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Normally I would just comment, but this is absolutely amazing. Let's roll through these stars and explain them, shall we? Vision: The s...

Looking at the two, I can see how much your technique has changed. First off, your lines are a lot more concise and flowing - it's a mi...



Adam Klein
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Current Residence: East Coast USA

- Pay attention!
- There is an important difference between knowing how to use something and knowing how it works.
- I have a vague idea what I'm doing and I'm gonna run with it!
- "Begin at the beginning, and go on 'till you reach an end. Then stop." -Alice in Wonderland
- "It's weird how I'm constantly surprised by the passage of time when it's literally the most predictable thing in the universe." - XKCD 1477

Trying something new here - let's see where you lot are hiding, eh?
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It's been a while since I've been around here, even longer since I've uploaded anything. There's a lot going on and I'm happy to say most of it is for the better. I'll be catching up with a lot of messages so if you get a comment on something that's months old, bear with me.


Back at the end of May I had a job interview with a company about an hour away from where I live for another drafting position. My car's almost as old as I am (it's a '95, I'm a '91), and has some... issues. It's the first car I ever owned and I had planned on driving it until it turned to dust. Got pretty close, actually. About 5 minutes after leaving the interview, I blew a golf ball-sized hole in the radiator by some form of mechanical contrivance or magic... All I can really say for sure is that it was 105°F out and for the first time in the seven years I've had the car the AC didn't work. So after being stranded for a while and trying to put the car back together with my dad, we ultimately failed. Too many things either broken or barely working, the bill to fix it kept going up...


I keep a real tight track of my finances. It's really not that hard, since I rather like math and frankly there isn't much to keep track of. I figured out that for the price of the fixes my car was going to need, I could get a new car with a 10 year literally-anything warranty and in a year wind up saving money with gas. So, free plug to Hyundai here, I did. I don't actually LIKE any of the things they consider upgrades (leather seats, cruise control, bluetooth, etc) so I actually managed to get a brand new car within the price I wanted to pay. (2017, doesn't even exist yet :D) (Win #1)


That was tight. I spend less than 5% of my income on non-essentials like gas and loans (3.3% actually, looking at the chart) because I still live with my parents and really would rather I didn't. I save as much as I can to find a place I can afford to live. Having this new car is really nice but put a damper on that plan. I bought that car on a Saturday, and was honestly very conflicted about it. I like to plan things out and I've gotten used to having to throw plans out because of life, but it's never a comfortable thing and the fact that this blow could have been avoided by getting a junker and not treating myself well wasn't helping.


I didn't have to think about that for too long, because the very next day I got a call back from the company I was interviewing with the day my old car died. Nine months of looking for a better job - I finally got one. (Win #2)


I was worried for a while about fitting in and making sure my new co-workers and boss like me enough to pass my probationary 90 days. I'm usually able to read people pretty well but these guys are bizarre. I certainly didn't feel like they wanted me there at first. Hell, on my first day they walked me into the office they had set aside for me bragging about the fact that three of the walls had been painted and most of the electric plugs worked.


The company makes cabinets. I spent my first two months helping out in their workshop to learn how things are done here (and because you can't be a CAD draftsman with no computer... or desk...). At first it didn't really seem much better, considering all I really did was add 40 minutes of driving to my day and trade iron dust for sawdust.


A few weeks in, once I had a good guage of how much I was actually making, I figured something pretty awesome out. Between the slight bump in pay, the fact that my first few raises were scheduled so long as I keep the job, and the fact that they actually help pay for medical insurance unlike my old job... I'll be taking home $200 a week more than I used to. After my last scheduled raise I'll finally be making as much as my guidance councilor told me I'd be making when I got my first degree (mentally ignoring that Architecture degree here).


I'm in the office now, doing actual drafting work. I'm still not sure how I fit in to the social dynamic at work, but it's become clear that they're using me to spearhead some more tech-centric work than their old methods and have put a lot of money into training me and only me with their new systems so I'm pretty secure in this job.


Arguably more importantly, my health has improved quite a bit. I always knew the iron dust at my old job wasn't good for me, and I've found more problems with my old car's cabin air ducts than I ever knew it had. Between the two of those, my life-long coughing addiction has been pushed so far back that I only really notice it when the local farms start harvesting or dusting. (Win #3)


I work 9 hour days Monday thru Thursday, plus four hours on Friday. Add two hours driving and getting up just before 5am, I really don't have much free time during the week. That's really chewed up my motivation lately. Most of the time I'm too torn about what to spend my little time on to actually pick anything. On the weekends I'll catch up with the housework I've put off all week and usually just wind up playing games with friends online (because it's easier to join them than decide what to do myself).


My new job is great, I like almost everything about it except for the commute. An hour each way is a long time to go, especially early in the morning when I'm tired and the sun only shows up right at the end to jab me in the eye. Now that I'm making a decent wage I've started finding places near work that I can not only afford to live, but afford to live pretty comfortably. I'll definitely be living at my parents' through the end of the year for a lot of reasons (last scheduled raise, family holidays, savings, this crazy election, etc), but I'm looking very hopefully at getting my own place to live early in 2017. (Win #4)


In the mean time, I'm working on shifting some of my down time away from... well 'anxiety' for lack of a better word... and toward creating things again. I've got a lot of architectural drawings in my sketchbook that I can clean up and add to my portfolio which will help me out professionally. I usually don't put that sort of things here because, frankly, I'm here to do fun things and talk to fun people, and having a future potential employer see what I do here is something I'd rather control than have them google a picture and wind up here.


For dA, I've got a few things in the works. I always have a list of things I'm working on, but most of the time they don't see the light of day. I'll be making smaller goals though, and should be able to finish something at some point, hopefully.


To put that timeline in perspective, the first draft of this journal was written on Oct 16th, and as of now it's one of the 2 things I've finished on my list of 8 projects.

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If you are interested, The 11th Art Contest is going on.
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