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deviantArt is turning 14. And I am super thankful for this community. So, let me tell you my story about how I got here and what happened to me!

It all started many years ago, when I was using the mighty tool of Google images to look at beautiful images. Now, when I say beautiful images, it wasn't the usual stuff, like photos, colours or - probably more fitting for my age - pr0n, no, it was more about surrealism, abstract art and photomanipulation. dA was the ideal place to find the best ones.
About two years later, when my internet sessions became more regular, I joined dA, remembering the lovely Favourites and Galleries. However, I didn't really use dA until another year later. And what I uploaded back then was - mildly put - hilarious.
Werwolferwachen - Schriftzug by RetSamys Background Gimp 5 by RetSamys Background Gimp 14 by RetSamys 360 Werwolffluch Audiobook CD Gif Animation by RetSamys

I would have stayed on this level without dA: Recording Sessions with a Wolf by RetSamys
Which is OK, for most people. But not for me. Not since I began watching other people, see what they could do on a regular basis. I learned. Slowly.

While learning that I actually could draw, I became more involved with programs. At the end, GIMP and CreaToon stood out and I went from Panorama Night Scene by RetSamys to Christopher Escalante (EscalanteMusic) by RetSamys Tanya (tArtful) by RetSamys and from Flames GIF by RetSamys Scissors animation by RetSamys to Snowfall animated GIF by RetSamys Train GIF animation by RetSamys Rubik's Cube: How I Solve It by RetSamys and you can (hopefully) see that I tried out a lot of new things.

But that wasn't nearly enough.

I tried out Flash, CSS, frame-by-frame animation, more vectors, traditional pencil drawings...

And now I have gotten to the point where I want to be more productive and that's why I started my daily sketches.
159 Daily Sketches (discontinued)This was something nice to try out. I made a total of 159 daily sketches, both pencil drawings and digital creations. I might do this again, but for now, I have to stop. For one thing, it was draining me: It takes time to do this and I often lost sleep to do these. I miss sleep. Also, the day that would have been 160, I had no time at all, I needed to concentrate on other things and I will have to continue concentrating on other things.
It's a huge collection I have left behind! I am proud of myself, I didn't expect to get over 10, 50, 100 or even 150, but I did it!
Did I get any better? I did, I think. I tried out things and I learned things and I am pleased with the outcome. Thank you to all who supported me, who left comments and :+fav:Fav'ed and everyone who simply had a look at what I did. Without you, I would have stopped way earlier.
There are a few additional things I will upload. Not much and not officially part of the daily sketches.
The entirety of this project has been docu

I started with a lot of pencil sketches, such as [D5] Key by RetSamys or [D53] Pencil Sharpener by RetSamys, mostly studies, but also some of my very own creations [D21] Broken World: Moon Fisher by RetSamys.
At that point, it was clear that I couldn't have continued this without the constant support of the community. Some were random commenters, others I know well and I appreciate their approval. I even went outside and drew something, despite the risk of someone being able to see me draw. [D57] Fountain Pipe by RetSamys

This all changed when I got a tablet for my birthday. [D79] Wacom Bamboo drawing tablet by RetSamys
My family wouldn't have given me one if I wasn't so involved with dA, I think.
From then on, I tried out new things. Mostly animations.
[D90] Take off your mask by RetSamys
I realised that this kind of thing worked. So I made more!
[D95] The Very Hungry Lemon by RetSamys [D148] Rocket Launch! by RetSamys [D154] Star Rider (Foreigner) by RetSamys [D151] Lost memories... (Oren Lavie) by RetSamys
And people like this kind of stuff.

Happy birthday dA, I don't know what I could possibly give you when you have given me so much.
dannawi Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
keep on sketching ! :)
RetSamys Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I will, but I won't be able to do it on a regular basis.
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August 7, 2014