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New OC! (April Fools' Joke)

I've been hesitant with posting original characters because they have a reputation for being cookie cutter self-inserts, but I think I've spent enough time on this one to merit being posted.

Let me know what you think!

[Updated: It should be obvious, but this was an April Fools' joke!]
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That's the best OC I've every seen! Good job! Epic clap 
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We will see him in your Ruby rocket comic at some point right? You got some gold here and i'm hoping you know that. I'd say you got some fire in this piece but this ain't a mixtape. This is real art. We got to see more of this dude. backstories? need it. more art? need it. comic about this robot god? i can die happy. Honestly. This is peak for you and by the looks of it you can only keep going up. Your skill is phenomenal frankly. Your art. It's got what fans crave! It's got creativity! And just from looking at this picture for just a few hours (yeah i'll admit it) i feel intoxicated by its colors and composition. Masterfully crafted.

You know anyone who does prints that will fit on my bedroom wall? it's about 9' by 7' and i'll need it ASAP I'm actually getting i'm really impatient thinking about it. If you don't know anyone i'll just tattoo it on my face its no big deal. there's a parlor down the street i can just walk in tomorrow EZ. It'll probably cost less too. I honestly wouldn't have any ragrets if i did that it's just that beautiful.

Generations of artists will be inspired by your work here and i would be honored to have my face be your canvas. 

Thank you for your blessing that is this piece of art.
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This is the only proper response I shall accept for any of my pieces.  Everyone else has catching up to do.

To be honest, I had a specific vision in mind for the Ruby Rocket comic, but if enough people like this guy I'm more than willing to throw out all progress on it and start anew with more like this.  That's what you all want, right?

If you want, I can scan the original crayon drawing on a photocopier and enlarge it to that size.  There will be some stretching and the quality will be drastically reduced, but I think you know it will be more than worth it.  As for your face, if you can hazard a journey to my house, I'd gladly tattoo it on myself; I need the experience anyway.

His backstory is rather fuzzy, but I did find some notes I took back when I was 15.  I hope this helps.

"melchiorimus is NOT ME, JEEZ.  by the time he appears my character extacted my soul out of my body using a mistic bow staff and placed it into jennies moms robots bosdy, i toLD YOU THIS.  thats how he figure out that hes really an immortak spirit, which works out really great for him because i dont want jenny to keep outliving her bouyfiendr, thats too sad and they shoold be able to live forever making the sweetis sex love."
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Dayum, nice troll dude!
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LOL! I think I get it.
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We all had our fair share of shameless self-inserts in all kinds of franchises.
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