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Apologies for the repost. I accidentally deleted this Journal entry and I don't want it to be lost.

After 81 creations, I had to stop this second round. Scroll down a bit to day 81 to know why.

I have returned! Glory to the new daily sketches. Some of my watchers might remember that I already challenged myself to do daily sketches - and that I had to stop after 159 days. All of those old daily sketches are collected in this Journal entry. There are traditional pencil drawings, some things I tried out with my tablet and animations.

For those of you who are new here, welcome! All of the daily sketches of this second round can be found below. If you want to be updated on all of my daily sketches, you'll need to edit your +watch settings so that you also receive my Scraps, because quite a few will land there. But just in case you don't, I'll just update this Journal once a month.

Here are the rules that I have set for myself during this challenge:
  • Beginning from Dec 1st, 2014, there will be one sketch for each day.
  • The medium or topic of the sketch doesn't matter. Mediums that will be repeatedly used include (but are not limited to) pencil drawings and digital animations done with my tablet.
  • I get to cheat. The amount of sketches has to be equal to the amount of days passed since Dec 1st, 2014, but I can make two sketches if I didn't make one the day before.
As you can see, the rules are a bit different from the ones I had last time.

Oh, and I'm already running out of ideas. If you know what I could do next, don't hesitate to comment!

NewDay 81:
Daily81 - Floaty rocks of daily's end by RetSamys
Gradient-free version with transparent background: Daily81a - Rocks of empty ends by RetSamys

OK, so in the first round of the daily sketches I made it to 159 daily creations. This time, I made it to 81. And I didn't want to stop.
Unfortunately, two things happened. I was behind one day due to being sick a few days and I hurt my wrist! On what would have been the day 82, I fell hard on my hands and for a moment, I was afraid it might be broken. Since my right wrist needed the minimum of stress and my left hand is incompetent for any precise movements, I decided to put an end to the second round of daily sketches. I will reboot with a third round soon! First, I have to organise a German 52 week writing challenge.

Maybe you remember these:
Daily77 - At the edge of sorrow by RetSamys Daily78 - Away in the Wind by RetSamys
I told you I wanted to try something similar one day. And today's the day!

Day 80:
Daily80 - Candles by RetSamys
Here's some old-fashioned still life study, like I used to do them in the first round of daily sketches. I found two candles lying around and I realised that I hadn't done any studies of candles yet!

Day 79:
Daily79 - Test Cube 7 - Flying by RetSamys
So this is what a cube rotating looks like when not using some software to help you with the 3D. Obviously, I still have a long way to go.

Day 78:
Daily78 - Away in the Wind by RetSamys
Goodbye, sickness! Sending you home. Please don't come back. Stay in that place of sorrow, of darkness, of no colour.

Everyone who has seen last day's WIP knows this was coming. I made the background and went on and on about having been sick. Now, I'm better. But that doesn't necessarily mean my art will get better as well.
This is another thing I never would even have dared to do on the first round of daily sketches. But the idea was there. And then, I got asked to make an animation with hair in the wind. Well, I think I should study the way hair behave in wind, but I still like the overall result.

As mentioned in the WIP, I tried to do something different here. For one thing, I don't usually make use of much colour. I also don't really animate with vectors. I had fun with both. It might be something for a future creation.

Day 77:
Daily77 - At the edge of sorrow by RetSamys
This is actually a WIP. And a vector image. And it's something new, something that I spontaneously decided that I wanted to do a long time ago. Something colour-y. Something palette-y.

So, yeah, this is more or less a metaphor for leaving behind my ugly little problem called sickness. Go back to that darkness from where you came! Vade retro et non revertetur.
This will be an animation once it is finished! You'll see me (well, not me, I like to be overly dramatic sometimes and I chose something in red) let go of that thing, sending it to where it belongs. Since this will be an animation, I was careful not to use any gradients, hence the background.

As for the colours, I already mentioned that I wanted to test out colour palettes. I'm not too good with that kind of thing, this is what came out of it. But the interesting thing for me was the flying island: Once I had the base colour, I could use maths to figure out what the other colours were! If I want to make it darker, I should also colour-shift it towards red and make it more saturated. The brighter I get, the yellower and the less saturated I have to make it.

It was interesting to see that it could be done at all. I had the outlines for the rock, turning them into a vector looks really well. I might have to do it again!
Come back tomorrow to see the animation! The island and the rest of this background won't move. But what's on it will.

Day 76:
Daily76 - Steel typonimation by RetSamys
I realise this isn't a complex animation. But I was sick that day and I had other worries. So enjoy!

Day 75:
Daily75 - Red Umbrella by RetSamys
This is based on last day's sketch in :iconcreatoon:: Daily74 - A 3D Umbrella WIP by RetSamys
You might remember the Jellyfish. Daily59 - Jellyfish by RetSamys And you might say that this is very similar. And you're right! It is. I'm sick and I don't want to stop making daily sketches (I'm one behind thanks to my condition), so I made this umbrella.

Day 74:
Daily74 - A 3D Umbrella WIP by RetSamys
So here I am again, making 3D stuff with a 2D animation program...
One of the disadvantages of winter is that there is a tendency of getting sick. I dislike being sick. It made me miss a day that I still have to make something for after day 81!
Next step: tracing.

Day 73:
Daily73 - Toothpaste typonimation by RetSamys
Whoops, that's a bit too low-frame for the tube. Oh well... Why does the preview always look smoother? (Don't answer that, it's a rhetorical question.)

Day 72:
Daily72 - Vanish typonimation by RetSamys
See, that's much better! More frames are good.
To be honest, I was out of ideas for the h, that's why it looks like that. I like the i and the s isn't bad either.
More to come!

Day 71:
Daily71 - Nonsense typonimation by RetSamys
No. No, no, no, no. I can do better. In fact, I will do better. I have this idea (it has been done before, of course) to make a whole bunch of typographic animations that I name typonimations.
OK, next time I need more frames.

Day 70:
Daily70 - Reading People 9 by RetSamys
Drawn in a train. Don't draw in trains!
OK, this looks a bit better. The woman on the right was sitting right in front of me, so that was exciting. If she had caught me...
The girl on the left was moving around a bit.

Day 69:
Daily69 - Reading People 8 by RetSamys
Drawn in a train. Don't draw in trains!
Finally, more people to draw, even though it was a shorter trip. Hey, I think I got better at copying legs. Faces still fluctuate, though. And anatomy is as bad as always.

Day 68:
Daily68 - Reading People 7 by RetSamys
Drawn in a train. Don't draw in trains!
I really hope I get to draw more people next time.
Business people are business people because they're busy. This one was. Left way too early.

Day 67:
Daily67 - Mal-Strom by RetSamys
This time, I wanted to try out the smudge tool some more. And since there are too many gradients, I had to put the frames into a Flash file.

Day 66:
Daily66 - Motivation? Not today. by RetSamys
Urgh... some days just aren't good days to draw. So I thought I could make another folding tutorial - about how to fold a paper ship - but I just couldn't bring myself to make it properly.

Day 65:
Daily65 - A Midnight's Cat by RetSamys
Oh, so you think this is about the cat? Wrong! This is about the tail of the cat.

This is my entry to :icondreamers-welcome:'s monthly challenge. This month, the theme is nocturnal and I'm glad I got to submit this one for the challenge, because this was inspired by a great animated movie called "Nocturna". It's a magical movie and something that I absolutely wanted to try out was what they did with the tails of the cats. Now, I didn't do it the way they did it, but it's still swinging around. The walk cycle came as a bonus (and let's be honest, it could be better, but I wouldn't know a thing about animals, their anatomy and walkcycles in general, so meh... Also, in retrospect, I'm even gladder that I made the cat a silhouette, it seems that they don't walk by using their legs diagonally, but instead they have what Wikipedia calls a "'pacing' gait": They move the legs on one side and then the legs on the other side for normal speed.).
Also, I seem to have made a mistake when tracing the initial sketch: the cat is getting thicker for some frames. Must be the moon pulling... =D (Big Grin)

But yeah, the tail... to quote one of my favourite poems: Strays strung strings, a cocktail of cat's tails, a decadent party of meowing sounds, a bohemian behemoth, post-midnight soiree... (The Cat Piano)

Day 64:
Daily64 - Rotating Book by RetSamys
This is based on day 54's sketch Daily54 - Rotating Book WIP 1 by RetSamys I made with :iconcreatoon: (a WIP can be seen here). It took me some time (three days, to be exact) to get the full 360° rotation, but now here it is!

This animation has 60 frames. It should take exactly 6 seconds for one full rotation.

Day 63:
Daily63 - Reading People 6 by RetSamys
Drawn in a train. Don't draw in trains!
Travelling in the evening, not many passengers, even less people reading. At least, my Reading People series continues!

Day 62:
Daily62 - Mic test by RetSamys
Oh, this is so embarrassing! This does not sound the way I wanted it to. If I'd known, I don't think I would have written the music and then recorded myself.
This is not how I sound at all, not even when recorded. I wrote this rather quickly, when really, I should have thought about my vocal range and about what key I usually sing in... argh!

This will not be tagged, I won't dare to submit it to any group, I won't put this into any folder of my gallery, I need to put this behind me. In the future, I might do something better. If I ever get over this.

Day 61:
Daily61 - Reading People 5 by RetSamys
Drawn in a train. Don't draw in trains!
I thought I'd try to make it colourful this time.

Day 60:
Daily60 - Soup! by RetSamys
If you think this is about soup, you are wrong! This is about my obsession interest in rotating objects. That's right. This is about the spoon - there is no soup.

Day 59:
Daily59 - Jellyfish by RetSamys
A wild animal for :icondreamers-welcome:'s monthly challenge - this month's theme was wild. This is based on last day's WIP Daily58 - Jellyfish WIP by RetSamys.

Need some music?

 Need to turn your brain into goo?

Day 58:
Daily58 - Jellyfish WIP by RetSamys
I needed a deviation for :icondreamers-welcome:'s monthly challenge. This month's challenge was wild. But I had no idea what to do.
Until I read Reddit's daily sketch subreddit, which I regularly check out, suggested drawing jellies. So I did! I tried out CreaToon's ability to use the z-axis to create 3D models despite being a 2D animation software and got to work.
One circle for the main body, repeated several times in several sizes to get the basic shape.
Then, I used the sketch tool to create one tentacle (animated it and then copied it 8 times, rotated along the y-axis).
I decided to use the sketch tool once more to add the red lines.
Finally, I let the whole thing contract and expand, because that's how jellyfishes do. Oh, and I added a rotation. Because I could.

Next step: tracing.

Day 57:
Daily57 - Font of kid drawings WIP 2 by RetSamys
Once, some time ago, the group called Lese- und Schreibwerkstatt collaborated on a cryptographic alphabet which they later used to send encoded messages to each another. Here are the last 13 letters they did, properly traced so that I can make it into a font later on.
Next step: making it into an actual font.

Day 56:
Daily56 - Font of kid drawings WIP 1 by RetSamys
Once, some time ago, the group called Lese- und Schreibwerkstatt collaborated on a cryptographic alphabet which they later used to send encoded messages to each another. Here are the first 13 letters they did, properly traced so that I can make it into a font later on.
Next step: tracing letters N to Z.
And then making it into an actual font.

Day 55:
Daily55 - Rotating Book WIP 2 by RetSamys
This is based on last day's sketch Daily54 - Rotating Book WIP 1 by RetSamys, which in turn was based on Mysteries Opening (small gif animation) by RetSamys :iconretsamys:.

If this looks weird to you, then it's because I only traced the first 90° and then mirrored it so that it now looks like a proper 180° turn. Everytime the book faces the camera, it resets.

Day 54:
Daily54 - Rotating Book WIP 1 by RetSamys
This is based on Mysteries Opening (small gif animation) by RetSamys, from which I derived my current avatar :iconretsamys:.

So, this was done with :iconcreatoon:, which is a 2D animation program. And that's why this looks bad towards the 90° mark. The program is not really for 3D modelling. But that doesn't mean I won't do it anyway! Next step: tracing.

Day 53:
Daily53 - Ufo by RetSamys
The term being sick and tired comes to mind - not figuratively, though. Nope, I was literally sick and I was literally tired. So I made something very simple! So much for perspective accuracy...

Day 52:
Daily52 - Angel in the Night by RetSamys
This is the perspective counterpart to my dolphin: Daily50 - Dolphin by RetSamys
I almost didn't bring up the courage to do this kind of thing. I'm so glad it worked!
I think the wings are still not big enough to support his weight...

This is not supposed to be related to the decadent angel I made once.

Mature Content

Decadent Angel Rising by RetSamys

Day 51:
Daily51 - Smoke by RetSamys
I know (very roughly) how to make smoke. But can I make it loop?! Yes, I can!!
The smudge tool is useful. Here's another one I made with it:  [D154] Star Rider (Foreigner) by RetSamys

Day 50:
Daily50 - Dolphin by RetSamys
There are so many things wrong with this. Thankfully, it's still rather fast (130ms per frame, I rarely ever go over 100ms) and it only looks good enough because it's been planned out somewhat.

At least I learned something and I am going to apply it on day 52, you'll see!

See how bad I am at animating animals:
[D111] Bird of Flight by RetSamys [D93a] Caterpillar Slug walkcycle sketch by RetSamys Daily37 - Snake by RetSamys

Day 49:
Daily49 - Origami Penguin tutorial by RetSamys
Aaaand perspective fail. Oh, well.
After day 47 
Daily47 - A4 Origami Envelope tutorial by RetSamys, I just had to do another one. Making animated folding tutorials is fun!

Instructions for blind people:
    You'll need origami paper with a dark or blue side and a white side. The white side lies upwards in the first step.
  1. Diagonal fold.
  2. Open fold.
  3. Fold the two corners across the diagonal line from steps 1 and 2 towards the diagonal fold line, but not all the way to the line.
  4. Fold the tip of the corner at which the sides meet along the folding line.
  5. Now, fold the opposing corner (more than the tip, but not the folded sides from step 3) to the other side along the diagonal line.
  6. Fold in half with the folded sides showing outwards (this is the opposite of step 1).
  7. Lift up the folded tip of the corner from step 4 while opening the finished piece a bit.
  8. Done!

Day 48:
Daily48 - Reading People 4 by RetSamys
Drawn in a train. Don't draw in trains!
Ah, lovely clear view to some reading co-travellers. The guy on the left stopped reading after a while. Can you believe that? Afterwards, he was clearly bored. At least, the man on the right was captured by what seemed a very suspenseful book for the whole while.

Day 47:
Daily47 - A4 Origami Envelope tutorial by RetSamys
This is a very simple way of folding a sheet of A4 paper into a rectangle so that it can be used as an envelope itself.
  1. Write on the page facing upwards.
  2. Take two opposing corners and fold them in the centre of the page - their sides will have to meet and align. You might want to fold the sheet in half to make a centre crease to find the centre.
  3. Fold the remaining parts of the writing side in half
  4. Lead the outer corners into the fold you just made.
  5. Done.
(I'm not good at writing origami instructions, but I'm not going to steal one from the internet.)

Day 46:
Daily46 - Reading People 3 by RetSamys
Drawn in a train. Don't draw in trains!
At certain times you just have a hard time finding people who read at a certain hour in a train. And when you do, you sit in a weird angle to them, which makes it even harder than it already is.

Day 45:
Daily45 - Rubber Ducky test rotation by RetSamys
I regularly check Reddit's sketchdaily thread (what do you call that again? Subreddit?) for ideas. This time, the alternate theme was rubber duckies and I tried to make a rotation with little to no preparation whatsoever.
I didn't even think about the beak until it was too late! Simply make it round, Ret, nobody will notice it.
Still, very interesting. I'll get you one day, perfect rotation.

Who likes the little, little duckies in the pond? I do, I do, I do, a-chicka quack quack.

Day 44:
Daily44 - Walking Backwards by RetSamys
Walking backwards... ... or walking forwards and reversing the animation. This was made to test out an important aspect of animation: exaggeration. No real person would walk like this, but it works nicely on screen.

Day 43:
Daily43 - Test Cube 6 - Chaos by RetSamys
I realised that I hadn't done any animations for a while. No time? Test cube! This is going to be a pretty big series, apparently.
I made "Order" [D113] Test Cube 3: Order by RetSamys in this series, and this time, it's "Chaos".

Day 42:
Daily42 - Power Strip by RetSamys
Tired. Quick study. Meh... I really don't have interesting objects to study any more.

Day 41:
Daily41 - Reading People 2 by RetSamys
Drawn in a train. Don't draw in trains!

Now, isn't that a bit better? I had a bit more time drawing that lady, so I started shading her before she got off the train.
The man was moving too much.

Day 40:
Daily40 - The Suspended Tree by RetSamys
I'm sure someone already did the exact same thing, only much better. Yay! Floating stuff!

Day 39:
Daily39 - Reading People 1 by RetSamys
Drawn in a train. Don't draw in trains!

Consider the following problem: You are incredibly awful at drawing people, and every time you try to study humans, you are afraid you could get caught drawing them (three worst-case scenarios that have already happened to me: "Why are you staring at me like that? Oh, OK, you're just drawing me", "Would you please stop that? I don't want to be drawn" and - worst of all - "Oh, you're drawing that person over there? Can you draw me? What else can you draw?"). I have considered sneaking up on people while they're asleep, but that would be creepy. =D (Big Grin) Alternate solution: Draw people who read! They don't move around nearly as much as normal people, they rarely look up to catch you drawing them and they're easier to identify with - reading is attractive (in a broad sense), at least to me.

My apology for this being so anatomically weird is 1) drawn in a train and 2) I have no idea how to draw people and this is my way of learning it.

Day 38:
Daily38 - Flower WIP by RetSamys
OK, since I don't have time or ideas, let's try to split an animation into several parts so that I can still do daily sketches. There, part 1.
I don't know if it will look any good, check back whenever I decide to finish this work in progress.
Drawn in a train. Do not draw in trains.

Day 37:
Daily37 - Snake by RetSamys
If this looks odd to you, then it's because I tried to use maths where I shouldn't have. It's not like I'm absolutely accurate when it comes to animating animals, as you can see:
[D111] Bird of Flight by RetSamys [D93] The Caterpillar Slug by RetSamys [D93a] Caterpillar Slug walkcycle sketch by RetSamys

I could "fix" it by shifting the focus to the head, but I'm too lazy to either add a partial rotation to the head or to put eyes and stuff up there. The irony is that it started as a thought that I'm a bit fascinated that snakes can hold their heads very stable when moving.

Day 36:
Daily36 - Paint Splat by RetSamys
I was running out of ideas (like every day) and resorted to doing something more abstract, when this idea came to me. The last time I worked with liquids were day 33 Daily33 - Little Red Temptations by RetSamys and day 16 Daily16 - Liquid animation test by RetSamys, so I combined the splash (for which I didn't have enough time on 16, which is why the splash only had a couple of frames) with the shading of the icing, which worked OK here because paint has a similar texture.
Also, nice little perspective exercise. Well, as far as perspective is concerned, this might have gone better, but it doesn't matter all too much here, because noticing the errors is hard with something as abstract as a paint spot. Phew!

Day 35:
Daily35 - Electric Blue Eyes by RetSamys
This is also an overdue idea. But now I get to out it together with a favourite song of mine:
Electric blue eyes where did you come from?
Electric blue eyes who sent you?
Electric blue eyes, always be near me.
Electric blue eyes, I need you.
Electric Blue
by The Cranberries

Day 34:
Daily34 - Curtain by RetSamys
This idea was overdue. And when I saw Reddit's SketchDaily theme for today, called Serious Saturday: Fabric Folds, I knew I had to animate this damn curtain.
As you can see, I don't really know how real curtains behave.

Day 33:
Daily33 - Little Red Temptations by RetSamys
Steffi Müller and Christine Sinnwell-Backes... their mission: Making cupcakes, cookies and cakes, inventing new recipes and creating the most delicious temptations in red and other colours - all that and more on their blog (sorry, but it's in German).
They're good friends of mine and their blog is rather successful.
This one took me two days. You can see a WIP here: Daily32 - Not Only in Red WIP by RetSamys
As you can see, I did some colour correction. And since the second chibi didn't seem as complex as the first one, I also added that delicious typographic design on the bottom.

Edit: They like it! Christine asked me to give her a flower instead of a barette, so I did.

Edit: I totally forgot that Steffi doesn't die her hair any more, so I gave her blondish hair. You can see the new version on their blog.

This isn't the first chibi I've made. [D25] Chibi Viking and Chibi Roman by RetSamys

Day 32:
Daily32 - Not Only in Red WIP by RetSamys
Well, can you guess what it's about? Correct, it's about colours and chibis. Two friends of mine have a rather successful food blog and I decided to draw them. This is the first one: Christine Sinnwell-Backes.

Day 31:
Daily31 - New Year's Bell by RetSamys
It is done! 2014 is officially over, 2015 is greeted warmly and welcomed into our lives for the limited time of 365 days.
Despite not having all that much time due to celebrations and stuff, this turned out rather good. The clapper moves the way I want and the colours were a successful experiment.
Happy new year!

Day 30:
Daily30 - Snow: Avalanche by RetSamys
This is my entry for :icondreamers-welcome:'s monthly challenge. This month, the theme is cold.

See, kids, that's why trees are important. It might be a bit exaggerated, but that's how it basically works.

Day 29:
Daily29 - Preparing for New Year's Eve 3 by RetSamys
This was more of a mess putting together than I thought. Those all had different framerates (100ms, 200ms, 60ms, 80ms), so I had to split them all into 20ms frames and merge them together (with a total of 360 frames à 20ms, which GIMP was able to optimise down to 138 frames). And now the fountain has a slightly brighter background. No idea when that happened.

Anyway. I am uploading this on New Year's Eve, so happy new year everyone! I hope you have fun with my fireworks.

In case you don't know what kind of firework this is supposed to be:
  • On the left, we have a battery, similar to the Saturn Missile Battery, I suppose.
  • The thing in the middle is a firecracker.
  • And on the right, we have a fountain, which is similar to the Volcano I made on day 25.
Separate uploads:
:tumb503834689: Daily29 b - Fireworks: Firecracker by RetSamys Daily29 c - Fireworks: Fountain by RetSamys

Day 28:
Daily28 - Preparing for New Year's Eve 2 by RetSamys
Those are two of my favourites. Sparklers were of course my first firecrackers. I don't actually know what to call the other one, but I found the name"Mad Bee" and it is definitely part of a group called "Aerial Spinners".

Separate Uploadds:
Daily28 b - Fireworks: Sparkler by RetSamys Daily28 a - Fireworks: Wild Bee by RetSamys

Day 27:
Daily27 - Crawling Away by RetSamys
Why am I even doing this. I hate my dummies.
It would probably look a lot better with some more frames.

Day 26:
Daily26 - Mister Creepyface by RetSamys
OK, where does this come from? Apparently, this kind of monster is called a Rokurokubi.
Hmm. Oh, yeah, right, there was this game I played a lot back when I had an iPod touch: Rhythm Spirit - I love it! And of course, there was a Rokurokubi, among other monsters, spirits and gods taken from Japanese (?) mythology.

Day 25:
Daily25 - Preparing for New Year's Eve by RetSamys
Getting in the mood of Hogswatch!
I didn't know what else to do, so I made some fireworks: a volcano and an ordinary bottle rocket.

Separate uploads:
Daily25 b - Fireworks: Bottle Rocket by RetSamys Daily25 a - Fireworks: Volcano by RetSamys

Day 24:
Daily24 - Building a Christmas Tree (Video) by RetSamys
Music: Divertissement, provided by Kevin MacLeod

Oh plastic tree, oh plastic tree...
Our Christmas tree is great! We've had it for at least 12 years and it doesn't make a mess, it doesn't lose needles, it doesn't require water, it doesn't cost us anything every single year. Instead, it looks good, it saves trees and it's way lighter than a real tree.

This video was uploaded to YouTube. To learn how to submit YouTube videos to deviantArt, click here: Tutorial: How to submit music to dA (free)

Since we get our presents at Christmas Eve and all time is spent making dinner and decorating and stuff, what could be better than making a stop motion animation to show you how to professionally decorate a plastic tree? That's a rhetorical question. The answer is 'nothing'.
So, here you go! Merry Christmas.

I did some more Christmas things:
Unlucky Santa comic by RetSamys Saving Christmas by RetSamys Saving Christmas line and colour test by RetSamys

Day 23:
Daily23 - Lava Lamp by RetSamys
I did not know what to do for this day, but then I read the highly entertaining new article of What If? by Randall Munroe, creator of the xkcd comic. While laughing my ass off and reading about lava lamps made out of real lava and lava made out of real lava lamps, I knew what to do!

This, of course, is not how a real llama lava lamp works. For one, they don't loop. They're also slower. They don't change colour in the same way - I was lazy and used a gradient.

Day 22:
Daily22 - Symbols Pyrography Part II by RetSamys
Last time, I burned some symbols on Jenga wood and this time, I continued doing so!

From left to right, top to bottom, here are the symbols:
Atom ⚛
Treble clef
The Wooden Princess
Klingon Empire (Star Trek)

The Wooden Princess is a vector drawing I made long ago. Here they are, side by side:
Daily22 a - Pyrography: The Wooden Princess by RetSamys The Wooden Princess by RetSamys

Day 21:
Daily21 - Symbols Pyrography Part I by RetSamys
I tried something very different this time! Last time, I told you about the Jenga tower I got for a secret Santa thing (which I attempted to animate), well, now I have put it to good use!

From left to right, top to bottom, here are the symbols:
Nerdfighteria logo
DNA helix (well, half of a helix) from Heroes
Pentacle (pentagram in circle)
Deathly Hallows (Elder Wand | , Resurrection Stone O , Cloak of Invisibility △ ) from Harry Potter
Taijitu (Yin and Yang) - I made an unrelated animation of this symbol:
Harmony by RetSamys

Here's a single image of the Nerdfighteria logo:

Daily21 a - Pyrography: Nerdfighteria Logo by RetSamys DFTBA by SpiderChirsty and this one on the right (not by me) to compare.

Don't Forget To Be Awesome!
Nerdfighters unite.
Don't know what this means? Well... you can watch this video.
Basically, Nerdfighteria is an internet community around best-selling author John Green (The Fault in Our Stars, Looking for Alaska, Paper Towns) and his brother Hank Green (co-founder of VidCon). Nerdfighters (who fight for nerds) try to increase awesome and decrease world suck.

More coming tomorrow!

Day 20:
Daily20 - Jenga Tower game by RetSamys
Perspective practice! Not perfect, but I like the outcome nevertheless.
I got one of those towers for a secret Santa thing. I might do something creative with them...

Day 19:
Daily19 a - Clam by RetSamys Daily19 b - Nuclear Explosion by RetSamys
For the nineteenth day, I made two very quick animations. The first one is this clam, opening and clothing its mouth. The second one is a small nuclear explosion that is not particularly good.

Day 18:
Daily18 - Steak For The Sun by RetSamys
Wheee! Rotation fun.
Out of ideas. By accident, I listened to a song I wasn't looking for. One of my older favourites. Tea for the Tillerman - I have no idea what it's about, but it seems simple and joyful.

Bring tea for the Tillerman
Steak for the sun
Wine for the women who made the rain come
Seagulls sing your hearts away
'Cause while the sinners sin, the children play

Oh Lord how they play and play
For that happy day, for that happy day
Tea For The Tillerman
by Cat Stevens

Day 17:
Daily17 - Slicing an Apple in Half by RetSamys
How do you like them apples!?
That was last-minute. I'm glad I found this idea in time! Too bad it doesn't loop. Can't be helped. I still like it. This seems re-usable.

Day 16:
Daily16 - Liquid animation test by RetSamys
I have no idea how water works. All I remembered was how to draw a still image of a water jet from the first round of daily sketches: [D57] Fountain Pipe by RetSamys
From that, I tried to derive how it would fall down. I knew that the jet stayed relatively the same, otherwise I couldn't have draw it that well. I also knew that the more unstable the jet becomes (i.e. the tip), the more likely I get to see drops. Pretty much everything else I remember from slow motion ads. You know, they go a bit like this:
Sexy voice: This beverage [SFX of drink being poured] is very tasty and healthy.
This chocolate-based snack contains the best parts of milk [SFX].

Anyway, I could have spent another hour tracing and colouring this, but I'm not feeling like it. Those are a lot of frames. Yes, 32 frames are a lot. Definitely above my average as far as the daily sketches are concerned. Feel free to do it yourself, though.

Day 15:
Daily15 - Rotating Dummy fail by RetSamys
OK. Stop! No more dummies! This is terrible, I have to do something else. I have done some dummies now, time to do something else. I'm so disappointed.
OK, setbacks are to be expected. I'll just try to think of some ideas. Ah, I'll get you one day, rotation.

Day 14:
Daily14 - Clapping by RetSamys
Aaand back to animations. You probably remember Daily3 - Little Dancing Man and this one was made very similarly: On top of a skeleton. It does seem to work... hm...
Anyway, I could watch this guy clap at me for minutes! I'm so proud that I'm doing dailies again. I like having something done! Especially something as re-usable as this animation.

Day 13:
Daily13 - The Stag by RetSamys
No animation today. Just a stag. I made something similar in the first round of the daily sketches:
[D152] Bear vs. Kangaroo. Fight! by RetSamys

Day 12:
Daily12 - Test Cube 5 : Dissolving by RetSamys
It's another test cube! I did a lot of them in the last round of daily sketches:
[D96] Test Cube 1: Melting by RetSamys [D98] Test Cube 2: Twisting, Turning by RetSamys [D113] Test Cube 3: Order by RetSamys [D138] Test Cube 4: Expansion by RetSamys

Day 11:
Daily11 - The Wiggle Monster Turns by RetSamys
The wiggle monster returns! Remember this guy? In the first round of the daily sketches, I spent two days completing the walkcycle:
[D143] Wiggle Monster walkcycle WIP by RetSamys [D144] Wiggle Monster walkcycle (complete) by RetSamys
Admittedly, this animation is less complex. But I don't want to exhaust myself like last time either.
I always thought of this guy as some kind of video game villain in a jump-and-run game. So this is a nice addition to the character, it's now able to turn around when facing a wall.

Day 10:
Daily10 - Come towards your tired creator by RetSamys
Guuuuuuuhh... I had a long and eventful day behind me and no opportunity to do a daily sketch yet. With no ideas at all, I came up with this simple very simple walkcycle. And now to bed!

Day 9:
Daily9 - Moving Flowerpot by RetSamys
Hmm... this was a bit of a fail. To be expected once in a while.
There is as of yet insufficient sleep for a meaningful description.

Day 8:
Daily8 - The Screwhammer by RetSamys
I have an idea! I made some morphing animations in the first round of my daily sketches! But I was so out of ideas that I really didn't know what I wanted to morph into what. Luckily, ArteDigitalSA helped me out with this: a hammer and a screwdriver. Meet the screwhammer!

Day 7:
Daily7 - In a monster mask, you can learn to cook by RetSamys
If this continues, I will run out of songs. And then, what will I draw?
Anyway, I love this song. One of Pomplamoose's best songs in my opinion - although it wasn't written by Jack or Nataly.
I contemplated adding some colour, but enough is enough! This was already too time-consuming.

In a monster mask
You could read a book
In a monster mask
You could learn to cook


But could you ever meet a girl
And tell her that she means the world?

Everyone feels like a monster sometimes...
Monster Mask
by Pomplamoose

Day 6:
Daily6 -Where the light shivers offshore (Woodkid) by RetSamys
No ideas again. In the last round of my daily sketches, I turned to lyrics of my favourite songs whenever that was the case. This time, however, I chose to let me inspire by a music video. Woodkid's songs are made of pure epic and there are two accompanying aspects that increase the experience: the lyrics and the music videos. This is one of the rare songs playing on the radio that I'm OK with.
So, yeah, as you can see, this was directly influenced by the music video of I love you, in which the last scenes were so surreal and wonderfully epic.

Cue the orchestra!
Where the light shivers offshore
Through the tides of oceans
We are shining in the rising sun

As we are floating in the blue
I am softly watching you
Oh boy your eyes betray what burns inside you

Whatever I feel for you
You only seem to care about you
Is there any chance you could see me too?
Cause I love you
Is there anything I could do
Just to get some attention from you?
In the waves I've lost every trace of you
Where are you?
I love you
by Woodkid

Day 5:
Daily5 - Three-Legged Board walkcycle by RetSamys
I just realised that #itsalive is a tag that I have now used several times...
I have no idea how four-legged things actually walk. So this was interesting to try out. My walkcycles are always doomed to fail because I am too lazy to prepare them properly. I just draw one frame after the other and hope that it turns out all right.
This might or might not have been planned as a part of a series. You'll probably never now, because if that was the case, it would have turned into something completely different.

Day 4:
Daily4 - Cannibalistic Plant by RetSamys
So I was out of ideas, as always, so I went to the chat. Usually, I find someone who is kind enough to make suggestions, but the quality of the suggestion always depends on the person.
This suggestion comes from PassionRunsDeep:
Incorporate something like a mouse getting ate by a cat then the cat being ate by a bigger preditor. Lifes Cycle?
Of course I altered the topic a bit, because it would have meant an animation too complex. But here we are, a cannibalistic carnivorous plant, getting caught and getting eaten.
I just love making loops.

Day 3:
Daily3 - Little Dancing Man by RetSamys
Umm... this started as a simple skeleton, just a quick doodle. As you know, I don't normally use skeletons, because that would be like what professionals do! Shocked But for some reason, I made an animation out of it and then I had to outline the whole thing and now I have put in more work than I intended to do.
Dance, little man, dance!

Day 2:
Daily2 - Sandwich by RetSamys
Aaah! A talking sandwich!
This is very unoriginal. I think the first time I saw a talking sammich was when I was a wee child. It was a Muppets movie.
More crazy food from the first round of daily sketches:
[D95] The Very Hungry Lemon by RetSamys

Day 1:
Daily1 - Paperfall by RetSamys
This is my submission to :icondreamers-welcome:'s monthly challenge. This month, the theme was paper and I have to admit, I was a bit inspired by the Stanley Parable. I'm not a gamer. But that one is still my favourite game. There are no notes falling down in the game, though.
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