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The Ruby Rocket Revived

In "Girl of Steal" (S03E09), Jenny created a villainous disguise in order to mask her theft of a precious and rare Musique device; using her robot powers to blend in with a store display, she became known as the Ruby Rocket and briefly became Tremorton's public enemy number one.  When she eventually did the right thing and turned herself in, she thought that this identity was behind her.  Little did she know that - in the not-too-distant future - she would again encounter this dark side...but this time she wouldn't be in control.

Will she be able to unmask the true face of this fiendish character?

Will the citizens of Tremorton be fooled into thinking that Jenny is behind the recent spate of robberies?

Stay tuned to find out, as I present my latest comic based on the MLAATR series: "The Ruby Rocket Revived!"
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I made something after watching the ending of Girl of Steal:

Mlaatr - Future War Renaissance
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My thoughts it's going to be,

"After Girl of Steal, something that will happen to Tremorton into a horrible nightmare such as terrorist attack, bio chemical weapons, martial law crisis, agents raid in, and even full military vengeance."

Soldier Special Forces With Weapons In Their Hands
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Is this For Real.
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Red X all over again
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Don't let that :iconarkham220: make you feel bad, my story is much different compared to your idea.
It's rather interesting
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Somebody sell this idea to IDW for a Teenage Robot comic series.
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That's a great idea; we should sell the Sonic the Hedgehog/My Life as a Teenage Robot cross-over comic idea to IDW.
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The Sonic & Teenage Robot Crossover should be an actual game, While IDW make a Teenage Robot comic series.
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Okay. Oh, where are my manners? I'm Nickolas (autistic 18-year old big-hearted dreamer who is doing fine), how's today and yourself, what can I call you and care to see my profile if you'd like?
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Thanks!  Good to hear from you again. :D
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"Oh boy...", said Jenny with a sullen sigh. "If I take that off and its me under there, I'm gonna be pissed."
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Close; she'll also have a goatee!


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Like devil goatee?

Nice Futurama reference.
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More like Evil Spock, but close enough.
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Ah, Mirror Mirror.
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I'm loving this already!
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