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The Soul Bearer

By Reunilu
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This is an idea I've had for a while. A very long while. As in, before I started doing GFX. I'm really glad I could bring the idea to fruition in some form. I don't feel like I have all the skills I need to make this into something proper, so just one drawing will do.

A soul bearer is someone who manipulates souls of the dead. There are few who possess this ability naturally. Those who can manifest the ability as they grow older must posess three untold prerequisites: they must possess the capacity to lie to or to manipulate people, they must have a strong will, and they must have someone die in front of them. The older the soul is, the more potent the strongest emotion in the soul, but the harder it is to control. To control a soul is to manifest power beyond the imagination of man. The pain inflicted with a soul can be either physical or mental. Most choose mental. Fear, after all, is the most powerful of all emotions...

However, it doesn't mean that being a soul bearer is to be evil. Souls, like any other weapon, can be used for good or evil. Of the few records that exist for soul manipulation, souls can be used to heal those on the brink of suicide.

Theoretically, it is possible to control people with the soul in their still living body, but to do that means potentially crushing what made the person human, including all of a person's memories and emotions. All that would be left is a corpse and a harmless blue flame.

I'm really sorry if that sounded really chuuni though ;;
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