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Chapter 2

Warm winter’s sun flooded into the dank room. Claire gasped and was awake.   For a second she thought it must have been some horrid nightmare. Until the realisation that she was lying in a pool of her own dried blood hit her like a punch in the gut. She sat up and brought her hands to her throat.  It felt fine. Not a scratch.
The cold rough floor boards rubbed painfully on her exposed buttocks the thin cloth of her pants only offering mild freedom from being totally naked. A quick survey showed her the location of her jeans and coat.  Her bra and t-shirt were ripped to shreds as if she had been mauled by some wild beast. On auto-pilot she pulled on her jeans, shoes and coat the immediate warmth they brought her left her skin tingling.  
The room that she had been murdered in was almost entirely bare, the walls hung with faded floral patterned wallpaper that had become blackened through the ravages of time and the weather. The tattered remnants of old orange curtains gently moved in the breeze from a broken window, its glass lay scattered over the floor. A large piece lay only feet from Claire.  Grasping the cold sharp surface between her blood-stained fingers, the jagged edges sliced into her slender appendages releasing more blood.  Her eyes filled with fury and rage; tears of anger began to roll down her cheeks burning clean streaks into her soiled face.
Shards of glass shattered over the floor as Claire hurled her semi-transparent blade to the ground, flecks of blood splattered over the remains forming an crimson ark. The glass exploded under her feet as she made her way to the door.  
"This place should burn" she muttered to herself, she wiped her face with her bloody hand leaving streaks of blood in the grime on her face.  The salt from her tears stung the small cuts she had gained from holding the glass.  
Claire stepped into the cool morning air, she estimated that it was around 5am, it was still dark - but dawn was beginning to conqueror the dark blue sky of the night before.  The cold air soothed her skin and she quietly left the abandoned house.  The path that had been previously occupied by her attackers now seemed small and insignificant, the door that had been a gaping mouth was now just a sad reflection of a happy past.  Her exposed breasts rubbed painfully against the material of her coat as she walked away from the nightmare that had begun just a few hours ago.  

Deep within the house, the puddle of blood left by her neck wound began to gently bubble, small wisps of smoke spiralled into the air. The floor boards darkened forming an outline of Claire's body - her arms out stretched - her legs left at disjointed angles.  Dull orange and yellow sparks flowed up between the floor boards and the thread bare carpet. Flames began to lick around the bottom of walls and the broken furniture, the curtains caught fire almost immediately the remaining glass shattered away sending toxic smoke out of the window and letting clean air in.  
The room erupted in an orgy of smoke and heat, the sound of popping and crackling filled it as did the flames stretching upwards in a column from the blood.  The mouldy walls grew dark with soot as this vile place was raised to he ground.  The second floor fell to join the first, the fire only spreading upwards not outwards.  Engulfing her tomb, destroying her resting place.  Then as suddenly as it started the fire was gone.
A bit more of a story i'm writing - part 1 here [link]
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