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Welcome to the Reuben Langdon Fan Club!!

Greetings Deviants!

If you're coming for the first time and wondering what the heck we're about, it's pretty simple...

:worship: :headbang: REUBEN LANGDON ROCKS!!!!!!!! :XD: :heart:

You're probably asking who the hell Reuben Langdon is, right? Well, FYI, he's probably one of the hardest working men in showbiz and you've never really seen his face on the big screen... unless you know where to look.

Stuntman, motion capture expert, actor, producer, and stunt coordinator, Reuben is extremely talented and has had his hand (and body and/or voice in most cases) in a lot of projects in video games, movies, and TV shows, most famously as the motion-capture actor and voice in Capcom's Devil May Cry 3 and 4 games. (see our About Us for a more detailed, though abridged list of what he's done.)

This group was created as a community for his fans and fans of his projects specifically to collectively showcase their art. It's a tiny tribute to a great person for inspiring so many through what he does and who he helped bring to life.

More info on Reuben can be found at the following links:

:bulletred: - Official Website
:bulletred: - Official Facebook Page
:bulletred: - Official Twitter Page
:bulletred:… - Official YouTube Channel (Personal)
:bulletred:… - Official YouTube Channel #2 (Business & Promotional)
:bulletred: - Official Mo-Cap/Production Company Website
:bulletred: - Official Vimeo Channel

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Greetings Little Devils!

Long time no see, unfortunately it's not without good reason. Since my last entry A LOT has changed in my life.

First and foremost, my oldest son, who already has a rare skin condition which we spend quite a lot of time traveling back and forth to Riley's Children's Hospital for, 4 hours away from town, was diagnosed with ADHD and autism. This has been a big adjustment for us as we've pretty much reworked a lot of our time between my better half working and going to college full time and me working from home while taking care of our other little guy, around learning more about his condition and accommodating his needs which, has kept me even more busy than before.

Secondly, my grandfather passed away about two weeks ago and trying to just regroup from that and the sudden weekend trip home for the funeral, coping with the lose has been difficult. Hard to lose someone so close to your very existence. His passing has put me in a very odd emotional state as he was the last grandparent I had alive on this earth. Needless to say, that realization has shifted a few priorities mentally and the past few weeks I've been a bit of an emotional mess. I've buried myself in my art trying to just keep myself from falling into another round of full blown depression.

That said, mostly based on the fact I am spending the majority of my time between family and work, the club has taken a bit of an unwanted, but forced hiatus. I have been, a long with a few others I've seen, still been submitting art when I have the time however, whether it be mine or whatever I find on DA. I've not had the opportunity to sit down and come up with questions for Reuben monthly as before, but hopefully, that will change once things smooth out and things get back to some sense of normal for me.

In the meantime, I do have an end of the year interview planned. If any of you have questions you'd like to ask, please feel free to drop them off here to add to the list. As many of you know as well, he did reveal his relationship status via Facebook and as his fan club, I'd like to include her in the event as well, nothing personal, but questions like her opinions on his acting and projects he's worked on, etc. As you may or may not know as well, they both have an interesting view of the world and it would be neat to get a bit more on their perspective as well.

All that said, once again, I greatly apologize for the lapse in activity, but life happens whether we want it to or not. Thank you all for being a part of this group and I look forward to hearing some of your input for the year ending interview.

Have a great day! :-)
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Rules for Joining:

:bulletblue: You MUST be a fan of Reuben Langdon in some degree. Even if you didn't know the subject of your deviation had anything to do with Reuben, it's welcome here as long as it can be traced to him in some logical form i.e. he did the voice and/or motion-capture of the character, or in the case of live-action movies and TV, he did CREDITED stunt work for it.

:bulletred: GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE! This is VERY important for doing fanart using copyrighted imagery. If you used OFFICIAL art, you MUST have a statement of copyright in your description or it will not be accepted. Ex: Images used of Chris Redfield are copyright of Capcom.

:bulletblue: You MUST be respectful of EVERYONE AND EVERYONE'S ART. The meaning of ART is subjective. Just because you don't find something to be art, doesn't mean it isn't to someone else. Meaningful critiques, constructive criticism, and general advice is encouraged, but FLAMING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!! :chainsaw:

:bulletblue: You MUST respect the fanboys/fangirls of his characters and himself. At times we can be a little defensive of our hero, but we don't mean to be. :blush: Seriously though, be kind to everyone. If you can't say something nice to someone, just keep it to yourself or send a note privately to that person who has offended you. Please keep the comment area FRIENDLY.

:bulletblue: Most importantly... HAVE FUN! This group will hopefully be as fun and outgoing as the man himself. Use the comment area to ask for help, find out which con he might be at next, share game/movie info, etc. This is where Reuben Landgan fans can come together and show off their deviations under one banner, be they gamers, movie fans, or the like.

:bulletblue: Deviations MUST be submitted to the CORRECT folder. Deviations submitted to the gallery incorrectly will be removed; you will receive a note explaining why and if it can be resubmitted with the proper location provided. Each member is limited to 5 submissions a day at this time.

:bulletpurple: Any questions, suggestions for contests, or ways to make the group better can be directed to any of the Admin and Founder if any.

Thanks for stopping by and welcome once more!






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