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Beach Bot Sunset

Character  XJ9 (Jenny Wakeman)Location  Beach
It's getting to be that season; what'll you be up to?
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Getting a new home soon's up on the top of my list!

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I like how the image turned out. The background is pretty impressive.

I like to imagine that Jenny finally scared her friend Sheldon so bad after physically abusing him so badly that he became terrified of Jenny and now she’s trying to get Sheldon to not be scared of her anymore.

Like for real the way Jenny abuses Sheldon is just appalling at times. Jenny assaults Sheldon with violence right after he helped save her from Vexus, she picks him up and tosses him like a rag doll, and then Jenny chases Sheldon using rocket thrusters as she shoots him with lasers. I seriously think that a breaking point has to happen eventually.
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Sure Jenny, I'd love to

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Heavens above, where have you been?

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Work, life, and other BS have a habit of getting in the way of things I would rather to be doing, unfortunately. I'll keep trying to get my art done, though, and taking part in more "Draw Jenny Sundays" on Twitter will hopefully help.

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