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Hello everyone! Welcome to one of my rare Journal entries.

As some of you know, I am participating in :iconprojectcomment:'s 52 Week Comment Challenge. This Journal entry is about the 45th week and thus the 45th challenge. Read about it here. 52 Week Comment Challenge! ~ Week 45ProjectComment presents the community of deviantART a project that will question what it really means to be a commenter, an artist, a member of deviantART. All of these challenges relate to commenting in some shape or form, and we sincerely encourage everyone to take part! :la:
You do not have to be brilliant at writing comments and we are not asking you to perform miraculous feats. We are just looking for people willing to make a difference. It is all too easy to receive constructive comments, but giving them is equally, if not more, rewarding.
Each week, a challenge is set with the deviations of those who participated in the previous week featured in a news article. Many thanks to CameronKobe, Kaotic-Cass, RetSamys for participating in Week 43!

Participate in this week's comment challenge…
In your journal, feature three of your deviations and pick one constructive comment from each deviation, listing three good thi

As part of this challenge, I am recognising some constructive comments on my deviations by featuring them here.

  1. :iconanimepanda2012: made a comment on GHI Ghastly Alphabet by RetSamys, the third part of my Ghastly Alphabet series:…
    • Her comment was very useful, because she provided feedback on some things I had doubts about.
    • At the same time, it was an ego booster, which helps me creating more afterwards. =D No, really, flattery is one thing, but encouraging me about what I do by saying good things about my work really helps.
    • Finally, she gave me an idea about what to do with the blank background. I'm still thinking about what I want to do, but that idea is great.

  2. :icondailybreadcafe: made a comment on Free font: Samys Bookified Tuffy by RetSamys, a free font:…
    • They pointed out some interesting points that I could improve.
    • Not only was it thoughtful, but also honest. At least, it felt like they meant what they wrote - at least they didn't stay silent about some concerns and also about their own level of expertise - and this way I will take it more seriously.
    • They provided great ideas for future fonts! Not only will I need to make it more readable, I need to make it more diverse and interesting to the eye.

  3. :iconblightowl: made a comment on [D111] Bird of Flight by RetSamys, one of the daily sketches I used to make:…
    I just love this comment.
    • There's a question in it! I love questions. They show interest and I get to reply and I know what I can talk about and I know what I'm talking about... ah!
    • Technical expertise! I had no knowledge of the dynamics of bird wing movements, she corrected some assumptions I made for the purpose of the animation.
    • And the comment was just generally nice, I mean, she commended me on doing the daily sketches, she made some obscure references to a subculture that you find all over the internet, it has a funny introduction with a hint to the content. Perfect. Need more comments like this.

A big thank you to the three of you as well as to the rest of the commentors on my works! I'm sorry that I can't feature every single one of you!
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BlightOwl Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2014  Student General Artist
I feel so honored!  Thank you for… being awesome!  I was about to say "thank you for recognizing my amazingness and that I am generally a superior person" but that sounded a bit too modest.  I'm so glad my comment was helpful to you!  :meow:  And the fact that you do do the daily sketches is still wonderful!  Keep on it, friend.
RetSamys Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
And the fact that you do do the daily sketches is still wonderful!
Did. I did do the daily sketches. Had to stop, unfortunately. I will have to start anew. Don't know when.
BlightOwl Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2014  Student General Artist
Oh.  Well.  Suddenly I am disillusioned.  :C  But seriously, I understand.  I myself was doing a 100 Art Themes Challenge in which I intended to do 100 drawings in a hundred days, but alas, that quickly fell apart.  Just know that if you do something for five minutes each day, in due time you will be excellent at it.
RetSamys Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It's not because I wanted to stop. It was not a sustainable way to live. I lost a lot of sleep. I am currently getting used to a new situation and I think I'll be able to resume the daily challenges (2.0) in December! (Now I only need to actually do this. Heh. Heheh.) Let's see how my sleep will be doing.
BlightOwl Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2014  Student General Artist
Ah, I feel you - it's really difficult to maintain a sketch-a-day kind of habit.  It's not worth losing sleep over.  Well, I hope you settle into your new situation soon so you can get back to sleeping like a true log!
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November 16, 2014