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Well, guys, Convergence is done, and the first Crisis has been averted too in the DC Universe. :) That means we can do so much more now, including resurrecting some who died in Convergence and following stuff from events in it for our stories :D
Ladies and gentlemen if you watch me you will have noticed my friendship and partnership with a crazy genius Frenchman called Traumwelt, here he is :iconnemoalleintraumwelt: Now in order to commission him for his fantastic work more often he has agreed to let me start up something called a Commission Cycle. Basically it goes like this

Step 1: I ask Traumwelt to make a commission

Step 2: Traumwelt makes that commission

Step 3: I submit it to DA crediting him and enable prints

Step 4: once I've made enough money this way I ask him to make another commission, and rinse and repeat.

So essentially, the more prints you punters buy from me the more art I can get from traumwelt and trust me we've got some great stuff in store including Scapegoat Comic's first webcomic! Also OHT is progressing, more info will be disclosed soon.

For now here are some of the prints up for grab, more to come when the cycle starts:

Fox Arc 0- Unexpected attention by Foxy-Knight
Fox Arc 0 Cover by Foxy-Knight
FWOG-The Mercenary King by Foxy-Knight
Psychic by Foxy-Knight
OHT-PROMO-Old Harry 'The Good' by Foxy-Knight
OHT-PROMO-Gabriel 'The Law' by Foxy-Knight
Old Harry Commission-BUT I AM A GOOD PERSON! by Foxy-Knight
Harry Timeline-Dark Judge Trilogy by Foxy-Knight
Angels from Hell Commission-CONCEPT by Foxy-Knight

So yeah, start the Cycle, this could lead to comics, covers and even special prizes

P.S if there are any other Commission artists who want to start their own cycle with me then feel free to chat
Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like a moment of your time to tell you about a promotional giveaway which may or may not interest you. First please look at this
OHT Issue#1 Preview page by Foxy-Knight
This is an excerpt of Issue #1 of Old Harry's Tale (yes we know there are some grammatical errors, my artist is french and we are developing it). This is proof we are working as best as we can and soon we will be able to submit the first half onto DA for your viewing. But for now take a look at this.
Free comic cover by Foxy-Knight
This is the cover for the free promotional comic which is now available to every member of the scapegoat herd and all new members too. To those who want the comic you simply have to join the club here --> :iconscapegoat-comics: and then note me your email address and I will send you the comic and promotional art. Once you have that you can submit the promotional art to your respective DA pages so long as you credit me and :iconnemoalleintraumwelt:
We need your support to make this comic a reality, but in the spirit of free will you have the chance to act or ignore us so it's your call.
That being said I shall end it with this question: who wants a free comic?!
Referring back to my blog entry a month ago, guys, I did think that deep down, that's the goal I want as in the title; loose continuity for Return to the DC Universe stories. :)……

I want to have continuity as a big deal of course, in regards of world building, but I also want us to be able to take the DC Universe's characters to new heights and great adventure! I want canon to make more sense in a lot of ways than anything, but I also want continuity to go through as well, such as how we can have explanations for characters going on in some stuff, and I also want to do some writing for this and have us do it because I don't want to just share fan art, I want to share fan fiction. :)
I was thinking about Convergence, and how it is giving us a glimpse of the old DC Universe as well as other aspects of the Multiverse, guys. So I wonder if this means it will be different for us to do stories around the old DC Universe pre-New 52 and to make it fun. I know a lot of us do all kinds of alternate universes and the like, but with the remnants of the pre-Flashpoint DCU still around, we can play with it as a sandbox, since DC isn't doing anything with it. I feel that we could do something truly great with it if we tried! Maybe we could also do something else due to how Convergence is going to feature other parts of the Multiverse old and new.

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