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Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like a moment of your time to tell you about a promotional giveaway which may or may not interest you. First please look at this
OHT Issue#1 Preview page by Foxy-Knight
This is an excerpt of Issue #1 of Old Harry's Tale (yes we know there are some grammatical errors, my artist is french and we are developing it). This is proof we are working as best as we can and soon we will be able to submit the first half onto DA for your viewing. But for now take a look at this.
Free comic cover by Foxy-Knight
This is the cover for the free promotional comic which is now available to every member of the scapegoat herd and all new members too. To those who want the comic you simply have to join the club here --> :iconscapegoat-comics: and then note me your email address and I will send you the comic and promotional art. Once you have that you can submit the promotional art to your respective DA pages so long as you credit me and :iconnemoalleintraumwelt:
We need your support to make this comic a reality, but in the spirit of free will you have the chance to act or ignore us so it's your call.
That being said I shall end it with this question: who wants a free comic?!
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Submitted on
April 6, 2015