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Admiral OC - Charlotte

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aka, I have somewhat of a headache from staring at this for several days. Might make a more detailed version of her later.

"There are too many men in this naval district that only come here for reasons other than preventing the world's destruction and most of that time it's for the cute girls. ...Well not that I'm an exception. I just have a different reason."

Charlotte is an admiral from Paramushir Docks of unknown age. Much of her past is hidden to most of the shipgirls under her and the select few who do know only know that she comes from a community of people that both have a hive mind and believe in very little room for more opinions than their own. In her mind, this is what she has named hell and is part of the reason for navy enlistment. She seems to deeply care for her shipgirls to the point where she shuts down if she senses that she's angry at one of the girls. According to Inazuma, the shipgirl that has been with her the longest, she has trouble expressing her feelings properly, but is humorous and enthusiastic once she opens up to people. Keeps a blank diary between her files, supposedly a gift from her younger sister, who lives in the naval base with her.

Most things that Charlotte wears are for casual use, including the lab coat that acts as her uniform.  That isn't to say that she doesn't have both of the standard issue admiral uniforms, it's just that she wants to wear something that's lighter on her while being taken as serious. The magatama she wears around her neck is very crucial to her wellbeing, as it seems to keep her emotions in balance. Despite that, Ryuujou, one of the carriers of the fleet, describes it as "somewhat unsettling when it starts to glint a blood red when she gets irritated by people. Kinda like she has some secret bloodlust, ya know?"
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