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Cass Doesn't Like Hiccup by returntowonderland Cass Doesn't Like Hiccup :iconreturntowonderland:returntowonderland 21 1 Pixar Coco AU: Even Gods Can Die by returntowonderland Pixar Coco AU: Even Gods Can Die :iconreturntowonderland:returntowonderland 3 0 X-Men Evolution: Wanda Maximoff Re-design by returntowonderland X-Men Evolution: Wanda Maximoff Re-design :iconreturntowonderland:returntowonderland 7 1 Pixar Coco: What if...? by returntowonderland Pixar Coco: What if...? :iconreturntowonderland:returntowonderland 8 2
Diabolik Lovers and Ao No Exorcist exist together
How this came about: I saw Diabolik Lovers about 2 years ago and was so uncomfortable by how much physical and emotional abuse Yui had to go through and eventually “fall in love” with one of them. This really is a tragedy story disguised as a love story. I kind of hoped there would one day be a DL game with a character that wasn’t like this…still waiting. While watching the new season of Ao No Exorcist and getting back into the fandom though, a realization suddenly hit me and I went off digging up this information and was excited.
Warning: This turned into an essay, so it is a bit of a lengthy read.
1.       Demon World
Starting off with the obvious one is that both of them share a type of “Hell” with ANE with Gehenna and DL with the Demon World/Underworld.
An interesting concept I came across in the DL Game VANDEAD CARNIVAL, is that all the characters are invited to the Demon World for Karl Heinz’s grand opening of his new Carni
:iconreturntowonderland:returntowonderland 0 0
Merintosh: Tropes by returntowonderland Merintosh: Tropes :iconreturntowonderland:returntowonderland 8 3 Felsa: You're pretty cool Frostbite by returntowonderland Felsa: You're pretty cool Frostbite :iconreturntowonderland:returntowonderland 24 0 OUAT: Felsa by returntowonderland OUAT: Felsa :iconreturntowonderland:returntowonderland 18 2 Felsa: The Ugly Truth Pt. 2 by returntowonderland Felsa: The Ugly Truth Pt. 2 :iconreturntowonderland:returntowonderland 23 2 Hiccunzel: She said YES! by returntowonderland Hiccunzel: She said YES! :iconreturntowonderland:returntowonderland 28 2 Hiccunzel: Super Couple by returntowonderland Hiccunzel: Super Couple :iconreturntowonderland:returntowonderland 21 3 Hiccunzel: Promise you'll come back to me by returntowonderland Hiccunzel: Promise you'll come back to me :iconreturntowonderland:returntowonderland 46 9 Felsa: The Ugly Truth by returntowonderland Felsa: The Ugly Truth :iconreturntowonderland:returntowonderland 26 2 Hiccunzel: Power Couple by returntowonderland Hiccunzel: Power Couple :iconreturntowonderland:returntowonderland 40 3 Rapunzel's HTTYD 2 design by returntowonderland Rapunzel's HTTYD 2 design :iconreturntowonderland:returntowonderland 15 0 Hiccunzel: The Haddock Family by returntowonderland Hiccunzel: The Haddock Family :iconreturntowonderland:returntowonderland 25 2

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Cass Doesn't Like Hiccup
Haven’t made something Hiccunzel in a very long time, and I felt the itch.

I actually made this a very long time ago when Varian was first introduced because his basic design reminded me so much of HTTYD 1 Hiccup. But you know, procrastination and other life problems came up.

Anyways, I hope you like this. It always feels right to come back to this couple from time to time :))

Rapunzel, Cass (c) Disney
Hiccup (c) Dreamworks
Pixar Coco AU: Even Gods Can Die
Bibi has had her falling out with both Hector and Mama Imelda, she runs lower and lower into the Land of Dead in order to not be found by anyone or anything.

She finally stops when she can no longer see past the tears in her eyes and chest has clenched tightly. After getting off her ruined disguise, she realizes she had found herself in broken down ruins of ancient Aztec temples. Altars are smashed, the ceiling is cracking, and the flaking, faded murals tell the story of the Spanish Conquest of Hernan Cortes and the fall of an Empire.

And in that moment Bibi realizes that even the Gods themselves can be forgotten.

All she can do is leave is small offering, but hopefully it’s enough to bring them some comfort, if they’re even still around.

Continuation of the Coco AU I started with the stars being a boy/girl dynamic. I was inspired in the scene from Moana where she learns about her ancestors and who they were, expect in Bibi’s case, it’s more about realizing the importance of sharing stories and that learning about your family history may lead to some unexpected horrors…

The mural she is into front of is the Aztec God Quetzalcoatl the god of life, the light and wisdom, lord of the winds and the day.

Link to first picture of this AU: returntowonderland.deviantart.…


Bibi (c) Me
Coco (c) Pixar
X-Men Evolution: Wanda Maximoff Re-design
A picture I actually did a long time ago when I was binge watching X-Men Evolution, which I love, but was always bothered by the way Wanda was written and her design was ok.

So, I always imagined that Professor X took her in from the mental institute that Magneto placed in her as a child as raised her as a long-term student like Jean and Scott, you could say making her part of the First Class.

I decided to incorporate things like her curly hair and darker skin from her original comic design, and gave her one blue eye and one green eye since she has had both depending on who the artist was.

I neither have the skills or technology to draw lineart on my laptop, so sorry that it looks a little rough.


Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch (c) Marvel
Evolution art style (c) Steven E Gordon 
Pixar Coco: What if...?
How did this come about:

*One day, my sister and I are on a movie marathon with Moana, Zootopia, Cars 3, and Coco*

Me: You know, I just realized that a lot of the newer Disney movies really focus on these different dynamic boy/girl duos.

Sister: You’re right, wonder what it would have been life if Coco had done that.

Me: Hmmmm?

So, from that short conversation and a few hours on Photoshop, I give you Bibiana Iglesias. The 18 year old godchild to the Riveras (making her family) and lives with them since her mother left her there years ago. Unfortunately, she unknowingly suffers from ADHD making her seem distant and flighty, but music is something that gives her focus and a real purpose. However, we know the number #1 rule of the Riveras, NO MUSIC!

One day though while going through her mother’s things, she comes across the diary of her great-great-grandmother, where she talks about the summer love that she had with Ernesto de la Cruz and eventual pregnancy. She realizes that she must be his great-great-granddaughter and it is her destiny to be a musician, but the Riveras won’t have any of it.

As of right now, her relationship with Hector is platonic, much like Moana and Maui. I won’t lie though that I have thought about it being a romantic relationship since I came across a quote awhile back about “what do you do if your soul mate lived in a different country or died young,” which is an interesting concept. And growing up with Casper the friendly ghost movie, and Corpse Bride, and Warm Bodies, it wouldn’t be the first time this has been discussed.

BUT for now it’s completely platonic until more of the story kinks are worked out.

Enjoy! :)
How this came about: I saw Diabolik Lovers about 2 years ago and was so uncomfortable by how much physical and emotional abuse Yui had to go through and eventually “fall in love” with one of them. This really is a tragedy story disguised as a love story. I kind of hoped there would one day be a DL game with a character that wasn’t like this…still waiting. While watching the new season of Ao No Exorcist and getting back into the fandom though, a realization suddenly hit me and I went off digging up this information and was excited.

Warning: This turned into an essay, so it is a bit of a lengthy read.

1.       Demon World
Starting off with the obvious one is that both of them share a type of “Hell” with ANE with Gehenna and DL with the Demon World/Underworld.

An interesting concept I came across in the DL Game VANDEAD CARNIVAL, is that all the characters are invited to the Demon World for Karl Heinz’s grand opening of his new Carnival. At first I thought this was a ridiculous to have such modern architecture in “Hell”, however I remember in Chapter 1 of ANE Shiro Fujimoto describes Gehenna as being a mirror world to Assiah. This could be meant to be taken in a literal sense where Gehenna, like the Demon World in DL, has cities, mansions, an official newspaper, and even carnivals (can you imagine what Mephisto’s kingdom look like!?). Since we haven’t been shown what Gehenna looks like in ANE, we have some leniency with this.

As for access to these worlds, both series seem to have kinda loose rules.  

The big one is the Gehenna Gate from ANE, which is meant to be a tangible doorway where anyone and anything could enter Assiah from Gehenna and vice versa. We also know that it can be created in either Assiah or Gehenna by being summoned by Satan, created artificially by the illuminati, and by a summoning circle and the Okumaru brothers blood (as they showed in the anime).

DL doesn’t give us much information of how everyone can travel between dimensions. In “Vandead Carnival” they all get an invite from Karl to the Demon World, we fade to black for a cutscene, and then we’re suddenly in the Demon World…magical. However, we do know that when the Lunar Eclipse happened simultaneously in the Human World and Demon World, magic was weakened in the Demon World and Shin and Carla were able to escape. So it seems that like in ANE, the DL Demon World can also be affected by the Human World as well. It can be speculated then that if ANE and DL are in the same universe, maybe it was during this double eclipse that Gehenna’s boundaries were weakened and that’s how Lucifer and the Illuminati were able to break through and create the artificial Gehenna Gate (Illuminati confirmed).

We also know that Satan, the Demon Kings, Karl, the Sakamakis’, and the Mukamis’ all have teleportation powers, and this can translate to them being able to teleport between dimensions.
ANE shows that Satan can teleport to our world, but can’t stay in Assiah long because he can’t possess a body for long since he is so powerful. The 8 Demon Kings seem to be able to teleport to Assiah just as easily as recent chapters have shown that they can teleport themselves into artificial bodies in order to stay in Assiah. Not to mention Mephisto is able to transfer to his and others’ consciousness to different places, including Gehenna, as he did when he invited Rin to dinner. Though, based on those recent chapters, I wonder if they can go between worlds just in spirit or if their artificial body travels with them?

As for DL, again we only know that they can travel to the Demon World via cut scenes, but it is possible that they can also teleport between dimensions based on other demons from ANE. While the demon kings and Satan have to teleport and possess bodies because they are too powerful, other demons (like the Phantom Train) are able to teleport their original body between dimensions because they’re not as powerful. Perhaps for all their praise and bravado, Vampires aren’t really that powerful compared to every other demon in Gehenna, and since they are on a lower level than Satan and the Demon Kings, that’s how they can teleport between dimensions with their own original bodies.

2.       Demon Kings & Lords

For both ANE and DL, we don’t know how the entire Demon caste system, and therefore how their societies are broken up. We know that there is someone who sits at the top (Satan and Karl), their offspring who holds the next title of power (Sakamakis’ and Demon Kings), their servants (the butlers, familiars), and then different classes of demons (which ANE frequently talks about these different classes Exorcists have for demons and DL mentions it once in an Ayoto chapter).

ANE has no more information about the demon system after that. DL on the other has one more addition of Demon lords (one being Cordelia’s father), which makes their society sound similar to Game of Thrones. You have Karl that belongs to the Sakamaki house (became king at some point), while there are other demon lords that being to houses that control smaller pieces of land. This is more evident by the fact that Cordelia, Beatrix, and maybe even Christa (since she and Karl are cousins) come from different, prominent families.

Since we again don’t know how the caste system in Gehenna works, the leniency of fitting the DL model here works again:
Satan is acknowledged as Gehenna’s God, with the 8 Demon Kings rule his lands by having them broken up into the element kingdoms, then the rest of the demons (vampires included) belong to a certain kingdom (Vampires being maybe Rot or Spirits Kingdom citizens) where they form their own inner societies by having their own designated pieces of lands within each element kingdom. While some of the demons still have an animalistic nature, it is possible that some of these demons became “civilized” enough to build their own city structures and mirror human culture.

Looking at Game at Game of Thrones again, it can also give us an idea of how Karl views himself within the Gehenna world and the titles he’s acquired. When House Stark went against the Crown, Robb and then later Jon became “King of the North” even though the larger society of the 7 Kingdoms still regarded them as “Lord of Winterfell” and/or “Warden of the North.” Perhaps Karl wanted to rebel or break away from Satan’s rule by taking the title “The Vampire King” and sees himself as a God by his species. Meanwhile Satan and the Demon Kings still refer to Karl by his other *official* title, Leader of “the Bat Clan.”

3.       Exorcists and Hunters

Thanks to a little information provided about Yui’s father, Seiji, he is a known vampire hunter (as he was hired by Reiji to kill his mother), knows how to use a gun (as seen in one of Azusa manga chapters), and has always been/or at some point became a Priest. Let’s break down each of these.

The Priest one is pretty easy to tie in of course. In the ANE world, people have been able to successfully live as both Exorcists and Clergy people as well, most notably that being Shiro Fujimoto and the entire Kyoto Temple. Not to mention in DL, one of Kou’s route for DARK FATE, he explained that “Hunters are members of the church who have to get rid of beings like us. His job is to exterminate those monsters that flood the human world.”

Seiji using a gun is another easy tie in as the True Cross Order has a specific group of Exorcists that specialize in using guns to fight demons called Dragoons.

As for the last aspect, while Seiji is called a Vampire Hunter, he could still also be an Exorcist. In that same explanation from DL, Kou also says that “Hunters that use silver bullets to take down vampires are called vampire hunters.” (Hunter could be a term demons use to call Exorcists instead since they are enemies most of the time). Going back to ANE, it seems that Exorcists learn to fight all known demons as they are required to be called out to do any kind of mission assigned. However, while Exorcists are prepared to fight all demons, the Kyoto Branch showed us that some Exorcists may devote their lives to fighting and/or preventing one type of demon above the rest.

The Kyoto Branch has a separate group of Exorcists known as the Myoo Dharani. It was formed 140 years ago by the monk Fukaku after he split the Impure King’s heart into the Left eye and the Right eye. It is discovered during the Kyoto Arc that while this temple did form together with the True Cross Order, the main purpose of the Myoo Dharani is the guard the Right eye of the Impure King to prevent and/or destroy him if he were to ever rise again.

It is possible to speculate then that maybe there are more Priests, Monks, Nuns, Exorcists, etc. who follow the same path of having a specialty of focusing one type of Demon to be in charge of, especially if they are a high level Demon such as the Impure King and Vampires. Even though, we don’t Seiji’s family History, ANE has also given evidence that family lineage can influence the type of Demon a person will come entangled with. Renzo Shima inherited the fire demon Yamantaka since he was a child, Shura Kirigakure had a blood contract with the Hydra Hachirotaro Okami to use her demon sword and bear a reincarnated child for him by age 30, and of course Ryuji Suguro is a descendant of Fukaku and was originally destined to know the secrets of the Impure King when he would take over. Perhaps Seiji in DL was raised to specifically face Vampires through a family lineage and that’s why he’s known to the species as “The Vampire Hunter,” although he officially became an Exorcist. It seems at some point though he gave being a hunter and also an Exorcist to raise Yui without the knowledge that demons exist and can be defended against, even though Yui has canonically been able to see ghosts (possibly all demons) since she was little.

Just to also throw in that based on canon, what we know is that Seiji is a proclaimed badass, who may have done some horrid things in the past, adopted a supernatural child, and raised them with love until they were abruptly pulled from their lives just as their child was coming into their destructive powers (WOW…SOUND FUCKING FAMILIAR).

Conclusion: It seems that there are enough gaps of information in both fandoms that we’re able to weave these two universes together. That also means that someone from True Cross Order needs to realize that there is a night school with Vampires, find the Sakamaki/Mukami mansion, and rescue Yui. That way she can learn high level self-defense, figure out where the hell her father is, maybe hook up with someone from the Cram school, and put a stop to Karl Heinz so no girl has to suffer being a sacrificial bride.

And this therefore justifies some of the crossover stuff I plan to do with these 2 fandoms in the near future (Yeah I’m kind of selfish :)).



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