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Irrelative Dimensions - Chapter 3

“Oi! Mom! I’m back!” Claire yelled, stumbling to keep the Doctor supported with her arm. She grew irritated with the fact that she had to carry the Doctor all the way to her house (why did he have to be so heavy?). He’d fallen unconscious on the way, leaving her with all the weight on her body. The swift clapping of slippers against a wooden floor could be heard from inside Claire’s house, growing louder with each ticking second. “Hold on!” a feminine voice called out. Claire could’ve sworn that two veins popped up on her forehead. She always did this, even when she had nothing to do. Claire di

Irrelative Dimensions

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Last Hope

"Lilly..." I sob. Lilly, my 9 year old adopted daughter with a fatal condition. She was much too young to be rendered into this condition...I can finally see how mothers feel about their children. It was that day that I knew...she was to succumb to her illness. The soft patter of the falling rain would have calmed me, but it just wasn't one of those days. It was a day like this when I found her, took her in and love her. I could feel the hot tears streaming down my cheeks as the memories of the day flood into my mind. They would haunt me as soon as she... she... "M-mother?" she uttered. I could tell that she tried very hard to cling to this


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