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This is a cover I recently completed for Ian-X's forthcoming "Deathlings" graphic novel. For those of you out in dA-land who don't know about Deathlings or Ian's work, check out his dA profile here: [link]

This is the 3rd digital illustration I've done to date. Definitely a learning experience, I think next time I might try incorporating more tradition watercolors with my digital brush work.

Like always, I'd love to know your thoughts so have at it and I'll see you all in December when I return from my trip to Spain!

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Your work is so beautiful.
I'm an aspiring artist, but I don't think I could ever be nearly as good as you
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It's just a matter of dedication and time. I used to feel the same way, and in many ways still do!
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I have been getting GREAT feedback from this cover on DA lately, since I posted an update to the version with the logos etc.
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I love the version with the logo. It really makes it come alive. I can't wait to see the printed version in October.
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Thank you-- that means a lot to me, knowing that all my mucking and cropping and logos don't diminish it.

We can sign copies for each other. ;)
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lol, sweet! (I always feel so awkward when people ask me to autograph something. I really want to ask: "Really? Are you sure? You don't mean that guy do you?")
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You can draw a mustache on Anne if it will make you feel better. ;)

Also-- Milkshakes!
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Hoo boy, this one is so ill.
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Thanks man. I recently did an edit of it. i'm debating if I should post it on dA though...
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Love it. As I said to Ian-X, I love how you have set the sharpness of the figure against the gouache-like background. I want to buy it. Would it be possible to get the full poster as it appears on his page?
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Absolutely! Let's talk about the logistic though email. I'll send you a note.
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hey! loved the style :D
the face is amazingly drawn (beautiful lines :D and i just treasured how u gradually added the colors!)

the only thing that annoyed me is the drop shadow of the cloudlike thing but that is just minor stuff! I loved it over all :]
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Thank you so much, the lines in this drawing seduced me and I had to give in.

...As for the drop shadow, I know, I know... I've been getting that a lot.
Love this! You haven't sent me anything offline in a while, I' know you been busy with the fam and the little one. Hit me up! Did that book ever come out, the poetry one?
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Hey stranger! I saw that message you sent earlier today but i can't seem to find it now. Was it an IM, a text or an email? It's been waaaaaayyy too long and I miss you greatly so you need to get back in touch with me. What IM are you using these days?

Oh yeah and that book is coming out next week! It's called Poetry For Beginners. Go down to your local book store and reserve your copy today!
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you did it for a book cover you say? Hmm...I know someone who wants someone to do art for the front cover of his book but I dunno. He's a bit of a perfectionist and so he wants a certain type of artist.
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Well, you never know. How about you pass my profile along we'll see what they think.

overfiend-87's avatar
well I've passed on the message. Sorry if he doesn't choose you but as I said, he's pretty picky.
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No need to apologize.
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fantastic piece, i like the traditonal/digital mix you have going on.
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Thanks! I'm glad you dig it.
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wait a minute here, this is the 3rd time you've used digital media to color your art? VAN DAMME! i wish i could be and get that good fly guy! thumbz up award potna!:iconthumbsuppls:
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