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Hi Revarick! I was wondering if you could send me a note explaining the meaning of each Moon Glyph as I am a witch and Pagan Druid for the past 7 years. I would love to use these for divination. Thanks! You have lovely work. 😃

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I've seen these posted without credit to you all over Tumblr. especially in the witch/pagan part of it. I got tired of it and I ended up making a post on that site, to link to this page and credit you as the original artist in that post, while explaining as best I could - that you are the one who made them, and was wondering if there's anything other information you would like folks to know about them? And if, they want to seek out your permission, or more info, how to do so? Like, are you on other community or have any social links you'd like added as well, so they can find your works?

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Hello! Thanks for making an effort to find me! To answer your questions: this is the only site I use for my works, so people can always find me - and massage me - over here. If they'd like, my instagram username is also Revarick. There is really no need to go into detail about the glyphs. People that really want to find their origin usually find me anyways. I hope this anwers all :)

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Thank you for answering me and getting back to me on that!

You lie these are not your symbols

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If that is what you believe, that is fine :)
Hello! I fell in love with these symbols a long time ago and I'm so happy to have finally found the creator. For a long time I thought these were ancient and meant for actual practice, but I’m still so happy that I found the true creator. I read your journal entry, and I think it’s so amazing how much of an impact these have had. They truly speak to everyone. I also think it’s so cool how open and willing you are to everyone about your symbols.
After reading many of these comments I now see that I'm not alone in asking permission to use one for a tattoo, specifically the "dark" one. Please let me know, and if there’s anything else you could tell me about it that’d be great!
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Aww that is such a nice thing to say! I sent you a personal note regarding your question! Love 
Hello! I have began making a fictional story and I was wondering if I can incorporate the Moon Glyphs into my work. I will only be using Fire, Water, Air and Earth. I will also put all credit on the Moon Glyphs to you. It will most likely be unpopular as it will go on an online website. But is this okay with you?
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sent you a note :D
It has been very hard to find you!
I would like to know the meaning of your new moon glyph. I was born in this phase and want to get a tatto, I love it.
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Thanks alot! Clap I sent you a personal note to go over things!
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These are fantastic.  I too would consider incorporating one into a tattoo.  I just love the blood moon one.
These glyphs have been so touching to me and it devastates me that they have been taken and used without crediting you and have had false origins made up about them 😔 I had the balance glyph tatooed on to me a year ago because it resonated so well as someone that needs balance to be happy it made perfect sense.

Could you talk me through your thinkingd behing them so I can connect a bit better? I would also love to get some of he others tatooed in the future but feel once I know more I would connect with them better. Balance just clicked with straight away when I saw it but I want that click with the others as well.

Such beautiful work 😍
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Heya! I sent you a perosnal note! :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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Aww thanks! And that's awesome!
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20180626 070152 by mscontradiction  Hey, so I did actually end up incorporating the blood moon glyph into the latest batch of symbols that I added!  I love it! Thank you for creating such a great piece!
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Ohh thats so nice! 
Hi!! I was looking at these glyphs and I would love to use one or two as a tattoo. I was wondering if that would be okay for one, and two I was wondering if you could give me some details and meaning behind some of these symbols. I would love to learn more about the symbols you have created. More specifically, the time and will glyphs have really caught my eye so a more in-depth meaning for those two would be absolutely wonderful, Thank you so much, and I can't wait to hear from you!!!
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Sorry for my late reply :( I sent you  a note to go over things :D
These are beautiful! <3 As many others I also saw this imagen without credit........... It's great that you are so open anyway! I think art is like that, it tends to spread further than we can control. It's great but credit doesn't hurt anyone =P I would love to know if you have the background story or meanings for them. I'm also thinking about using them for my magical practices if that's ok. Great work, I really love them!
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Aww thank you so much!! I sent you a personal note to answer your questions!
Hello!! So... similar to all the others, I discovered your glyphs and fell in love with them. I'm an astrologer and practitioner of metaphysics as well who would also love to know your story and the story behind the glyphs. :)

Also, As TheGoddess18 mentioned, I would also like to ask your permission to work with the symbols with credit to you. I'm interested in using the symbols as a lovely addition to the astrology journals I make, possible newsletters, and my personal spiritual work. Magically, I use glyphs of all kinds (similar to these) as a language that helps focus the intent of the subconscious/intuitive for the purposes I aim to achieve. Most often inscribed on other tools like candles or special objects I want to infuse with that intent (like something I might wear) etc... and my intentions are as ethical and 'of the light' as I know how to be; but always done in reverence. I would like to ask your permission to use your glyphs in these ways and I am happy to credit you as the original artist in anything I may produce for the public. If anything more is desired, please let me know! I am very willing to work with you and respect your wishes for how the art should be used. Thank so much for the beautiful gift. ^_^
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