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2011,spreading the love ,
facebook for d-art artistic , asexual,music friends is
-- and i added musicians to --
the winter version of 365 is over now ---
the SPRING IS HERE AUGUST - is warming up
100 days -theme - with 8 photos a day , so i turned it into whatever the month is - 8 for August -
my themes where - 100 days of
- me- Autism. autistic ..more , asperger, asperger with the main heme of my photos,Asexual./ which ever i associate my asexuality to autism, but asexuality is in all areas of the LGBT community. .
- How an asperger views the world -
how we see the environment - ,and cat obsessions, love the cats, i lie and fav cats too .. 40 year old man, . is my latest .. so fluffy theme . and pets . akita dogs .. TIA and Peace.. they are so fluffy , and lovely , and warm, and cute
, just think of me as always retired add more years than you think ..40 years old .. i'm not here to make anything out of this, i'm not here to earn, i'm here to learn
. learn the " new nouns as verbs " in the community, the wonderful computer, text family, of talking nouns as verbs ..
i'm retired after all, just the retired life, i've lived my life
like i'm always looking at cat photos , cute catz. doggies and pets
- asperger - we never fall in love
so, its a perfect admiration of art, art of words, i fell off the mind trail, after words .
10th year of deviant art yes, for past 3 years, i wake up and go online start to d-art to see the new . expressionisms,
motivated , and alert , for the emotive words, that cannot be learned ..

as with 5 years ago, when i was studying
and, the demise of my life due to low art funding - cutting funding to the ARTS of all things .
i was online alot wondering why, where to go .
as with all 4zzz .. i dedicate myself to being a silent part of society, nothing really to do,.
no one orders me around, and i relly don't have a say anyway .
but i o have a fun time helping the music industry
and . associated images, feelings emotions, of.
the connection between visual, and theatrical, pop, jazz, funk, etc .. music
combined with the family tree --EAGLE DUCE
I Just finished a FAMILY TREE, dating back to the Muller , Moller's of Germany,
1630 - 1860- when they left to come to Australia --
and, all the family, Duce, Eagle, Janke, etc . so what did i find out, looking at my families work hstory, mainly, hairdresses, and carpenters, and theatrical people.
so lik me, volunterring is the big thing in retirement.. still learning - this next cycle is re-learning the difference in youth culture, as with what i was learning 5 years ago
with the change in management . at local radio stations,
so too is the increasing cycle of, inter play - replay -
cos play - game paly - etc

age - 37
experiences - 18 years on the net
well, that explains the OTHER - in the LGBT - experience
A for asexual
its why i like the dystopic reality..
studied it at university
- autism
and, know the knowing . of. the wonders of autism, the, blessed, guise, of, respect, and, true, beauty, love and, honour .
and above all , love.
yes, associated with music . love is..
studied a bit of drawing
design, for ,my lego building
understanding how a building is made, all that
.. some music - guitar

- some plant biology. farm work, etc.
, art at college as i said. and we all know what happens , at an agricultural college when you start to say arty - things,. and talk in nouns as verbs, in a Lacanian context .
well, i moved on, see ya , hillbillies.
- blah balah you know the rest
- pensioner
- nothing to do
- but build lego
-- tee hee
well explains why i have all buildings and plant photos, and family photos, - like on my old account. the group family photos, of my family

as usual, my other .. description, tightcupcakes
-- had the line, .UK dad ,
- etc
finnish step father , family is a mix of french, german, European.. etc.
i'll do the normal search terms, for a dystopic look at translating a utopian reality
-- subjunctive all the time,
in the search word.

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Favourite genre of music: folk
Personal Quote: dragon ball zeee

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emma white
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the writing desk raven
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mad hatters
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i suppose cos auspol is heating up , people will want to know i am reading their comments abut how shit the liberal party is now
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LOL, ok, i will tell you my entry into university to do psych classes, was because of a faulty wrong disgnosis in my youth, so, in the end, i was forgotten, i was compensated, and i dont even have to be in society, i could live anywhere i want, but i live at home because i like to have somewhere to go back to, as asexual , ..   tee hee, how  does one  squee, and then, i do the  squee, , when i think about it, it is no wonder i got into emotional music reviews, i am an emotional person, i want the feelz, lol, un-medicated, no psychologist, no contact , no need for love, non secual, non commited, who needs it, m , i speak to other autism
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ok, we  got tot ht  em time line, hmm, i am, aldo  realising, that i  need to  keep the  , 2023, in mind i  forgot my  2023,  time line ,  to make  entries in the  future, and  leave spaces open
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Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2018!! :hug:
Thanks for the fave!
Thankyou very much for the favourite, I really appreciate it! :D
Thank for your watch ^^
Hello! Thank you for the favorite! :)
Thank you for the fav :)