was too importing to me to risk losing...

I felt my heartbeat increase and I couldn't hold back I jumped at Y/N, kissing him and the second our lips touch, I knew what true love felt like.

Erza: I love you too Y/N. I have since we met but I feared losing it as well.

Y/N: But what about Jellal?

Erza: Don't worry about him. I guess this makes me a cheater *sighs* I don't care I will just break up with Jellal next time I see him, I will tell him that I am with someone I truly care and who cares about me. *Kisses*

3rd POV

Outside Jellal was listening with anger.

Jellal: Weakling thinks he can steal her away from me. Let see how he like Dark Vanish.

Before he could open the door to kill the Y/N he heard a voice coming at him.

Natsu: Crimson Lotus Fire Dragon's Fist!

Jellal: What the hell do you think you're doing

Natsu: I am not letting you hurt my friends.

Natsu got some good punches on Jellal sending him through a wall. Both Y/N and Erza heard this and exited the room and after hearing the fight.

Erza: Natsu.

Natsu: He was about to kill Y/N, so you should be thanking me.

Erza: He was, then thank you. Jellal I am breaking up with you. I am with someone.

Y/N: Thanks for the save Natsu.

Natsu: No problem you belong together since you guys.


Erza: I hope everyone is just as understanding as you and Happy are and don't think any different of us.

Y/N: I be here by your side. We can handle it together.

The couple left in each other arms to hear cheers from the whole guild. Glad that the two finally got together.

Sorry for not updating in awhile

I am going through writers block and just got better from being sick, but I would like to try and open up Requests and Suggestions. I can’t promise I will get it out very fast or at all depending on the idea. But I will sure as hell try.

I am doing to have only 2 Rules.

1: No incest I made a couple in the past, but I wish to not remember those. I guess I would not mind if it not related by blood.

2: No Cheater DxD unless it can be a “Cheater? Nice Guys Finish First”

Right now, I starting work on a “Cheater? DxD Girls X Shy Saiyan Male Reader".  

I have some other story I been working on and have ideas for some yeah. 

Have an Amazing Day or Night. 



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