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My new Top 10 Anime Hottest by Rev0lution-Zacki3 My new Top 10 Anime Hottest :iconrev0lution-zacki3:Rev0lution-Zacki3 6 0 Tokiya ID by Rev0lution-Zacki3 Tokiya ID :iconrev0lution-zacki3:Rev0lution-Zacki3 41 5 ID Uta No Prince Sama 2 by Rev0lution-Zacki3 ID Uta No Prince Sama 2 :iconrev0lution-zacki3:Rev0lution-Zacki3 408 14 Uta No Prince-Sama ID by Rev0lution-Zacki3 Uta No Prince-Sama ID :iconrev0lution-zacki3:Rev0lution-Zacki3 197 9 Vampire Knight No colors by Rev0lution-Zacki3 Vampire Knight No colors :iconrev0lution-zacki3:Rev0lution-Zacki3 1 4 Ren Jinguji No colors by Rev0lution-Zacki3 Ren Jinguji No colors :iconrev0lution-zacki3:Rev0lution-Zacki3 12 0 Ichigo No Colors by Rev0lution-Zacki3 Ichigo No Colors :iconrev0lution-zacki3:Rev0lution-Zacki3 2 0 Grimmjow no colors by Rev0lution-Zacki3 Grimmjow no colors :iconrev0lution-zacki3:Rev0lution-Zacki3 0 0 HIjikata Toshizo No colors by Rev0lution-Zacki3 HIjikata Toshizo No colors :iconrev0lution-zacki3:Rev0lution-Zacki3 8 4 BYakuya Kichiki No Colors. by Rev0lution-Zacki3 BYakuya Kichiki No Colors. :iconrev0lution-zacki3:Rev0lution-Zacki3 0 2 My Top 10 Animation Hotties by Rev0lution-Zacki3 My Top 10 Animation Hotties :iconrev0lution-zacki3:Rev0lution-Zacki3 2 2 Sanosuke blend by Rev0lution-Zacki3 Sanosuke blend :iconrev0lution-zacki3:Rev0lution-Zacki3 6 0 SSHS Dropdead Gorgeous Males by Rev0lution-Zacki3 SSHS Dropdead Gorgeous Males :iconrev0lution-zacki3:Rev0lution-Zacki3 160 11 Sanosuke's Addict by Rev0lution-Zacki3 Sanosuke's Addict :iconrev0lution-zacki3:Rev0lution-Zacki3 58 3 Sanosuke Wall by Rev0lution-Zacki3 Sanosuke Wall :iconrev0lution-zacki3:Rev0lution-Zacki3 16 0 Sanosuke Harada Wallpaper by Rev0lution-Zacki3 Sanosuke Harada Wallpaper :iconrev0lution-zacki3:Rev0lution-Zacki3 52 0


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  • Listening to: Midnight Pleasure -Shu mix-
  • Reading: Manga
  • Watching: Diabolik Lovers
  • Playing: League Of Legends / Diabolik Lovers More Blood
  • Eating: Lollipops
  • Drinking: Apple cider
I hope you still enjoy my diabolik Lovers fanfiction.

Taking away by the silhouettes, she saw Shu and Karl away , her eyes filled with tears . She was crying all the way where hooded men took her while they were trying to silence her , but they were instructed not to hurt her . They came to a mansion that had a same size of the mansion Sakamakis . Karl waiting the mens in front of it . “Good job gentlemen, you can go. “He said, handing them money . ” Karl- sama! ” Exclaimed the little girl who hastened to plunged to him.

She was scared , he ran his hand over the hair of the little girl. “Everything okay Tsukumo ,” he said soothingly . ” I ‘ll introduce you to your new family .” He took her to the house where they were welcomed by 4 boys with only one of them was older than her . ” Nee Nee Karl who is she ? ” Hastened to say the little blond , Karl replied,” I present to you Tsukumo , take care of her right? ” He turned to Tsukumo .

Karl : You stay with them , now everything will be fine, I promise you.

" Hai .. Karl- sama … "she said , sniffing . Karl then left in the direction of the output by adding "It’s a vampire just like you but if you made ​her something wrong, you will hear me . " .

The oldest of them said, “She will host …”. he had no time to finish his sentence, Karl replied “yes” before leaving the mansion and shut the door. The black-haired boy stepped forward and held out his hand , “You don’t have to be afraid , we are the same as you,” he said, smiling. She took his hand and smiled weakly. “I am Ruki ,” he pointed at the tallest of them and added, ” He is Yuma .” His finger went to the blond who speak just now ” He is Kou .” Then finally he pointed to the last , Tsukumo was a slight backward movement ” you have nothing to fear, he is Azusa , although now the presentations are made ​​. Let’s eat . ” Tsukumo ‘s belly growled when Ruki said they would eat, all smiled watching her. She blushed and she smiled back , “it’s better when you smile ,” said Ruki and they went to the dining room .

The years passed , Tsukumo had become a beautiful young woman. She slept peacefully in her room when the door opened and a loud voice exclaimed ” it’s time to get up lazy .” She whispered, ” no … a few minutes ” with a sigh , the person approached the bed and he pulled her blanket, she curled up on herself when she felt the cold on her. ” Mou … Yuma teba ! “She slowly opened her eyes and glaring at him , he laughed ,” You think you scare me ? ” He took her on his shoulder. ” And Poof!, we went for breakfast ” She struggled on the road that separated the bedroom to the living room, she banged the back of his shoulder ” put me down! Yuma ! ” . Once there, she was welcomed by three others, she put her pyjamas correctly once Yuma ‘ve put her down, she sat down at the table and ate with pleasure her breakfast. ” Oishiii yuma ! ” He smiled at her when she told him this.

After this breakfast with her adoptive brothers , she took a bath and got dressed to go to school. Once in the limo with them, she was seized with a violent headache. Ruki see it and said, ” Are you okay Tsukumo ? ” She put her hand on her forehead, ” yeah but what moon is on ? ” . It was Azusa who answered with his small voice “Full moon … ” she grimaced , ” then it explains everything .” It is not as if the full moon phase was one of the most painful moment that is more ” it will not be very pretty ,” she said. She sighed and rested her head on Ruki’s shoulder, he smiled and she fell asleep during the ride. She did not hear what the boys said afterwards. ” Tonight , be on your guard , I feel tonight , it will be particularly violent” Ruki said in a tone more serious . ” Big bad neko -chan , it’ll be fun!” Said Kou a perky tone . ” Did i must recall the bitter you got last time you fail , ” said Ruki remind him . Kou just sighed , a bit upset, Ruki turned to Yuma . ” I hope she won’t be too strong ,” he said with a slight grimace. ” You’re worried about , it remains a featherweight for me,” replied Yuma who ate pieces of sugar .

Once arriving at the school, Ruki shake gently Tsukumo’s shoulder muttering ” we arrive .” She yawned and stretched while Yuma, Azusa ,Kou went out of the car and she get out . The bottom of the air was cool enough , she shivered and walked towards the entrance of the school. She went to her first lesson with Kou , she held her briefcase close to her chest and folded .

Shu was heading to his favorite napping place, he didn’t want to go to his next class , in a corridor, he met a young man accompanied by a girl. He locked eyes with her , green eyes, beautiful green eyes . He stopped and turned around, a touch of nostalgia , she had disappeared.

Tsukumo entered the classroom with Kou , they stood at their desks, Laito , one of the boys in her class sat on the edge of her desk . ” Ohayo Bitch -chan ” he said happily . Kou began to get upset but she calmed with a hand gesture that made ​​him sigh .

Tsukumo : Kou is good , please! Hello Laito .

Laito : How are you?

Tsukumo : i’m fine thank you .

Laito : let’s have a date after school.

Kou rose from his chair , abruptly but Tsukumo still stopped him . “No thank you Laito , I have important things to do after school ,” she said with a hand on Kou’s chest. Laito approached her and whispered in her ear , “You will be mine in the end, Bitch -chan ” He licked the tip of her ear. Kou sat in his chair loudly sighing while Laito went to sit in his place, when she sat, she heard Kou:

Kou: how do you manage to stay calm Tsu -chan …

Tsukumo : it’s like that , let it go.

Kou: you’re too kind …

Course of the night passed quietly , she packed her things in her bag at the end of the last lesson. And when she headed out of the room, she felt a hand on her buttocks, she sighed and turned around. She saw Laito with a satisfied smile , he gave her a wink, “one day is not like another , i’ll slap him ” she says . Tsukumo and Kou were joined by Ruki , Yuma and Azusa at the exit from the school where their limousine was waiting, as they get in,  they heard as usual Kou’s fangirls screaming.

On the way , Kou still complains about Laito’s behavior seeking the support of his brothers, but without success. Tsukumo suddenly felt very tired, she still put her head on Ruki’s shoulder but this time she did not wake up when he shook her . “I think that it already start ” Ruki said quietly before telling Yuma ” take her back into her room and stay with her ,” he simply replied, ” Okay .”

He lifted her from the back seat , putting his arms under her legs and her back. He passed the threshold of the mansion behind Ruki and headed for Tsukumo’s bedroom , he opened the door ajar and lay her on the bed . He took a little time to look her before taking a chair and sit near the bed. A few hours later , while Yuma began to doze , he felt like a menacing aura emanating from Tsukumo .

It did start …


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