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Admiral OC - Bloodlust!Charlotte

By Reunilu
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"Y-your eyes... they kind of scare me. Are you really Charlotte?"

"This is the side of Charlotte which is not bounded by her reason and level headedness. As she goes through a somewhat stark personality change when this side of her is unleashed, a nickname must be given to her. We'll call her... Lia. Under most circumstances, Lia is a mischievous lady with a sharp tongue. That's all fine and good, as this doesn't deviate from her original personality very much, but...

Reports from the first counseling session before naval base assignment tell that this side of her was able to heavily wound five people with just the couches (one of the employees passing by has testified that she had a crazed look in her eyes and a sadistic smile while doing so) and needed to be restrained on her second and third sessions. None of the city's psychotherapists were able to calm her down. On the contrary: the mere sight of seeing a psychotherapist seems to be the trigger for Lia to appear. We have no idea how many more people or things could cause the murderous Lia to appear and while some of the higher ups would like to experiment with Lia for reasons unknown, it's clear that the consensus is everyone would like to avoid casualties. One thing that is clear, however, is that the shipgirls and her younger sister seem to be the only people capable of bringing her shy, but light hearted self back. Warspite, one of the newest shipgirls, seems to be the most effective at doing this.

Despite the fact that IJN HQ has used a name for this side of Charlotte, we are not absolutely sure that she has dissociative identity disorder, as she has a clear memory of what happens during the time that she is Lia, but exhibits other characteristics of DID such as fainting and lack of a childhood memory. In addition, Charlotte does not seem fazed at all by Lia's actions or the idea that she could potentially be a murder. At the moment, she does not want to explain why she feels this way."

So here's that Admiral OC with that bloodlust part of her I was talking about A lot of this design is derived from previous versions of stuff I've wanted to use in the past, particularly the use of the red eyes and the style of dress. Technically, Charlotte doesn't normally go through this change from her regular clothes to this whenever she's Lia, just the color and shape of her eyes and the color of her magatama change. This is just a formal distinction between Charlotte and Lia.
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