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First Renderers in HDR10
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Im not an artist but i like to do hot renderers with cars.

(just joking if you dont get it ;)

To secure future incomings i will move half of the renderers from the Free Featured Gallery to the Premium Main Gallery Part2. still alot of free stuff left ;) Premium galleries are a must for me to be able to contiune with this. And too much fre
Subscribestar adult is open!...Again ;)

Have you watched any of the HDR10 renderers on an HDR c...

  |  12 votes
  • Yes and it looks almost real!
  • No i dont have the gear to setup HDR10
  • Im planning to get the stuff needed to watch these HDR10 renderers.
  • SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) is enough i dont care

HDR10 Information

Up until now it has only been possible to watch movies in HDR10 format with an HDR capable tv but this has changed right now. Now you can watch "HDR" still images with the same amazing colors and brightness levels that you only got with the movies before.

What you need: An HDR capable 4K TV PC with one of the latest GPUs (older PCs will not support HDR WCG in win10) Win10 Latest build: HDR +WCG image viewer APP

How to Setup: First set Win10 to show HDR WCG color under "all settings"  "system" That will activate the HDR mode on the tv (you will see an small HDR logo on the tv to the upper right) Search the microsoft store APPs for "HDR + WCG image viewer and download and install it. after that you are ready to go

you only need HDR renderers that i will provide here later.

After you have watched some of these renderers in true HDR you will not want to go back everyting else looks flat and muted from now on.

Other benefits with watching renderers in HDR+ WCG viewer is that you can increase brightness to insane levels and i mean insane

you can increase brightness +600% and still all details are there.

if you do that in SDR with the normal renderer you start to loose details already at +200%

The differences between HDR10 and SDR are massive.

So check it out

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Does ur voluptuous models ever have sex?

check the premium galleries for some hot sex content.

i will also upload more non deviantart approved content on the subscribestar page.

Hi bro! You gonna go ahead with both subscribestar and deviantart or just subscribestar?

Sexy stuff you got

really beautiful works, congratulations!!!!!!

Is it asking too much if you would reply my request?