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...has begun!
For Christmas, I got a sketchbook that looked a lot like a flipbook. Before that, I have said that traditional animation is basically not achievable for me, but now that I have the tools, I'm intrigued.
  1. First test
  2. Cloud Whale (lightbox edition)

  1. As a test for myself, I made this little rat animation:
    I didn't use all the available space on the paper. That was a mistake. The flipbook isn't big - but once I figured out how to flip the pages to animate the details, I realised that drawing only on the far edge limits me severely.
    So, yeah, this is small. Making it bigger next time.
  2. So I made it bigger. Not with the sketchbook, mind you. I took DIN A4 pages.Flipping the pages was not practical yet, I don't really know how to do that. Instead, I relied on a technology many people in the comments wanted me to use. I'm talking about the lightbox, of course.

    But I didn't want to spend too much money on that. As luck had it, I gained my first experiences at my workplace. After that, I was hooked enough to try to make a cheap version at home. The first thing I tried was a glass cutting board, and a desk lamp shining underneath it. Its surface on one side isn't smooth and makes shadows everywhere, so it doesn't make the ideal lightbox surface, but it is the most available one I have.
    Less available, but way better: a fridge shelf made out of glass. I was able to use it for a weekend, before it was needed for something as trivial as food (can you imagine?) - but this weekend alone allowed me to work on in for quite some time.

    As hooked as I was, I made the mistake of making the animation more lengthy than it had to be. I initially wanted to make a simple swimming whale, but it turned out to be one with lots of frames and also an animated background that I needed to draw separately. Ouch.

  • Conclusions

    • Advantages

      Essentially, it makes character animation possible. I have learned how to use pencils over the years - a drawing tablet is great, but it limits me. Let's see how it turns out.
    • Disadvantages

      Inbetweening is not possible. Clean animations with continuously thick lines are impossible. Colour... well, let's not talk about that. Onion skinning only reaches 1 layer downwards (I will explore options like lightboxes and finding thinner or more transparent flipbooks). And I can pretty much forget looping.

      Unless you have a lightbox. The disadvantage here is: Holding the pages together, especially when they're way bigger than the sketchbook, becomes more difficult.

      Also, it turns out that tracing for tweening, gripping as hard as I do, can hurt my fingers. Also, while this is not an immediate concern right now, I can feel there's a certain strain on my back. Finding a way to inline the lightbox would be nice.

      But I noticed that it's really hard getting the same level of dark for the pencil lines on each frame.
With year reviews all around the internet, I sadly couldn't find a playlist of noises for 2016. So I made my own, since I thought it would be nice to quiz my family on New Year's Eve on what it could be and why it's in the playlist. It wasn't easy, I wanted to have at least 10 items, but even with my listening to science podcast all year long, I had four to start with.

Maybe you'll enjoy this as much as I do, maybe you'll even find it interesting or quiz your own friends and family. I have saved the playlist on YouTube, but here's my more detailed explanation of the whole thing:
  1. LIGO Gravitational Wave Chirp

    Arguably the most important scientific discoveries of the year. Not to be confused with gravity waves (which are "normal" waves bouncing because of gravity, like what water does), gravitational waves stretch space and there's no way to stop them. Einstein predicted this 1916, 100 years ago, but he wasn't sure if we'd ever be able to detect them, because they're so incredibly small. It took us 40 years of research, two massive black holes colliding and incredibly precise measurements to finally record some this year. And this is what it sounds like when converted to sound.

    This is great, it's a totally new way of "listening" to the universe, I can't imagine what we'll find given precise enough instruments.
  2. Will you mary me?

    There's a long-held belief that monkeys can't speak because they lack the anatomy. As usual, truth resists simplicity. While there likely was some kind of co-evolution of voice and vocal anatomy in humans, allowing us to be more articulate than with what monkeys have, this computer simulation of a Macaque does sound good enough - especially when compared to what a human would sound like. It seems like the brain is the limiting factor here.
  3. "Biotwang" mysterious sound in the Mariana Trench

    This metallic-sounding mystery noise might be aliens! It's never been heard before! OK, it's not aliens... it's the kind of sound a baleen whale makes. But it's still interesting, because it's quite distinct and we don't know what it means yet.
  4. Song of the Himalayan Forest Thrush

    I love that we find and describe new species every so often. Most species found are arthropods, fish... and birds. And this one has a nice song, too.
  5. WaveNet

    What you hear is not an exotic language, but it might as well be. Google's company DeepMind specialises in AI and tries to synthesize the human voice based on their own AI neural network. This differes from the usual text-to-speach programs, which use audio fragments and put them together. And it's way better. I only included the made-up words the program came up with, but of course it's more than capable to generate English or Mandarin sentences.
  6. Song of the Red-Bellied Pitta

    It is not uncommon that we think we know a species - and don't. The red-bellied pitta is one such example. It was first described in 1834 and it's now threatened due to habitat loss. At least, most of it is. Because as of this year, we know that this is in fact 13 distinct species.
  7. Dawn Chorus of Fish

    Did you know fish make noise? That's not news. What is news is that they increase their noise around dusk and dawn - much like birds do. At least for some species near Port Hedland, Western Australia (continuously throughout the year for Type VII. This brings us a step closer to understand the vastly complex ecosystems they have underwater.
  8. "Music" on the Far Side of the Moon

    Another mystery sound. And this time, it's aliens, right? It comes from the moon and the government hid it, only releasing it now! Well... not quite.

    First of all, NASA didn't withhold this 1969 recording of the pre-Neil Armstrong moon orbiting mission, it was published long ago. But they published a digitized version, making it more available for the public.

    Second, it's not aliens. Come on. This is simple radio interference. Most likely the radios in the landing module and the command module communicated with each other, no aliens involved.
  9. Giraffe hum

    By now, we know that foxes quite eloquently have a repertoire of vocabulary to answer Ylvis's question. But what does the giraffe say? Turns out... we didn't know. Until 2015, that is. Giraffes... hum.

    Wait... last year? What about this year? Well... remember what I said about thinking that we know about a species? That's right. giraffes aren't a species any more. They're a genus, which is the next bigger category, containing four extant (living) species.

    By the way, giraffes are threatened. So become part of people who love giraffes who love giraffes and educate yourself on the wonderful world of giraffe sex.
  10. Adobe VoCo

    This is very interesting. I know this will cause some discussion.
    If you want to learn about what is marketed as "Audio Photoshop", you might want to check out Adobe's full video - I chose a segment on YouTube that's easier to fit into the quiz format.

    At first, this sounds like Adobe's version of AudaCity or other audio editing programs. But then, it looks like it integrated speech recognition. And then, they swap words around in the sentence. OK. That's pretty cool...
    But then, they add in something the speaker never said at all! All you need for that is 20 minutes of the person's voice. They're working hard at making it harder to make it distinguishable for humans and also easier to make it detectable, right now they have some sort of watermark.
  11. Rosetta's Comet sounds like this

    I ended the playlist with a story that stuck with me for the last few years: Rosetta and the Philae lander, going after a comet called 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko after travelling through space for 10 years. Many of us crossed our fingers when Philae tried to land on the comet... and then nothing. Now we know that Philae actually made it on the surface of Chury, but it had some problems.

    Anyway, this is what the magnetic oscillations sounds when converted to sound, 10 000 times sped up. It's amazing. It even spawned a song by Andrew Huang, check that, a whole album. It was recordeed two years ago, but the Rosetta orbiter ended its mission by crashing into the comet.
And with that, I hope you don't stress yourself too much to start the year just right, I'm sure you'll be fine without resolutions or arbitrary new beginnings. =) Happy new year!
  • Listening to: Andrew Huang's Comet album
  • Reading: Prince of Thorns
  • Watching: Dinner for One (look it up, it's German tradition)
  • Eating: chocoloate!
  • Drinking: hot chocolate

YOU HAVE TO SAVE CHRISTMAS!! By playing this interactive video. Try not to kill Santa. And - in case you're stuck - try some of that delicious Christmas rum chocolate. ;-)

Interactive stories on dA

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 21, 2015, 4:09 PM
Where can I find good ones?
I mean, ever since I've published my own interactive story, I kept thinking about this kind of text. It's really interesting and I'm wondering if someone happens to know any kind of interactive literature Deviation or something like that. You know, one that's actually good. Because despite my best efforts, the only one I could find was this one:
Poll Saga. It takes the interactivity aspect into another direction, the story is only temporarily interactive because people can vote what happens next. And since you're reading this, she needs more votes to advance the story, go vote on the poll! And +watch :iconmy-sword-is-bigger: for updates on the Poll Saga.

So, yeah, help me out and help her out if you can. Thank you!

Edit: I found someone!

And. It. Is. So. Hard!
You basically choose your own adventure. Yes, just like the old gamebooks.
The story itself won't be overly complicated, in fact, it's a bit cliché... and the shortest way to play is with 10 story bits (bits as in really easily swallowable, tiny texts). There are loops in there, so you'll be able to play forever if you don't get bored. =)
I'm almost done with it and I'm contemplating to add some accompanying artwork before I publish it.

But here's the problem:
It's going to be in German. Why on Earth would I do that? Because I'm writing the story bits as poems. Well, they rhyme, that counts as poetry, right? And that's basically the main appeal. Or at least the main purpose.
I have tried to do this kind of writing in English a few times, just to fail miserably. Should I simply translate it without caring much about how good it looks?
Here's how to help:
Do you know of someone I could commission to write an English version of my texts? I can translate it, but I'd really like it to rhyme and have some rhythm. I need it finished within the next two months at the latest, my Core membership doesn't last forever.

Just for the sake of completeness, the interactive story is part of a German (!) (sorry) 52 week writing challenge: Jahresschreiber (22/52): Interaktive Abenteuer by RetSamys

DailyDeviation! Cries out of happiness and dies.

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 28, 2015, 1:06 PM

I have never had a doubt that it would take me some more years to become good enough to get a Daily Deviation... if I'm lucky. Today, I came home from a long day of work and I immediately saw what could only be one person :+fav: Fav'ing my entire Gallery. I mean, over 90 Activity Messages? Come on! I was about to give that person my biggest thanks when I saw the comments on the font I uploaded two or three days ago:

Free fantasy font: LSW Drachenklaue by RetSamys

I mean... my heart grew three sizes today. Then, I died of cardiomegaly. Then, I recovered from this metaphor. But I am left with a warm and fuzzy feeling that I will hold in my chest for the rest of the week.

Thank you so, so much to @PirateLotus-Stock for featuring the DD. I'm not sure I deserve it, but I'll take it! I don't know who you are or why you are such a beautiful person, but I hope people reading this will check you out. Thank you for being part of our big community that I am lucky enough to be part of as well! Here's some of your work I liked and that I want to feature (I insist):

Amethyst Texture by PirateLotus-Stock Stairs in Water by PirateLotus-Stock Small Blue Fish by PirateLotus-Stock Shark by PirateLotus-Stock Fabric 14 by PirateLotus-Stock Apple Vexel by PirateLotus-Stock Jellyfish by PirateLotus-Stock

And also thank you all for all of the nice comments and the Faves and the watches. Wow! Celebrating with Pizza and a quick and ugly Journal Skin.

Apologies for the repost. I accidentally deleted this Journal entry and I don't want it to be lost.

After 81 creations, I had to stop this second round. Scroll down a bit to day 81 to know why.

I have returned! Glory to the new daily sketches. Some of my watchers might remember that I already challenged myself to do daily sketches - and that I had to stop after 159 days. All of those old daily sketches are collected in this Journal entry. There are traditional pencil drawings, some things I tried out with my tablet and animations.

For those of you who are new here, welcome! All of the daily sketches of this second round can be found below. If you want to be updated on all of my daily sketches, you'll need to edit your +watch settings so that you also receive my Scraps, because quite a few will land there. But just in case you don't, I'll just update this Journal once a month.

Here are the rules that I have set for myself during this challenge:
  • Beginning from Dec 1st, 2014, there will be one sketch for each day.
  • The medium or topic of the sketch doesn't matter. Mediums that will be repeatedly used include (but are not limited to) pencil drawings and digital animations done with my tablet.
  • I get to cheat. The amount of sketches has to be equal to the amount of days passed since Dec 1st, 2014, but I can make two sketches if I didn't make one the day before.
As you can see, the rules are a bit different from the ones I had last time.

Oh, and I'm already running out of ideas. If you know what I could do next, don't hesitate to comment!

NewDay 81:
Daily81 - Floaty rocks of daily's end by RetSamys
Gradient-free version with transparent background: Daily81a - Rocks of empty ends by RetSamys

OK, so in the first round of the daily sketches I made it to 159 daily creations. This time, I made it to 81. And I didn't want to stop.
Unfortunately, two things happened. I was behind one day due to being sick a few days and I hurt my wrist! On what would have been the day 82, I fell hard on my hands and for a moment, I was afraid it might be broken. Since my right wrist needed the minimum of stress and my left hand is incompetent for any precise movements, I decided to put an end to the second round of daily sketches. I will reboot with a third round soon! First, I have to organise a German 52 week writing challenge.

Maybe you remember these:
Daily77 - At the edge of sorrow by RetSamys Daily78 - Away in the Wind by RetSamys
I told you I wanted to try something similar one day. And today's the day!

Day 80:
Daily80 - Candles by RetSamys
Here's some old-fashioned still life study, like I used to do them in the first round of daily sketches. I found two candles lying around and I realised that I hadn't done any studies of candles yet!

Day 79:
Daily79 - Test Cube 7 - Flying by RetSamys
So this is what a cube rotating looks like when not using some software to help you with the 3D. Obviously, I still have a long way to go.

Day 78:
Daily78 - Away in the Wind by RetSamys
Goodbye, sickness! Sending you home. Please don't come back. Stay in that place of sorrow, of darkness, of no colour.

Everyone who has seen last day's WIP knows this was coming. I made the background and went on and on about having been sick. Now, I'm better. But that doesn't necessarily mean my art will get better as well.
This is another thing I never would even have dared to do on the first round of daily sketches. But the idea was there. And then, I got asked to make an animation with hair in the wind. Well, I think I should study the way hair behave in wind, but I still like the overall result.

As mentioned in the WIP, I tried to do something different here. For one thing, I don't usually make use of much colour. I also don't really animate with vectors. I had fun with both. It might be something for a future creation.

Day 77:
Daily77 - At the edge of sorrow by RetSamys
This is actually a WIP. And a vector image. And it's something new, something that I spontaneously decided that I wanted to do a long time ago. Something colour-y. Something palette-y.

So, yeah, this is more or less a metaphor for leaving behind my ugly little problem called sickness. Go back to that darkness from where you came! Vade retro et non revertetur.
This will be an animation once it is finished! You'll see me (well, not me, I like to be overly dramatic sometimes and I chose something in red) let go of that thing, sending it to where it belongs. Since this will be an animation, I was careful not to use any gradients, hence the background.

As for the colours, I already mentioned that I wanted to test out colour palettes. I'm not too good with that kind of thing, this is what came out of it. But the interesting thing for me was the flying island: Once I had the base colour, I could use maths to figure out what the other colours were! If I want to make it darker, I should also colour-shift it towards red and make it more saturated. The brighter I get, the yellower and the less saturated I have to make it.

It was interesting to see that it could be done at all. I had the outlines for the rock, turning them into a vector looks really well. I might have to do it again!
Come back tomorrow to see the animation! The island and the rest of this background won't move. But what's on it will.

Day 76:
Daily76 - Steel typonimation by RetSamys
I realise this isn't a complex animation. But I was sick that day and I had other worries. So enjoy!

Day 75:
Daily75 - Red Umbrella by RetSamys
This is based on last day's sketch in :iconcreatoon:: Daily74 - A 3D Umbrella WIP by RetSamys
You might remember the Jellyfish. Daily59 - Jellyfish by RetSamys And you might say that this is very similar. And you're right! It is. I'm sick and I don't want to stop making daily sketches (I'm one behind thanks to my condition), so I made this umbrella.

Day 74:
Daily74 - A 3D Umbrella WIP by RetSamys
So here I am again, making 3D stuff with a 2D animation program...
One of the disadvantages of winter is that there is a tendency of getting sick. I dislike being sick. It made me miss a day that I still have to make something for after day 81!
Next step: tracing.

Day 73:
Daily73 - Toothpaste typonimation by RetSamys
Whoops, that's a bit too low-frame for the tube. Oh well... Why does the preview always look smoother? (Don't answer that, it's a rhetorical question.)

Day 72:
Daily72 - Vanish typonimation by RetSamys
See, that's much better! More frames are good.
To be honest, I was out of ideas for the h, that's why it looks like that. I like the i and the s isn't bad either.
More to come!

Day 71:
Daily71 - Nonsense typonimation by RetSamys
No. No, no, no, no. I can do better. In fact, I will do better. I have this idea (it has been done before, of course) to make a whole bunch of typographic animations that I name typonimations.
OK, next time I need more frames.

Day 70:
Daily70 - Reading People 9 by RetSamys
Drawn in a train. Don't draw in trains!
OK, this looks a bit better. The woman on the right was sitting right in front of me, so that was exciting. If she had caught me...
The girl on the left was moving around a bit.

Day 69:
Daily69 - Reading People 8 by RetSamys
Drawn in a train. Don't draw in trains!
Finally, more people to draw, even though it was a shorter trip. Hey, I think I got better at copying legs. Faces still fluctuate, though. And anatomy is as bad as always.

Day 68:
Daily68 - Reading People 7 by RetSamys
Drawn in a train. Don't draw in trains!
I really hope I get to draw more people next time.
Business people are business people because they're busy. This one was. Left way too early.

Day 67:
Daily67 - Mal-Strom by RetSamys
This time, I wanted to try out the smudge tool some more. And since there are too many gradients, I had to put the frames into a Flash file.

Day 66:
Daily66 - Motivation? Not today. by RetSamys
Urgh... some days just aren't good days to draw. So I thought I could make another folding tutorial - about how to fold a paper ship - but I just couldn't bring myself to make it properly.

Day 65:
Daily65 - A Midnight's Cat by RetSamys
Oh, so you think this is about the cat? Wrong! This is about the tail of the cat.

This is my entry to :icondreamers-welcome:'s monthly challenge. This month, the theme is nocturnal and I'm glad I got to submit this one for the challenge, because this was inspired by a great animated movie called "Nocturna". It's a magical movie and something that I absolutely wanted to try out was what they did with the tails of the cats. Now, I didn't do it the way they did it, but it's still swinging around. The walk cycle came as a bonus (and let's be honest, it could be better, but I wouldn't know a thing about animals, their anatomy and walkcycles in general, so meh... Also, in retrospect, I'm even gladder that I made the cat a silhouette, it seems that they don't walk by using their legs diagonally, but instead they have what Wikipedia calls a "'pacing' gait": They move the legs on one side and then the legs on the other side for normal speed.).
Also, I seem to have made a mistake when tracing the initial sketch: the cat is getting thicker for some frames. Must be the moon pulling... =D (Big Grin)

But yeah, the tail... to quote one of my favourite poems: Strays strung strings, a cocktail of cat's tails, a decadent party of meowing sounds, a bohemian behemoth, post-midnight soiree... (The Cat Piano)

Day 64:
Daily64 - Rotating Book by RetSamys
This is based on day 54's sketch Daily54 - Rotating Book WIP 1 by RetSamys I made with :iconcreatoon: (a WIP can be seen here). It took me some time (three days, to be exact) to get the full 360° rotation, but now here it is!

This animation has 60 frames. It should take exactly 6 seconds for one full rotation.

Day 63:
Daily63 - Reading People 6 by RetSamys
Drawn in a train. Don't draw in trains!
Travelling in the evening, not many passengers, even less people reading. At least, my Reading People series continues!

Day 62:
Daily62 - Mic test by RetSamys
Oh, this is so embarrassing! This does not sound the way I wanted it to. If I'd known, I don't think I would have written the music and then recorded myself.
This is not how I sound at all, not even when recorded. I wrote this rather quickly, when really, I should have thought about my vocal range and about what key I usually sing in... argh!

This will not be tagged, I won't dare to submit it to any group, I won't put this into any folder of my gallery, I need to put this behind me. In the future, I might do something better. If I ever get over this.

Day 61:
Daily61 - Reading People 5 by RetSamys
Drawn in a train. Don't draw in trains!
I thought I'd try to make it colourful this time.

Day 60:
Daily60 - Soup! by RetSamys
If you think this is about soup, you are wrong! This is about my obsession interest in rotating objects. That's right. This is about the spoon - there is no soup.

Day 59:
Daily59 - Jellyfish by RetSamys
A wild animal for :icondreamers-welcome:'s monthly challenge - this month's theme was wild. This is based on last day's WIP Daily58 - Jellyfish WIP by RetSamys.

Need some music?

 Need to turn your brain into goo?

Day 58:
Daily58 - Jellyfish WIP by RetSamys
I needed a deviation for :icondreamers-welcome:'s monthly challenge. This month's challenge was wild. But I had no idea what to do.
Until I read Reddit's daily sketch subreddit, which I regularly check out, suggested drawing jellies. So I did! I tried out CreaToon's ability to use the z-axis to create 3D models despite being a 2D animation software and got to work.
One circle for the main body, repeated several times in several sizes to get the basic shape.
Then, I used the sketch tool to create one tentacle (animated it and then copied it 8 times, rotated along the y-axis).
I decided to use the sketch tool once more to add the red lines.
Finally, I let the whole thing contract and expand, because that's how jellyfishes do. Oh, and I added a rotation. Because I could.

Next step: tracing.

Day 57:
Daily57 - Font of kid drawings WIP 2 by RetSamys
Once, some time ago, the group called Lese- und Schreibwerkstatt collaborated on a cryptographic alphabet which they later used to send encoded messages to each another. Here are the last 13 letters they did, properly traced so that I can make it into a font later on.
Next step: making it into an actual font.

Day 56:
Daily56 - Font of kid drawings WIP 1 by RetSamys
Once, some time ago, the group called Lese- und Schreibwerkstatt collaborated on a cryptographic alphabet which they later used to send encoded messages to each another. Here are the first 13 letters they did, properly traced so that I can make it into a font later on.
Next step: tracing letters N to Z.
And then making it into an actual font.

Day 55:
Daily55 - Rotating Book WIP 2 by RetSamys
This is based on last day's sketch Daily54 - Rotating Book WIP 1 by RetSamys, which in turn was based on Mysteries Opening (small gif animation) by RetSamys :iconretsamys:.

If this looks weird to you, then it's because I only traced the first 90° and then mirrored it so that it now looks like a proper 180° turn. Everytime the book faces the camera, it resets.

Day 54:
Daily54 - Rotating Book WIP 1 by RetSamys
This is based on Mysteries Opening (small gif animation) by RetSamys, from which I derived my current avatar :iconretsamys:.

So, this was done with :iconcreatoon:, which is a 2D animation program. And that's why this looks bad towards the 90° mark. The program is not really for 3D modelling. But that doesn't mean I won't do it anyway! Next step: tracing.

Day 53:
Daily53 - Ufo by RetSamys
The term being sick and tired comes to mind - not figuratively, though. Nope, I was literally sick and I was literally tired. So I made something very simple! So much for perspective accuracy...

Day 52:
Daily52 - Angel in the Night by RetSamys
This is the perspective counterpart to my dolphin: Daily50 - Dolphin by RetSamys
I almost didn't bring up the courage to do this kind of thing. I'm so glad it worked!
I think the wings are still not big enough to support his weight...

This is not supposed to be related to the decadent angel I made once.

Mature Content

Decadent Angel Rising by RetSamys

Day 51:
Daily51 - Smoke by RetSamys
I know (very roughly) how to make smoke. But can I make it loop?! Yes, I can!!
The smudge tool is useful. Here's another one I made with it:  [D154] Star Rider (Foreigner) by RetSamys

Day 50:
Daily50 - Dolphin by RetSamys
There are so many things wrong with this. Thankfully, it's still rather fast (130ms per frame, I rarely ever go over 100ms) and it only looks good enough because it's been planned out somewhat.

At least I learned something and I am going to apply it on day 52, you'll see!

See how bad I am at animating animals:
[D111] Bird of Flight by RetSamys [D93a] Caterpillar Slug walkcycle sketch by RetSamys Daily37 - Snake by RetSamys

Day 49:
Daily49 - Origami Penguin tutorial by RetSamys
Aaaand perspective fail. Oh, well.
After day 47 
Daily47 - A4 Origami Envelope tutorial by RetSamys, I just had to do another one. Making animated folding tutorials is fun!

Instructions for blind people:
    You'll need origami paper with a dark or blue side and a white side. The white side lies upwards in the first step.
  1. Diagonal fold.
  2. Open fold.
  3. Fold the two corners across the diagonal line from steps 1 and 2 towards the diagonal fold line, but not all the way to the line.
  4. Fold the tip of the corner at which the sides meet along the folding line.
  5. Now, fold the opposing corner (more than the tip, but not the folded sides from step 3) to the other side along the diagonal line.
  6. Fold in half with the folded sides showing outwards (this is the opposite of step 1).
  7. Lift up the folded tip of the corner from step 4 while opening the finished piece a bit.
  8. Done!

Day 48:
Daily48 - Reading People 4 by RetSamys
Drawn in a train. Don't draw in trains!
Ah, lovely clear view to some reading co-travellers. The guy on the left stopped reading after a while. Can you believe that? Afterwards, he was clearly bored. At least, the man on the right was captured by what seemed a very suspenseful book for the whole while.

Day 47:
Daily47 - A4 Origami Envelope tutorial by RetSamys
This is a very simple way of folding a sheet of A4 paper into a rectangle so that it can be used as an envelope itself.
  1. Write on the page facing upwards.
  2. Take two opposing corners and fold them in the centre of the page - their sides will have to meet and align. You might want to fold the sheet in half to make a centre crease to find the centre.
  3. Fold the remaining parts of the writing side in half
  4. Lead the outer corners into the fold you just made.
  5. Done.
(I'm not good at writing origami instructions, but I'm not going to steal one from the internet.)

Day 46:
Daily46 - Reading People 3 by RetSamys
Drawn in a train. Don't draw in trains!
At certain times you just have a hard time finding people who read at a certain hour in a train. And when you do, you sit in a weird angle to them, which makes it even harder than it already is.

Day 45:
Daily45 - Rubber Ducky test rotation by RetSamys
I regularly check Reddit's sketchdaily thread (what do you call that again? Subreddit?) for ideas. This time, the alternate theme was rubber duckies and I tried to make a rotation with little to no preparation whatsoever.
I didn't even think about the beak until it was too late! Simply make it round, Ret, nobody will notice it.
Still, very interesting. I'll get you one day, perfect rotation.

Who likes the little, little duckies in the pond? I do, I do, I do, a-chicka quack quack.

Day 44:
Daily44 - Walking Backwards by RetSamys
Walking backwards... ... or walking forwards and reversing the animation. This was made to test out an important aspect of animation: exaggeration. No real person would walk like this, but it works nicely on screen.

Day 43:
Daily43 - Test Cube 6 - Chaos by RetSamys
I realised that I hadn't done any animations for a while. No time? Test cube! This is going to be a pretty big series, apparently.
I made "Order" [D113] Test Cube 3: Order by RetSamys in this series, and this time, it's "Chaos".

Day 42:
Daily42 - Power Strip by RetSamys
Tired. Quick study. Meh... I really don't have interesting objects to study any more.

Day 41:
Daily41 - Reading People 2 by RetSamys
Drawn in a train. Don't draw in trains!

Now, isn't that a bit better? I had a bit more time drawing that lady, so I started shading her before she got off the train.
The man was moving too much.

Day 40:
Daily40 - The Suspended Tree by RetSamys
I'm sure someone already did the exact same thing, only much better. Yay! Floating stuff!

Day 39:
Daily39 - Reading People 1 by RetSamys
Drawn in a train. Don't draw in trains!

Consider the following problem: You are incredibly awful at drawing people, and every time you try to study humans, you are afraid you could get caught drawing them (three worst-case scenarios that have already happened to me: "Why are you staring at me like that? Oh, OK, you're just drawing me", "Would you please stop that? I don't want to be drawn" and - worst of all - "Oh, you're drawing that person over there? Can you draw me? What else can you draw?"). I have considered sneaking up on people while they're asleep, but that would be creepy. =D (Big Grin) Alternate solution: Draw people who read! They don't move around nearly as much as normal people, they rarely look up to catch you drawing them and they're easier to identify with - reading is attractive (in a broad sense), at least to me.

My apology for this being so anatomically weird is 1) drawn in a train and 2) I have no idea how to draw people and this is my way of learning it.

Day 38:
Daily38 - Flower WIP by RetSamys
OK, since I don't have time or ideas, let's try to split an animation into several parts so that I can still do daily sketches. There, part 1.
I don't know if it will look any good, check back whenever I decide to finish this work in progress.
Drawn in a train. Do not draw in trains.

Day 37:
Daily37 - Snake by RetSamys
If this looks odd to you, then it's because I tried to use maths where I shouldn't have. It's not like I'm absolutely accurate when it comes to animating animals, as you can see:
[D111] Bird of Flight by RetSamys [D93] The Caterpillar Slug by RetSamys [D93a] Caterpillar Slug walkcycle sketch by RetSamys

I could "fix" it by shifting the focus to the head, but I'm too lazy to either add a partial rotation to the head or to put eyes and stuff up there. The irony is that it started as a thought that I'm a bit fascinated that snakes can hold their heads very stable when moving.

Day 36:
Daily36 - Paint Splat by RetSamys
I was running out of ideas (like every day) and resorted to doing something more abstract, when this idea came to me. The last time I worked with liquids were day 33 Daily33 - Little Red Temptations by RetSamys and day 16 Daily16 - Liquid animation test by RetSamys, so I combined the splash (for which I didn't have enough time on 16, which is why the splash only had a couple of frames) with the shading of the icing, which worked OK here because paint has a similar texture.
Also, nice little perspective exercise. Well, as far as perspective is concerned, this might have gone better, but it doesn't matter all too much here, because noticing the errors is hard with something as abstract as a paint spot. Phew!

Day 35:
Daily35 - Electric Blue Eyes by RetSamys
This is also an overdue idea. But now I get to out it together with a favourite song of mine:
Electric blue eyes where did you come from?
Electric blue eyes who sent you?
Electric blue eyes, always be near me.
Electric blue eyes, I need you.
Electric Blue
by The Cranberries

Day 34:
Daily34 - Curtain by RetSamys
This idea was overdue. And when I saw Reddit's SketchDaily theme for today, called Serious Saturday: Fabric Folds, I knew I had to animate this damn curtain.
As you can see, I don't really know how real curtains behave.

Day 33:
Daily33 - Little Red Temptations by RetSamys
Steffi Müller and Christine Sinnwell-Backes... their mission: Making cupcakes, cookies and cakes, inventing new recipes and creating the most delicious temptations in red and other colours - all that and more on their blog (sorry, but it's in German).
They're good friends of mine and their blog is rather successful.
This one took me two days. You can see a WIP here: Daily32 - Not Only in Red WIP by RetSamys
As you can see, I did some colour correction. And since the second chibi didn't seem as complex as the first one, I also added that delicious typographic design on the bottom.

Edit: They like it! Christine asked me to give her a flower instead of a barette, so I did.

Edit: I totally forgot that Steffi doesn't die her hair any more, so I gave her blondish hair. You can see the new version on their blog.

This isn't the first chibi I've made. [D25] Chibi Viking and Chibi Roman by RetSamys

Day 32:
Daily32 - Not Only in Red WIP by RetSamys
Well, can you guess what it's about? Correct, it's about colours and chibis. Two friends of mine have a rather successful food blog and I decided to draw them. This is the first one: Christine Sinnwell-Backes.

Day 31:
Daily31 - New Year's Bell by RetSamys
It is done! 2014 is officially over, 2015 is greeted warmly and welcomed into our lives for the limited time of 365 days.
Despite not having all that much time due to celebrations and stuff, this turned out rather good. The clapper moves the way I want and the colours were a successful experiment.
Happy new year!

Day 30:
Daily30 - Snow: Avalanche by RetSamys
This is my entry for :icondreamers-welcome:'s monthly challenge. This month, the theme is cold.

See, kids, that's why trees are important. It might be a bit exaggerated, but that's how it basically works.

Day 29:
Daily29 - Preparing for New Year's Eve 3 by RetSamys
This was more of a mess putting together than I thought. Those all had different framerates (100ms, 200ms, 60ms, 80ms), so I had to split them all into 20ms frames and merge them together (with a total of 360 frames à 20ms, which GIMP was able to optimise down to 138 frames). And now the fountain has a slightly brighter background. No idea when that happened.

Anyway. I am uploading this on New Year's Eve, so happy new year everyone! I hope you have fun with my fireworks.

In case you don't know what kind of firework this is supposed to be:
  • On the left, we have a battery, similar to the Saturn Missile Battery, I suppose.
  • The thing in the middle is a firecracker.
  • And on the right, we have a fountain, which is similar to the Volcano I made on day 25.
Separate uploads:
:tumb503834689: Daily29 b - Fireworks: Firecracker by RetSamys Daily29 c - Fireworks: Fountain by RetSamys

Day 28:
Daily28 - Preparing for New Year's Eve 2 by RetSamys
Those are two of my favourites. Sparklers were of course my first firecrackers. I don't actually know what to call the other one, but I found the name"Mad Bee" and it is definitely part of a group called "Aerial Spinners".

Separate Uploadds:
Daily28 b - Fireworks: Sparkler by RetSamys Daily28 a - Fireworks: Wild Bee by RetSamys

Day 27:
Daily27 - Crawling Away by RetSamys
Why am I even doing this. I hate my dummies.
It would probably look a lot better with some more frames.

Day 26:
Daily26 - Mister Creepyface by RetSamys
OK, where does this come from? Apparently, this kind of monster is called a Rokurokubi.
Hmm. Oh, yeah, right, there was this game I played a lot back when I had an iPod touch: Rhythm Spirit - I love it! And of course, there was a Rokurokubi, among other monsters, spirits and gods taken from Japanese (?) mythology.

Day 25:
Daily25 - Preparing for New Year's Eve by RetSamys
Getting in the mood of Hogswatch!
I didn't know what else to do, so I made some fireworks: a volcano and an ordinary bottle rocket.

Separate uploads:
Daily25 b - Fireworks: Bottle Rocket by RetSamys Daily25 a - Fireworks: Volcano by RetSamys

Day 24:
Daily24 - Building a Christmas Tree (Video) by RetSamys
Music: Divertissement, provided by Kevin MacLeod

Oh plastic tree, oh plastic tree...
Our Christmas tree is great! We've had it for at least 12 years and it doesn't make a mess, it doesn't lose needles, it doesn't require water, it doesn't cost us anything every single year. Instead, it looks good, it saves trees and it's way lighter than a real tree.

This video was uploaded to YouTube. To learn how to submit YouTube videos to deviantArt, click here: Tutorial: How to submit music to dA (free)

Since we get our presents at Christmas Eve and all time is spent making dinner and decorating and stuff, what could be better than making a stop motion animation to show you how to professionally decorate a plastic tree? That's a rhetorical question. The answer is 'nothing'.
So, here you go! Merry Christmas.

I did some more Christmas things:
Unlucky Santa comic by RetSamys Saving Christmas by RetSamys Saving Christmas line and colour test by RetSamys

Day 23:
Daily23 - Lava Lamp by RetSamys
I did not know what to do for this day, but then I read the highly entertaining new article of What If? by Randall Munroe, creator of the xkcd comic. While laughing my ass off and reading about lava lamps made out of real lava and lava made out of real lava lamps, I knew what to do!

This, of course, is not how a real llama lava lamp works. For one, they don't loop. They're also slower. They don't change colour in the same way - I was lazy and used a gradient.

Day 22:
Daily22 - Symbols Pyrography Part II by RetSamys
Last time, I burned some symbols on Jenga wood and this time, I continued doing so!

From left to right, top to bottom, here are the symbols:
Atom ⚛
Treble clef
The Wooden Princess
Klingon Empire (Star Trek)

The Wooden Princess is a vector drawing I made long ago. Here they are, side by side:
Daily22 a - Pyrography: The Wooden Princess by RetSamys The Wooden Princess by RetSamys

Day 21:
Daily21 - Symbols Pyrography Part I by RetSamys
I tried something very different this time! Last time, I told you about the Jenga tower I got for a secret Santa thing (which I attempted to animate), well, now I have put it to good use!

From left to right, top to bottom, here are the symbols:
Nerdfighteria logo
DNA helix (well, half of a helix) from Heroes
Pentacle (pentagram in circle)
Deathly Hallows (Elder Wand | , Resurrection Stone O , Cloak of Invisibility △ ) from Harry Potter
Taijitu (Yin and Yang) - I made an unrelated animation of this symbol:
Harmony by RetSamys

Here's a single image of the Nerdfighteria logo:

Daily21 a - Pyrography: Nerdfighteria Logo by RetSamys DFTBA by SpiderChirsty and this one on the right (not by me) to compare.

Don't Forget To Be Awesome!
Nerdfighters unite.
Don't know what this means? Well... you can watch this video.
Basically, Nerdfighteria is an internet community around best-selling author John Green (The Fault in Our Stars, Looking for Alaska, Paper Towns) and his brother Hank Green (co-founder of VidCon). Nerdfighters (who fight for nerds) try to increase awesome and decrease world suck.

More coming tomorrow!

Day 20:
Daily20 - Jenga Tower game by RetSamys
Perspective practice! Not perfect, but I like the outcome nevertheless.
I got one of those towers for a secret Santa thing. I might do something creative with them...

Day 19:
Daily19 a - Clam by RetSamys Daily19 b - Nuclear Explosion by RetSamys
For the nineteenth day, I made two very quick animations. The first one is this clam, opening and clothing its mouth. The second one is a small nuclear explosion that is not particularly good.

Day 18:
Daily18 - Steak For The Sun by RetSamys
Wheee! Rotation fun.
Out of ideas. By accident, I listened to a song I wasn't looking for. One of my older favourites. Tea for the Tillerman - I have no idea what it's about, but it seems simple and joyful.

Bring tea for the Tillerman
Steak for the sun
Wine for the women who made the rain come
Seagulls sing your hearts away
'Cause while the sinners sin, the children play

Oh Lord how they play and play
For that happy day, for that happy day
Tea For The Tillerman
by Cat Stevens

Day 17:
Daily17 - Slicing an Apple in Half by RetSamys
How do you like them apples!?
That was last-minute. I'm glad I found this idea in time! Too bad it doesn't loop. Can't be helped. I still like it. This seems re-usable.

Day 16:
Daily16 - Liquid animation test by RetSamys
I have no idea how water works. All I remembered was how to draw a still image of a water jet from the first round of daily sketches: [D57] Fountain Pipe by RetSamys
From that, I tried to derive how it would fall down. I knew that the jet stayed relatively the same, otherwise I couldn't have draw it that well. I also knew that the more unstable the jet becomes (i.e. the tip), the more likely I get to see drops. Pretty much everything else I remember from slow motion ads. You know, they go a bit like this:
Sexy voice: This beverage [SFX of drink being poured] is very tasty and healthy.
This chocolate-based snack contains the best parts of milk [SFX].

Anyway, I could have spent another hour tracing and colouring this, but I'm not feeling like it. Those are a lot of frames. Yes, 32 frames are a lot. Definitely above my average as far as the daily sketches are concerned. Feel free to do it yourself, though.

Day 15:
Daily15 - Rotating Dummy fail by RetSamys
OK. Stop! No more dummies! This is terrible, I have to do something else. I have done some dummies now, time to do something else. I'm so disappointed.
OK, setbacks are to be expected. I'll just try to think of some ideas. Ah, I'll get you one day, rotation.

Day 14:
Daily14 - Clapping by RetSamys
Aaand back to animations. You probably remember Daily3 - Little Dancing Man and this one was made very similarly: On top of a skeleton. It does seem to work... hm...
Anyway, I could watch this guy clap at me for minutes! I'm so proud that I'm doing dailies again. I like having something done! Especially something as re-usable as this animation.

Day 13:
Daily13 - The Stag by RetSamys
No animation today. Just a stag. I made something similar in the first round of the daily sketches:
[D152] Bear vs. Kangaroo. Fight! by RetSamys

Day 12:
Daily12 - Test Cube 5 : Dissolving by RetSamys
It's another test cube! I did a lot of them in the last round of daily sketches:
[D96] Test Cube 1: Melting by RetSamys [D98] Test Cube 2: Twisting, Turning by RetSamys [D113] Test Cube 3: Order by RetSamys [D138] Test Cube 4: Expansion by RetSamys

Day 11:
Daily11 - The Wiggle Monster Turns by RetSamys
The wiggle monster returns! Remember this guy? In the first round of the daily sketches, I spent two days completing the walkcycle:
[D143] Wiggle Monster walkcycle WIP by RetSamys [D144] Wiggle Monster walkcycle (complete) by RetSamys
Admittedly, this animation is less complex. But I don't want to exhaust myself like last time either.
I always thought of this guy as some kind of video game villain in a jump-and-run game. So this is a nice addition to the character, it's now able to turn around when facing a wall.

Day 10:
Daily10 - Come towards your tired creator by RetSamys
Guuuuuuuhh... I had a long and eventful day behind me and no opportunity to do a daily sketch yet. With no ideas at all, I came up with this simple very simple walkcycle. And now to bed!

Day 9:
Daily9 - Moving Flowerpot by RetSamys
Hmm... this was a bit of a fail. To be expected once in a while.
There is as of yet insufficient sleep for a meaningful description.

Day 8:
Daily8 - The Screwhammer by RetSamys
I have an idea! I made some morphing animations in the first round of my daily sketches! But I was so out of ideas that I really didn't know what I wanted to morph into what. Luckily, ArteDigitalSA helped me out with this: a hammer and a screwdriver. Meet the screwhammer!

Day 7:
Daily7 - In a monster mask, you can learn to cook by RetSamys
If this continues, I will run out of songs. And then, what will I draw?
Anyway, I love this song. One of Pomplamoose's best songs in my opinion - although it wasn't written by Jack or Nataly.
I contemplated adding some colour, but enough is enough! This was already too time-consuming.

In a monster mask
You could read a book
In a monster mask
You could learn to cook


But could you ever meet a girl
And tell her that she means the world?

Everyone feels like a monster sometimes...
Monster Mask
by Pomplamoose

Day 6:
Daily6 -Where the light shivers offshore (Woodkid) by RetSamys
No ideas again. In the last round of my daily sketches, I turned to lyrics of my favourite songs whenever that was the case. This time, however, I chose to let me inspire by a music video. Woodkid's songs are made of pure epic and there are two accompanying aspects that increase the experience: the lyrics and the music videos. This is one of the rare songs playing on the radio that I'm OK with.
So, yeah, as you can see, this was directly influenced by the music video of I love you, in which the last scenes were so surreal and wonderfully epic.

Cue the orchestra!
Where the light shivers offshore
Through the tides of oceans
We are shining in the rising sun

As we are floating in the blue
I am softly watching you
Oh boy your eyes betray what burns inside you

Whatever I feel for you
You only seem to care about you
Is there any chance you could see me too?
Cause I love you
Is there anything I could do
Just to get some attention from you?
In the waves I've lost every trace of you
Where are you?
I love you
by Woodkid

Day 5:
Daily5 - Three-Legged Board walkcycle by RetSamys
I just realised that #itsalive is a tag that I have now used several times...
I have no idea how four-legged things actually walk. So this was interesting to try out. My walkcycles are always doomed to fail because I am too lazy to prepare them properly. I just draw one frame after the other and hope that it turns out all right.
This might or might not have been planned as a part of a series. You'll probably never now, because if that was the case, it would have turned into something completely different.

Day 4:
Daily4 - Cannibalistic Plant by RetSamys
So I was out of ideas, as always, so I went to the chat. Usually, I find someone who is kind enough to make suggestions, but the quality of the suggestion always depends on the person.
This suggestion comes from PassionRunsDeep:
Incorporate something like a mouse getting ate by a cat then the cat being ate by a bigger preditor. Lifes Cycle?
Of course I altered the topic a bit, because it would have meant an animation too complex. But here we are, a cannibalistic carnivorous plant, getting caught and getting eaten.
I just love making loops.

Day 3:
Daily3 - Little Dancing Man by RetSamys
Umm... this started as a simple skeleton, just a quick doodle. As you know, I don't normally use skeletons, because that would be like what professionals do! Shocked But for some reason, I made an animation out of it and then I had to outline the whole thing and now I have put in more work than I intended to do.
Dance, little man, dance!

Day 2:
Daily2 - Sandwich by RetSamys
Aaah! A talking sandwich!
This is very unoriginal. I think the first time I saw a talking sammich was when I was a wee child. It was a Muppets movie.
More crazy food from the first round of daily sketches:
[D95] The Very Hungry Lemon by RetSamys

Day 1:
Daily1 - Paperfall by RetSamys
This is my submission to :icondreamers-welcome:'s monthly challenge. This month, the theme was paper and I have to admit, I was a bit inspired by the Stanley Parable. I'm not a gamer. But that one is still my favourite game. There are no notes falling down in the game, though.
Hello everyone! Welcome to one of my rare Journal entries.

As some of you know, I am participating in :iconprojectcomment:'s 52 Week Comment Challenge. This Journal entry is about the 45th week and thus the 45th challenge. Read about it here. 52 Week Comment Challenge! ~ Week 45ProjectComment presents the community of deviantART a project that will question what it really means to be a commenter, an artist, a member of deviantART. All of these challenges relate to commenting in some shape or form, and we sincerely encourage everyone to take part! :la:
You do not have to be brilliant at writing comments and we are not asking you to perform miraculous feats. We are just looking for people willing to make a difference. It is all too easy to receive constructive comments, but giving them is equally, if not more, rewarding.
Each week, a challenge is set with the deviations of those who participated in the previous week featured in a news article. Many thanks to CameronKobe, Kaotic-Cass, RetSamys for participating in Week 43!

Participate in this week's comment challenge…
In your journal, feature three of your deviations and pick one constructive comment from each deviation, listing three good thi

As part of this challenge, I am recognising some constructive comments on my deviations by featuring them here.

  1. :iconanimepanda2012: made a comment on GHI Ghastly Alphabet by RetSamys, the third part of my Ghastly Alphabet series:…
    • Her comment was very useful, because she provided feedback on some things I had doubts about.
    • At the same time, it was an ego booster, which helps me creating more afterwards. =D No, really, flattery is one thing, but encouraging me about what I do by saying good things about my work really helps.
    • Finally, she gave me an idea about what to do with the blank background. I'm still thinking about what I want to do, but that idea is great.

  2. :icondailybreadcafe: made a comment on Free font: Samys Bookified Tuffy by RetSamys, a free font:…
    • They pointed out some interesting points that I could improve.
    • Not only was it thoughtful, but also honest. At least, it felt like they meant what they wrote - at least they didn't stay silent about some concerns and also about their own level of expertise - and this way I will take it more seriously.
    • They provided great ideas for future fonts! Not only will I need to make it more readable, I need to make it more diverse and interesting to the eye.

  3. :iconblightowl: made a comment on [D111] Bird of Flight by RetSamys, one of the daily sketches I used to make:…
    I just love this comment.
    • There's a question in it! I love questions. They show interest and I get to reply and I know what I can talk about and I know what I'm talking about... ah!
    • Technical expertise! I had no knowledge of the dynamics of bird wing movements, she corrected some assumptions I made for the purpose of the animation.
    • And the comment was just generally nice, I mean, she commended me on doing the daily sketches, she made some obscure references to a subculture that you find all over the internet, it has a funny introduction with a hint to the content. Perfect. Need more comments like this.

A big thank you to the three of you as well as to the rest of the commentors on my works! I'm sorry that I can't feature every single one of you!
deviantArt is turning 14. And I am super thankful for this community. So, let me tell you my story about how I got here and what happened to me!

It all started many years ago, when I was using the mighty tool of Google images to look at beautiful images. Now, when I say beautiful images, it wasn't the usual stuff, like photos, colours or - probably more fitting for my age - pr0n, no, it was more about surrealism, abstract art and photomanipulation. dA was the ideal place to find the best ones.
About two years later, when my internet sessions became more regular, I joined dA, remembering the lovely Favourites and Galleries. However, I didn't really use dA until another year later. And what I uploaded back then was - mildly put - hilarious.
Werwolferwachen - Schriftzug by RetSamys Background Gimp 5 by RetSamys Background Gimp 14 by RetSamys 360 Werwolffluch Audiobook CD Gif Animation by RetSamys

I would have stayed on this level without dA: Recording Sessions with a Wolf by RetSamys
Which is OK, for most people. But not for me. Not since I began watching other people, see what they could do on a regular basis. I learned. Slowly.

While learning that I actually could draw, I became more involved with programs. At the end, GIMP and CreaToon stood out and I went from Panorama Night Scene by RetSamys to Christopher Escalante (EscalanteMusic) by RetSamys Tanya (tArtful) by RetSamys and from Flames GIF by RetSamys Scissors animation by RetSamys to Snowfall animated GIF by RetSamys Train GIF animation by RetSamys Rubik's Cube: How I Solve It by RetSamys and you can (hopefully) see that I tried out a lot of new things.

But that wasn't nearly enough.

I tried out Flash, CSS, frame-by-frame animation, more vectors, traditional pencil drawings...

And now I have gotten to the point where I want to be more productive and that's why I started my daily sketches.
159 Daily Sketches (discontinued)This was something nice to try out. I made a total of 159 daily sketches, both pencil drawings and digital creations. I might do this again, but for now, I have to stop. For one thing, it was draining me: It takes time to do this and I often lost sleep to do these. I miss sleep. Also, the day that would have been 160, I had no time at all, I needed to concentrate on other things and I will have to continue concentrating on other things.
It's a huge collection I have left behind! I am proud of myself, I didn't expect to get over 10, 50, 100 or even 150, but I did it!
Did I get any better? I did, I think. I tried out things and I learned things and I am pleased with the outcome. Thank you to all who supported me, who left comments and :+fav:Fav'ed and everyone who simply had a look at what I did. Without you, I would have stopped way earlier.
There are a few additional things I will upload. Not much and not officially part of the daily sketches.
The entirety of this project has been docu

I started with a lot of pencil sketches, such as [D5] Key by RetSamys or [D53] Pencil Sharpener by RetSamys, mostly studies, but also some of my very own creations [D21] Broken World: Moon Fisher by RetSamys.
At that point, it was clear that I couldn't have continued this without the constant support of the community. Some were random commenters, others I know well and I appreciate their approval. I even went outside and drew something, despite the risk of someone being able to see me draw. [D57] Fountain Pipe by RetSamys

This all changed when I got a tablet for my birthday. [D79] Wacom Bamboo drawing tablet by RetSamys
My family wouldn't have given me one if I wasn't so involved with dA, I think.
From then on, I tried out new things. Mostly animations.
[D90] Take off your mask by RetSamys
I realised that this kind of thing worked. So I made more!
[D95] The Very Hungry Lemon by RetSamys [D148] Rocket Launch! by RetSamys [D154] Star Rider (Foreigner) by RetSamys [D151] Lost memories... (Oren Lavie) by RetSamys
And people like this kind of stuff.

Happy birthday dA, I don't know what I could possibly give you when you have given me so much.

Internet, I love you. DeviantArt and deviants, I love you.
And I love you guys the most because you are so awesome:
This was something nice to try out. I made a total of 159 daily sketches, both pencil drawings and digital creations. I might do this again, but for now, I have to stop. For one thing, it was draining me: It takes time to do this and I often lost sleep to do these. I miss sleep. Also, the day that would have been 160, I had no time at all, I needed to concentrate on other things and I will have to continue concentrating on other things.

It's a huge collection I have left behind! I am proud of myself, I didn't expect to get over 10, 50, 100 or even 150, but I did it!
Did I get any better? I did, I think. I tried out things and I learned things and I am pleased with the outcome. Thank you to all who supported me, who left comments and :+fav:Fav'ed and everyone who simply had a look at what I did. Without you, I would have stopped way earlier.

There are a few additional things I will upload. Not much and not officially part of the daily sketches.

The entirety of this project has been documented here, you can see every single day below.

I will do one traditional sketch every day! Here's how I came to this decision: Two things came together; I had just finished watching Groundhog Day for the first time and although I don't count this to my favourite movies, I felt restless, and it must be good, because so far, it is the only movie to have potentially changed my life; the second thing is ToddNTheShiningSword, my deviantArt friend whom I suspect to be a professional artist who is trolling the internet by creating flawed drawings (do check him out, you will be surprised what lies beyond the illusion of crayon colouring).

Here are the rules I set for myself:
    Edit: Something unforeseeable happened: I got a graphics tablet. I intend to use it. This is why the rules needed to change!
  • Pencil drawings on paper Pencil drawings or drawing pad creations
  • One every day, no excuses, no matter where I am or how tired I am
  • If one day, I don't make one, this will stop. No more daily pencil drawings
  • It will mainly be submitted to Scraps
  • For those who don't want to +watch my scraps, I will also put it in this Journal entry, notification for watchers will be once a month on the first (or the next day I can).

The goal is to eventually become better. Let's see if I can reach that goal.
It is possible that dA posts will not be regular.

Day 159:
[D159] My first stickman animation by RetSamys
I've seen a lot of stickman animations. But I never made one myself.

Day 158:
[D158] What if I could talk? by RetSamys
This was inspired by the newest video of Aug(De)Mented Reality:

Day 157:
[D157] The Alphabet A-Z by RetSamys
Uh-oh, not a lot of time in the coming days. Better do something simple. I'v always wanted to do a simple wobbling lines animation, so I made the alphabet with three frames.

Day 156:
[D156] Heartbeat of a Star by RetSamys
OK, so I was out of ideas again, but then I found a contest!

This is my entry for this contest by :iconraiinysummer:. I incorporated the themes rhythm by making the star pulse like a living thing and wind by making the solar winds.

Flash is useful because converting the image to a GIF decreases the quality massively.

Day 155:
[D155] Science Fiction Conspiracy by RetSamys
Started out in my brain long time ago, when I was watching an episode of Elementary where Everyone was watching. This is one of the few opportunities to see the initial sketch right next to the next step.

Day 154:
[D154] Star Rider (Foreigner) by RetSamys
It's getting increasingly hard to find ideas again. Lyrics can only replace ideas that much.
I stole a ride on a passing star
Not knowing where I was going
How near or how far
Through years of light, lands of future and past
Until the heavenly gates
Were sighted at last

Starrider, rider, rider
Take me to the stars
Starrider, rider, rider
Show me where you are

Starrider by Foreigner
Day 153:
[D153] Mr Bubbles Is Sleeping (Snoring) by RetSamys
Here's Mr Bubbles again from 142, resting after a long day. Some say he is sleeping. Others say he is trying to take the whole building down with a pneumatic drill.

Day 152:
[D152] Bear vs. Kangaroo. Fight! by RetSamys
Ummm... it started with a random doodle... of a bear... and then, I drew a kangaroo...
I might or might not have quickly searched kangaroos on Google Images.

Day 151:
[D151] Lost memories... (Oren Lavie) by RetSamys
Remember when I said I needed more colour? This is what I meant!!!
Oren Lavie is a great musician. Too bad he didn't write more music. One of his most impressive tracks is "A Dance 'Round the Memory Tree", which I tried to capture. Also, after having binge-watched several videos of him on YouTube, I drew him almost from memory. I had to check for his hair and his beard, but I think this looks great.

Words we have said
Grew in my head
Colored my thoughts
Sang me to bed

Lost memories
Grew into trees
Covered the doors
Swallowed the keys

Dance 'Round The Memory Tree by Oren Lavie

Day 150:
[D150] Desert Winds by RetSamys
After the last animation, I thought I needed more colour. This is a loop test, each frame has about three lines of sand particles.

Day 149:
[D149] The Five Elements by RetSamys
In search of new ideas, I thought I'd check out contest. Unfortunately, contests are mostly about character drawings... =(
Finally, I found the Elementals Contest by :iconcassy-blue:. I read "Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Uranium?" and immediately thought "I can do that!". So I did.

Day 148:
[D148] Rocket Launch! by RetSamys
Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun! Also not accurate, but who cares?

Day 147:
[D147] #EsterDay plug (August 3rd) by RetSamys
Nerdfighters! This is obviously traced from a photo that I made. You may call it a self-portrait. =P

This is my entry to the monthly challenge by :icondreamers-welcome:. July's theme was plug.

From the Nerdfighter Wiki:
Esther Day is a holiday on August 3, commemorating Nerdfighter Esther Earl's birthday. It is celebrated to remind Nerdfighters to vocalize their love for friends and family. It is a celebration of love, specifically non-romantic love, and involves nerdfighters telling friends, family members and others that they love them.

Nerdfighter Esther Earl died of thyroid cancer in 2010. Before her passing, John spoke with Esther and proposed that he and Hank would like to continue to celebrate her birthday for as long as vlogbrothers continued. The love theme was requested by Esther when told that the day could be about anything she chose

Basically, it's like Valentine's Day, just for all kinds of love, not just for lovers.

Spread the message!

Day 146:
[D146] The Table Ghost glidecycle by RetSamys
Animating monsters is fun? Animating monsters is fun.
This was made while watching an episode of The Art Assignment. Right now I cannot participate in the newer episodes because I lack the resources. Or rather: The resources are too far away right now. Grmbl.

Day 145:
[D145] Dark Magic by RetSamys
I was tired and I didn't really know what to do... so I combined a few things: :dev-flyingislands-here:, pencil sketching, day 58 and um... more pressure on the paper than I should use.
I am aware of the hands. Luckily, this is a fantasy drawing. Even though it wasn't intended that way. At all.

Day 144:
[D144] Wiggle Monster walkcycle (complete) by RetSamys
There! I did it! A complete walkcycle. Now I just need someone to use my animations in a video game or something like that. Heck, if those people want me to alter something, I'd gladly do it.

Day 143:
[D143] Wiggle Monster walkcycle WIP by RetSamys
Continued the next day. I like doing those. Maybe I should do more monster walkcycles.

Day 142:
[D142] Mr Bubbles by RetSamys
That looks weirder than I wanted it to be. But I like the bubbles.
During a chat event of :iconprojectcomment:, :iconsaiyron: made the suggestion that I animate a man swimming underwater. So that's what I made. Not swimming, but still underwater. =P

Day 141
[D141] Steaming Teapot by RetSamys
Because this, somehow, is one of the earliest animations I remember. So I recreated it.

Day 140:
[D140] Floating Island rotation by RetSamys
Another one for :iconflying-islands-here:. I planned to make it a good 3D rotation, but apparently, after all that work, I failed.

Day 139:
[D139] Paper Fight by RetSamys
You might recognise this from one of my bookmarks:
Bookmarks 2 by RetSamys
That's right, not much time, so I'm re-purposing again.

Day 138:
[D138] Test Cube 4: Expansion by RetSamys
Time for a 3D fail. Well, this is what the test cubes are all about.

Day 137:
[D137] Circles never stop themselves by RetSamys
Just a random doodle, I guess. Do you recognise the lyrics in the title?

Day 136:
[D136] Some walk test by RetSamys
First animation for a while. Wasn't entirely ready to let go the topic of the last days. For those of you who don't recognise it, these are fingers walking. Mh...

Day 135:
[D135] These Come In Handy by RetSamys
All right, last hand study! For now. Back to animations.

Day 134:
[D134] Taking It Into My Own Hands by RetSamys
Red and green, cramped hand and thumbs up, wrong and right. In truth, the colours are random.

Day 133:
[D133] Hand Over The Knowledge! by RetSamys
I could have sworn I drew those on different days... chronologically, the right one was created first.
I like ambiguous titles.

Day 132:
[D132] In Safe Hands by RetSamys
I think this is when I realised that there is a limited amount of interesting hand poses.

Day 131:
[D131] Can't Put My Finger On It by RetSamys
More hands. I realised that I had to draw more hands because they were so fun to draw!

Day 130
[D130] Second Hand Experience by RetSamys
More self-portraits! =D
OK, so this is the first part of a series of hands I drew. I have a small confession to make: I know in what order I drew these hands, but I don't remember how many and which ones I drew at what day. I'll still apply the numbers for the days as if nothing happened.
I'm fairly certain that I got day 130 right.

Day 129:
[D129] Slippers by RetSamys
Having comfortable footwear is important. So here's a pair of slippers.

Day 128:
[D128] Old Corkscrew by RetSamys
I think that's the corkscrew I grew up with. Wait, that sounds weird.
I don't drink a lot. Only occasionally, really. I don't like the efect alcohol has on me, but in moderation... insert joke about how my drinking behaviour seems like homoeopathy to some.

Day 127:
[D127] Watermelon by RetSamys
Wow. That looks much nicer, now that I have coloured it.
I used to dislike watermelons as a kid (but I liked the artificial flavour called watermelon). Now, I'm OK with them.

Day 126:
[D126] Human studies by RetSamys
A hot day, a long trip behind us, so instead of playing volley ball at this oversized sand box, most of us just chilled in the sun loungers. I liked the temparature. So I took the opportunity and studied two girls, about 20-30 minutes each (after that, they suddenly decide that it's important to socialise and they tend to move a lot during their conversations).

Day 125:
[D125] Dogs by RetSamys
Before meeting with some guys and their search and rescue dogs, I drew the two dogs on the left. Obviously, I had no idea what a dog actually looked like.
Afterwards, I knew more about canine anatomy and drew the rest. Which shows that I am incredibly good... at drawing ugly dogs not corresponding to reality. Those dogs are constantly in motion, making a study virtually impossible for me. Which is why I had to draw from memory.

Day 124:
[D124] Wild West by RetSamys
Realising I left my stylus at home, I had to begin pencil sketches again. This is the first one. A Western. I don't watch Westerns. And I can't draw horses (or human faces, for that matter).

Day 123:
[D123] Board Game by RetSamys
What a funny number. Long time, no update. I was away for a week and after that, I forgot where I saved the file. Also, now I need to scan all those pencil drawings I did because I forgot to bring along the stylus of my drawing pad...

This would be the second time I used Reddit's daily sketch topics.
You know that one game called Mensch ärgere dich nicht, right?

Day 122:
[D122] Runny Nose keyframes by RetSamys
Taking idioms literally. OK, to have a running nose has been done so many times already. But I wanted to try something walking from another angle.

Day 121:
[D121] Drops Falling Down by RetSamys
Because why not? This idea came rather quickly to me.

Day 120:
[D120] Time and Time Off #theartassignment ep. 9 by RetSamys
Sarah and John introduced us to Lauren Zoll and she had an interesting challenge for us: Turning off a screen (for a change) and look at what reflects in it.

I chose the display of my digital clock and I chose to put my analogue watch in front of it. You know, à la: time goes on even without the clock. Of course, as it is part of my daily challenge, it is not a photo, it is a study.

The red yellow and blue colours are not randomly chosen, in fact, they were the colours from the different light sources, I only exaggerated it a bit. Blue: It's the light of my webcam. Yellow: It's the light of my regular light bulb. Red: There's some wood in the background, the light reflecting from there makes it a bit reddish.

Why did I make it so small!? I almost finished with the whole thing and I noticed that it was just way too small!


1. Turn off a screen.

2. Take a photo of only the screen.

3. Make sure to think about color, pattern, and form. Do not include any humans in the frame. 

4. Upload it to your social media platform of choice using #theartassignment.

5. Fame and glory (your work might be featured in a future episode).

Day 119:
[D119] Gnome Working Out keyframes by RetSamys
I thought 118's gnome was so good that I made another version of him. Who knows, maybe I'll make a turnaround of him sometime in the future.

Day 118:
[D118] Gnome walkcycle keyframes by RetSamys
The library I work in has this mascot: a reading dwarf. I made this, but they didn't ask for it, so I didn't show them... I think I'll leave it on their image folder so that they can discover it after I left.
It could also be something I could easily use somewhere else.

Day 117:
[D117] Oppa Patreon Style by RetSamys
:iconpatreonplz:Eeeeeeeeeh, sexy content... Op, op, op, oppa Patreon style!

This was done right after a live-stream with the Patreon team (including founders Jack Conte and Sam Yam) and some Patreon artists (Trudbol/Julien Neel was there) and investors (Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit and Chris Paik).

Patreon is a website that allows fans to support artists financially by giving money for every released work. Like Kickstarter, just not for one-time projects, but for continuous support. Some great artists release only 4 creations per month (or even less) and it costs money for those to be made without being payable (i.e. publicly available and maybe, maybe some ads bringing in very little money).
Plus, you get perks.

As soon as my paying information are set up, I will finally be able to support my favourite creators!

Day 116:
[D116] Waiting Swordsman 2 by RetSamys
Even less time. So I re-purposed 115's material.

Day 115:
[D115] Waiting Swordsman 1 by RetSamys
Not much time these next few days.

Day 114:
[D114] Under Lock And Key by RetSamys
Encouraged by day 112, I made this. It's pretty much OK, but it looks like it's melting, which isn't quite as impressive as the last time.

Day 113:
[D113] Test Cube 3: Order by RetSamys
This is my entry for :icondreamers-welcome:'s monthly challenge. June's theme was order.
I didn't know what to do, so it was time for some more test cubes.

Day 112:
[D112] The Magic Trick by RetSamys
Yes! A great idea, a good execution, what more can I ask for? Morphing is fun.

I'm a magician, I'll say it's real. I got nothing up my, nothing up my sleeve.
Freaks and Clowns by Jack Conte

Day 111:
[D111] Bird of Flight by RetSamys
I was out of ideas again. I probably should have tried to do something anyway, but there was a live chat for ProjectComment and it's always a good time there. Luckily, Riemea gave me this idea.
I obviously don't know a thing about how birds fly, but I think it looks cool anyway.

Day 110:
[D110] The Book of Pages by RetSamys
Tired again. This time, I had a plan: repurposing.
A long time ago - 2 or 3 years back - I designed bookmarks. Nothing fancy, just bookmarks with books in them:
Bookmarks 1 by RetSamys
Kids have a great time colouring them and cutting them out. Anyway, I used the bookmark on the top and made this animation out of the book.

Day 109:
[D109] So tired, I don't even know what this is by RetSamys
Huge failure. I was really tired. And then, I had this idea. What was I thinking!?
Let's just move on.

Day 108:
[D108] Kajak In The Stars by RetSamys
As always, I was running out of ideas. So, I went to the chat and finally, Primitica suggested something like drawing a girl in a boat, touching the stars below like she would touch water. That was a bit too complex a drawing, for it was late in the evening. Instead, I only drew the boat. Man, 3D is hard. For the background, I looked up tutorials, instead I ended up using an online drawing tool called Neonfames. And I drew my onw nebula. Now it has colours. Pretty.

I uploaded the background as a separate, big deviation: click here

Day 107:
[D107] Chitin Warrior walkcycle by RetSamys
Hehehe, I don't know, I like the idea.
Yay, another walkcycle!

Day 106:
[D106] Shape Shifting by RetSamys
It all started with the octahedron, but then I began watching John Green's livestream about the opening game of the football world cup.
The sphere doesn't look as good as planned.

Day 105:
[D105] Crab Robot walkcycle keyframes by RetSamys
I took the crab robot from the day before and now you can see why I named it that way. If I had more time, I would have made the animation more fluid. These are only the basic keyframes of the animation.

Day 104:
[D104] Crab Robot Laser by RetSamys
Originally, I intended to make the robot walk, but there was no time! Instead I tried something else. Lasers!
Hm... I have looked on Reddit's daily sketch topics for quite a while now, but this is the first time I made something out of it.

Day 103:
[D103] Cannot Grasp by RetSamys
Look Ma, no reference! Ugh...
The lack of correct anatomy is doubled by the incorrect animation. However, I did apply what I learned from my self-portrait on day 2.
I made a skeleton first. Because that's how professionals do it.
Drawn in a train. Don't draw in trains.

Day 102:
[D102] Almost Inactive Volcano by RetSamys
I guess it's time for more lyrics.

Don't build your world around
Volcanoes melt you down

And What I am to you is not real
What I am to you, you do not need
What I am to you is not what you mean to me
You give me miles and miles of mountains
And I'll ask for the sea

Volcano by Damien Rice

Day 101:
[D101] Ageometrical Rotation by RetSamys
Drawn in a train. Don't draw in trains.
I made perspective lines first. Which is the only way I can draw something in 3D, apparently.
Yay for tetrahedrons! It's not a regular one, but it still is a tetrahedron.

Day 100:
[D100] Hammer Time by RetSamys
Inspired by day 99, I made this. And then decided to not continue to do this the next day. Because I am simply not good at human figures, even if it is as simplified as this one.

Day 99:
[D99] Pew, Pew by RetSamys
Probably inspired by Lore and StarCrafts.
Maybe add some background motion...

Day 98:
[D98] Test Cube 2: Twisting, Turning by RetSamys
Less time. More test cubes.

Day 97:
[D97] Animated too hastily #theartassignment ep. 8 by RetSamys
Name: Ret Samys
Assignment: Episode 8 - Walk on it
Title: [D97] Animated too hastily
Preferred pronouns: he/his

This art assignment was about walking on a painted surface. The art of process and result. Which means digital media are excluded from this one. And I don't care. There's no way I will upload a film or a photo for the art assignment. So I'm doing my own thing (and not officially submit it to Sarah Green, both because I didn't follow the instructions and because the result is rather mediocre).

Episode 8 Instructions:
1. Find a big piece of wood or board
2. Paint it heavy with a color that you love
3. Put on a fabulous pair of shoes and walk on it. When it looks cool, you’re done.
4. Upload it to your social media platform of choice with #theartassignment
5. Fame and glory. (Your work might be featured in a future episode.)

Watch the episode here.

Day 96:
[D96] Test Cube 1: Melting by RetSamys
No ideas. Not much time. What to do? Tests. Cubes. Test cubes.

Day 95:
[D95] The Very Hungry Lemon by RetSamys
Drawn in a train. Don't draw in trains.
You might remember my surreal fruits... well, I have another one for you! You probably shouldn't get too close. Throw ice cream at it!

Day 94:
[D94] Simplest Turnaround sketch by RetSamys
How hard are turnarounds? Hard. Very hard. I don't really think threedimensional.
Oh, and I can't draw circles if I'm tired.
I made this after coming back home late, watching X-Men:Days of Future Past.
And hey, first time using colour in an animation!

Day 93:
[D93] The Caterpillar Slug by RetSamys
I am proud of myself. This is... the only real animation I made. It's frame-by-frame. It was planned out by using both keyframes and a skeleton-like structure.
It could have been better if I actually looked at how caterpillars move. Even briefly. But I didn't.
Have a look at these contractions:
[D93a] Caterpillar Slug walkcycle sketch by RetSamys
Drawn in a train. Don't draw in trains.

Day 92:
[D92] Hellu by RetSamys
That didn't work and I know why. I should have thought of the arm as an arm with an ellbow instead of something without any bones in it at all. That way, it would have looked more naturally.

Day 91:
[D91] Talking Watering Can by RetSamys
One of the most generic and simple ideas, but I really didn't know what else to do. And I was tired again. So, here's a talking watering can. Have fun!

Day 90:
[D90] Take off your mask by RetSamys
I was bored and sometimes, I visit the chat to see if someone can help me find an idea. I had a discussion with jesseyyy and she showed me her poem Words Hurt. While the poem was not my cup of tea, I had this idea. And I like it! I think it's well done.

Day 89:
[D89] As tired as a fuzzball by RetSamys
A fluffball, a hair headed creature, a thing that just came out of its bed and it's tired enough to go right back to bed. It's about as tired as I felt while creating it.

Day 88:
[D88] Chatterboard Box by RetSamys
It's a human (ostensibly)... with a talking cardboard box as a head. And all is hand drawn - as always. Which is why part of the animation is out of perspective (more than the rest).

Day 87:
[D87] A Moment Alone by RetSamys
Humans are hard. No reference used, obviously.
I still have no idea what I'm doing wrong. I mean, there must be something wrong, right? I am bad at anatomy, so there is something anatomically totally incorrect in this image. But I can try as much as I want, I won't find out what it is. If someone could point me in the right direction?

Bonus points to everyone who can guess what music video inspired this.

Day 86:
[D86] Simplest walk cycle by RetSamys
Too lazy to fix the preview image.
What is the simplest possible walkcycle? Aside from lowering the amount of keyframes, I'd say it's only having one foot!

Day 85:
[D85] Animation: How trees grow by RetSamys
OK. That was fun!!! Takes a looot of time, though.
As far as I know, this is how trees grow - in an oversimplified way.
Looking forward to making more animations.

Day 84:
[D84] Freefall animation by RetSamys
This is for :icondreamers-welcome:'s monthly challenge. This month, the theme was fall.
I used :icongimpplz: the GIMP and my Wacon Bamboo for the drawings (the rocks, the figure and the frames of the figure with the flapping clothing) and :iconcreatoon: CreaToon for the falling animation. Compiled and optimised in GIMP.

One of the many advantages of using a drawing tablet and GIMP is that I can finally do some frame-by-frame animation! This is the first of hopefully many more animations I did with it.
These kinds of animations take a lot of time. No matter how simple it is, it'll always take at least two hours. Both the initial sketch and the tracing demand way more than expected. Oh well...

Rocks: [a] [b] [c] [d]

Day 83:
[D83] Dawn of imperfection by RetSamys
Well... this is about trying new things. Maybe I should have a look at some tutorials before trying something like this. Moving on.

Day 82:
[D82] Lunch Box by RetSamys
Well, that looks nice, doesn't it?
Lunch boxes have been part of my life as long as I can remember.

Day 81:
[D81] Flat Screen by RetSamys
Hm... sketches with the drawing tablet will take a lot more time than pencil sketches. Pencil work can be done in 30 minutes, I need at least 1 hour for the tablet work

Day 80:
[D80] Water Bottle and Plate with Fork by RetSamys
So, here we are! First real sketch with the drawing tablet. I chose to study what was on my desk. One of the big advantages with the drawing tablet is that you can overlay reflections and other bright areas without any problem.
I have much to learn!

Day 79:
[D79] Wacom Bamboo drawing tablet by RetSamys
This is a graphics tablet. It's the Wacom Bamboo model. I got it as a belated birthday present. This marks the end of the sketches as you have come to know it. From now on, traditional pencil sketches will only be made if it is inconvenient for me to make a digital drawing.
Coincidentally, this also fills the last page of my sketchbook. Having completed the sketchbook was a partial goal for the daily sketches (as were some numbers: 50 - which I managed to achieve and 100 - which I am still progressing to).
Without putting in any real effort, I made a quick test with the tablet. I chose to draw November, a doodle that I use pretty much whenever I doodle:
What's your name? by RetSamys
There are many advantages to a drawing tablet. The main disadvantage is my lack of experience. I have drawn with pencils ever since I was a little child, now I actually need to learn how to use the digital tools properly. Exciting times lie ahead.

Day 78:
[D78] Demons by RetSamys
I hate it not to have time and being tired, but sometimes that's just what happens. This is one of those days and I tried making some demons.

Day 77:
[D77] Red Peony Flower by RetSamys
Good thing the internet could help me identify the flower. A peony. Never heard of it. Probably would have called it a rose...
I took a walk and after what felt like an hour, I found a small garden and the light was just right to draw one of those flowers. This time, I really took advantage of the fact that I would digitally colour it and deliberately didn't shade it.

Day 76:
[D76] Whathowwhere am I? #theartassignment ep. 7 by RetSamys
In this episode of The Art Assignment, we found out about the beginnings of surrealism. Intriguing. Now it is our turn to make something out of random parts of sentences glued together. Watch the episode here.
Episode 7 Instructions:

1. Visit and click to receive an instruction.
2. Do the instruction and document it using any museum medium.
3. Upload to social media using #theartassignment
4. Fame and glory. (Your work might be featured in a future episode.)

The generator gave me look at the sky in a deserted place with a stone and this is what I came up with.

I made the lines with a pencil and I tried out my drawing tablet for the colours. Improvised background. Improvised rocks, stones, clouds and anything else in the background. OK, I had a brief look at some speed-paints for the clouds.

I still fail at anatomy.

Day 75:
[D75] Sketch Dump by RetSamys
Oh, I was tired. I started to sketch a water bottle and realised that I did everything wrong. I then made a dragon, making soap bubble fishies, but I didn't like that either. Same went for the vampire. Then, I pretty much gave up, just made a doll, an eye and then November and then the page was filled... pffff...

Day 74:
[D74] Glass Bowl On Stand by RetSamys
I think I must have changed my point of view at one time, because this clearly merges two different perspectives together.

Day 73:
[D73] Toilet Paper by RetSamys

Toilet paper. Remember when I said I am running out of ideas? Well... this is what happens. I edited it to be red because I did blue with the pillow some days before... and I don't think that other colours would fit well. Here's the alternate version in blue:
[D73a] Toilet Paper in blue by RetSamys

Day 72:
[D72] Landscape before the fall of night by RetSamys
Mmmh... I am not a landscape artist. It is no excuse that it was getting dark faster than expected.

Day 71:
[D71] Creatures by RetSamys
That day and some of the following days, I was tired and it is getting much too late to draw something good (apparently). So, here, have some terrible monsters. I don't really know what I was thinking.
Also, since I'm not always home, I tried out an online image editing website called Pixlr. I am missing some very important tools there, but it is better than nothing, I guess. I still have high hopes for dA Muro, it seems to be improving.

Day 70:
[D70] The Bridge before the rain by RetSamys
I was going outside and after 25 minutes of walking and looking what I could draw, I came to a river and found this bridge. It looks older than it is.
After 15 minutes of drawing, the wind begun to blow. Five to ten minutes later, it began to rain. I quickly traced some lines and ran home. Good thing I did that, I was all wet when I got back and it continued to rain some more.

Day 69:
[D69] Lazy Birthday Sketch by RetSamys
It was my birthday and I thought I'd reward myself with a really, really simple cake. Nothing big.

Day 68:
[D68] Pillow by RetSamys
This was a great idea! Why didn't I think of it before? I also like it with the blue background that I added digitally.

Day 67:
[D67] Electric Iron by RetSamys
As you can see, I have little experience with irons.

Day 66:
[D66] A Pebble Stone Mouse by RetSamys
This is not a real mouse. Obviously. This is a pebble stone that was painted green, then a wool tail and some Styrofoam paper for the ears were glued to the right places and a permanent marker made the face. My mother made lots of them. They look nice.

Day 65:
[D65] Camera by RetSamys
I see less and less digital cameras (and even less film cameras) these days because people use their mobile devices. But that doesn't mean they don't exist.

Day 64:
[D64] The Winds of Tomorrow by RetSamys
I felt like doing something surreal again. So I mixed a ship, a coffee mill and a windmill together and tried out some clouds. I like windmills. Maybe I should go see a real one and draw it one day...

Day 63:
[D63] MP3 Player by RetSamys
Are these dying out, too, now that we have smartphones?

Day 62:
[D62] Floppy Disc by RetSamys
Are you old enough to remember these? This is a Floppy Disc and people used it to store data. It's magnetic. Which means you have to keep it away from magnets or everything on it will be erased. I realised it was rather flat and thus not very interesting, but it was already too late, so I did this very quickly and sloppily.

Day 61:
[D61] Paint Brushes by RetSamys
These are just lying around, never used. I got a whole painting set once... but I cannot operate it. I'm not a painter and I wouldn't like the thought of being one - I don't know why, it's just not me.

Day 60:
[D60] Lyrics: The Dolls of New Albion by RetSamys
Steampunk. I like most aspects of steampunk. And the internet is a wonderful place, providing me with what I am interested in. And I wanted some steampunk music. It was surprisingly hard to find something I liked. "The Dolls of New Albion, A Steampunk Opera" finally hit me with its overture. Fantastic. I listened to the rest and was a bit disappointed because it became repetitive and a biit dull at places. I found out that it was supposed to be a musical and that explained everything.
However, there are a few songs that I did like and some are now amongst my favourites.
I recommend these songs:
  • Overture
  • New Albion 1
  • The Old Trunk in the Attic
  • Fay Considers Edgar's Proposal
  • Voodoopunk
  • Priscilla and Jasper play Cards
Some of these are great when it comes to music, others have good lyrics. But the only one besides the overture to capture my heart was New Albion 1, the epic story about a town, building itself around a perfect introduction: a gambler and a monk, travelling and arguing about god and chance and fate, and the game of cards to resolve the discussion doesn't end!!! Poetic.

Here now, we have New Albion in the first act, at its cultural peak, airships, machines, mafia, alchemists... and Annabelle McAlistair who invents the formula for raising up the dead. She probably didn't know that this would be the start of the New Albion trilogy, starting with the Steampunk Opera, continuing with "The New Albion Radio Hour, A Dieselpunk Opera" and ending with the yet to be released Atompunk Opera.

New Albion today
With bustling streets, machines, cafes
And the nice, the wise, the eccentric and insane
The Mafia’s run by
A red haired dwarf with just one eye
Whose affairs he decides with a pair of silver dice

Over the Zeppelin Union Pilots
A castrati boss presides
And we hear his song each afternoon as he flies by
There’s prisons made of lead
And gargoyles of iron shreds
And Annabelle McAlistair who’s raising up the dead
Annabelle McAlistair who’s raising up the dead

The Dolls Of New Albion, A Steampunk Opera - New Albion 1 by Paul Shapera (Mochalab)

Day 59:
[D59] Light Switches with Power Outlet by RetSamys
You know you have no idea what to draw when you draw the wall in front of you...

Day 58:
[D58] Overly Dramatic #theartassignment ep.6 by RetSamys
I participated in ep. 5 of the Art Assignment and I think that I will try to participate in as many of the future ones as possible - as long as I do the daily sketches, of course.

In this episode, Robyn O’Neil told us about the figure-ground relationship and challenged us to draw a psychological landscape. You can see the episode here and these are the instructions:
  1. Get a piece of paper and something to draw with.
  2. Create a ground on your picture plane
  3. Populate the ground with figures and give them human-like characteristics.
  4. Upload it using #theartassignment
  5. Fame and glory. (Your work might be featured in an upcoming video.)

Somehow, after a few lines, I knew exactly what I wanted to draw. The deserted, Moon- or Mars-like desolated surface with craters and cracks together with the lonely character walking around in his own realm is massively influenced by modern media. Neil Gaiman's Sandman, Dr. Manhattan from The Watchmen, some villains made out of ravens or feathers or emanate smoke (from The Prince of Persia to Snow White and the Huntsman, they seem to be lurking in places you would never expect and they seem to share the same characteristics). Also, a substantial amount of visual effects and very dramatic camera movement made it into this still image.

That's why I thought that the title "Overly Dramatic" was appropriate. Maybe it's cliché or exaggerated, but it is something that gets me every time I see it on screen. And dark characters in high contrast. And fantastic, verging on surreal, landscapes. And visual effects. Sometimes even an indestructible person in a hostile environment.

Day 57:
[D57] Fountain Pipe by RetSamys
I went back to my quiet place and there's a fountain not far from there. After looking it up and having trouble with the translation (in German, springs and fountains and wells are all called Brunnen unless further specified), I finally found out that this kind of fountain is called an abreuvoir. I didn't draw the basin.
The full number is 1887.

Day 56:
[D56] I can't draw cars by RetSamys
I don't understand cars. I don't know anything about their design. And that's probably why I can't draw them...

Day 55:
[D55] Kingdom of Diamonds by RetSamys
This is my entry to :icondreamers-welcome:'s monthly challenge. This month's challenge was Kingdom. Here are the single cards:
Jack of Diamonds by RetSamys Queen of Diamonds by RetSamys King of Diamonds by RetSamys

This is what my old art would have looked like if I had the knowledge. Well, OK, I can do much more and it would look way better, but I didn't want to invest too much time. Editing the daily sketches shouldn't be too consuming.

Considering that I like Alice, it shouldn't have taken me so long to come up with the concept, but yeah, it took me over two weeks to have the idea for the challenge.

Day 54:
[D54] Travelling Bag by RetSamys
This travelling bag is well in use. I need it regularly. Good thing this is just a sketch, it would be bad if a featured deviation was cut off just because I went out of paper on one side.

Day 53:
[D53] Pencil Sharpener by RetSamys
The pencil sharpener has become an important tool over the eternity that is now more than 50 days. Usually, I use one that has a shavings box so that I don't have to stand right next to a bin to avoid a mess. This is a right-handed sharpener, which means that you have to rotate the pencil clockwise. I don't even remember having ever used a left-handed sharpener.

Day 52:
[D52] Toothbrush With Toothpaste by RetSamys
I already knew what I would draw, but I panicked when I couldn't find my sketchbook! Sure, I could have drawn on a normal sheet of paper, but I wouldn't have my sketchbook filled as quickly. So I brushed my teeth first, looked for my sketchbook everywhere and finally found it... inside the photo album that you see opened below! It was well beyond midnight, but thankfully, I could afford to stay up late. So I put some more toothpaste on my toothbrush and began to draw. Some would consider this a waste, but a splat of dentifrice is well worth the art, I'd say.

Day 51:
[D51] Photo Album by RetSamys
For a "baby shower" (or "baby party", something that slowly becomes a thing in the non-US parts of the world where I am), I had to choose from photos of my first moments. Interesting that the times I have no memories of are safely contained in vast quantities in these books.
Oh yeah, more books!

Day 50:
[D50] 3D Glasses by RetSamys
I still can't believe 3D is a thing now. I don't know, somehow a waste of technology, at least for most films.

Day 49:
[D49] Quietest Place #theartassignment by RetSamys
The colours didn't come out the way I wanted them to. But that's to be expected, I have no experience in this kind of stuff.

This is my entry to Sarah Green's (and John Green's) The Art Assignment. It's my first time participating, but I don't think it will be my last time.
The Art Assignment is a weekly video challenge about art that anybody can participate in - you don't even have to be skilled at anything! As long as you create and document, it can be written, it can be photographed - and in my case, due to my daily sketches, it is drawn (and digitally coloured).
The Episode 5 challenge was made by Jace Clayton, aka DJ Rupture. Here are the instructions:
  1. Go outside and talk a walk from where you live or are staying at the moment.
  2. Continue until you’ve found the quietest place possible.
  3. Take a moment to absorb it. Then document the place through photography or video. Upload it to your social media platform of choice using #theartassignment.
  4. Fame and glory. (Your work might be featured in an upcoming video.)

I watched the newest Art Assignment video. I was restless.
So I went for a walk. I decided to give it a try.
Finding a quiet place in a small town isn't so difficult, but finding the quietest place turned out to be impossible. I thought it would be easier, but it was a sunny day, there are people everywhere, streets and cars everywhere, lawn mowers, a whole lot of bikers... and birds. They were quite loud at places, so that didn't really count, right?
Then, finally, I thought I had found the place. Mid-town (surprisingly), isolated, big walls everywhere - a bit further, there's lots of grass and more plants, but you'll have a street near there.
It took me five minutes (which is more than it sounds like) to have a look around. The place looks old. That's only partially due to the older buildings, some parts were deliberately left unattended, plants grew wildly on a balcony higher up...
I began sketching. I noticed it was getting dark, I had to hurry a bit.
Ten minutes in, two cars drove in, a door opened, people began talking very joyfully and very loudly. I finished my sketch and when I left, they began to play music. I don't think that's the quietest place any more. But it was at one time, for at least twenty minutes.

I was a bit disappointed, but when I returned home, I realised that I had fun and that I will participate in the Art Assignment in the future!

Day 48:
[D48] Razor by RetSamys
In search of a new object, I paid my bathroom a visit. Had to, really.
I found this advertising gift that I haven't used. A useless thing that demands to be drawn.

Day 47:

Mature Content

[D47] Anatomy fail by RetSamys

I apologise to those without a dA account and to those with the mature filter on, but this is a nude woman I tried to draw, so I had to check "Mature Content".
I swear, this just started with the hair and I somehow just couldn't stop!
I like the colours. The background is very easy to look at. The colours I digitally mixed into the drawing are a bit random, but I like those, too.
For those of you who are like me and have no understanding of anatomy: This one is very faulty. The most obvious bad parts are the neck (way too thick), the head dimension (too small in comparison with the body) and the face (faces are the most difficult thing to draw, period!).

Nevertheless, I am very satisfied with this one, since no reference and, obviously, no model was used. This was made from scratch.

Day 46:
[D46] Lyrics: Celldweller and Savlonic (APNG) by RetSamys
I tried to draw some lyrics again. This is what came out. If you use Firefox, you'll be able to see some animation.
This is still a pencil sketch, but the colours are inverted and I digitally coloured some of the lines red.

First picture: Inspired by "It Makes No Difference Who We Are" by Celldweller. I drew a black star and November on it. A bit like the little prince. November is kind of my OC, I scribble him a lot.
Second picture: Inspired by "The Driver" by Savlonic. Anatomy fail. I tried to compensate by colouring it digitally in red.
I noticed too late that I didn't write the lyrics before scanning it. So I had to add the text in the GIMP.

No price to great no distance too far
If I can wish upon a Blackstar
It makes no difference where they are
They'll grant my wish upon a Blackstar

It Makes No Difference Who We Are by Celldweller

I stole your keys 'cos you stole my heart
It seems like a fair trade to me
Now I will drive around in your car
It helps me to feel free

The Driver by Savlonic

Day 45:
[D45] Mobile Phone in Phone Case by RetSamys
This is my phone. In its casing. Model: Samsung Player One

Day 44:
[D44] Books by RetSamys
It was just a matter of time until I began drawing books. Or a whole pile of books...

Day 43:
[D43] Umbrella by RetSamys
I don't really use umbrellas, but this bent old thing was lying around and I had something to draw.

Day 42:
[D42] Lyrics: Jack Conte and Splashdown by RetSamys
I didn't know what to draw again, so I turned on my favourite tracks. After a while, I began scribbling.

Where, oh where did this come from?
Oh my God, my head's a gun.
I let myself go.

Kitchen Fork by Jack Conte

I drew a sound from the belly of the well.
I've loosened my grip on the rope that pulls the water pail.
I threw a quarter down.
I'm gonna dive down after it.
I hope that Truth of Soul was right to say there isn't a bottom to hit,
'cause if there is, then throw a shovel down
To let the world come in as an easy fit.
I'm gonna dig, dig, dig.
I'm gonna dig, dig, dig.

Dig by Splashdown with the amazingly talented Melissa Kaplan

Day 41:
[D41] Yellow Bell Pepper by RetSamys
I drew this, not knowing that I the sketch from the day before was named similarly to this one in English. Black pepper and bell pepper are two very different things.
I'm really running out of things to draw. I might have to give up studies. Not quite yet. But what could I draw next?

Day 40:
[D40] Pepper by RetSamys
I'm slowly running out of things to draw. So I drew this pepper can.

Day 39:
[D39] Carabiner Pen by RetSamys
This is the same object twice. You can pull the carabiner apart and it transforms into a pen. I got this one on the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Day 38:
[D38] Dice quickie by RetSamys
Oh, this is horrible. I hate it when I don't have time. It's the same dice three times, by the way.

Day 37:
[D37] Wooden Mortar And Pestle by RetSamys
The other side of the mortar says 'Tahiti'. I have no idea how to draw textures such as wood...
I don't think this has ever been used.

Day 36:
[D36] I took my head for its midnight walk by RetSamys
Ignore that weird head on the bottom...
And it's really sketchy...
OK, so I thought: If I don't find things to study fast enough, I'll have to find something else. And something else means song lyrics!
This song is Like a Match by Jack Conte.

I took my head for its midnight walk.
No, no, I hadn't been outside in days.
I kept the leash by my side, but it wasn't quite tight,
And I lost it.

Ah, beautiful.

Day 35:
[D35] Bottle of Beer quickie by RetSamys
Ugh. Just... what? I'm not proud of this one. It was a long day of seminar and I was tired. Let's just move on...

Day 34:
[D34] Match and Leaf by RetSamys
Another day in seminar. I borrowed a match from someone. While drawing, I realised that today's matches lack imperfection, which leads to less details. Boring. So I went outside and chose a leaf. I don't even know what kind of leaf, other than it comes from a tree.

Day 33:
[D33] Forsythia Flowers by RetSamys
I was on a seminar, no internet connection. Still, I needed to continue my challenge. Luckily, there are objects everywhere. Phew.

Day 32:
[D32] Croissant by RetSamys
OK, so apparently, croissants do not have to be crescent shaped, especially when it's not made in a real bakery, but mass produced in a convenient store in their ovens.
Hm... I'm too lazy to fix the colour. I don't like it. It makes it look a bit like what it unbecomes after it has served its purpose.

Day 31:
[D31] The Dappy Alien by RetSamys
This is an original character and an original creature by :icontoddntheshiningsword:. I'm so sorry. No, I'm not, but it looks weird and different from Dappy.
I did not reference any image other than to look up how the eyes looked and how many legs Dappy had (he seems to have six legs and two arms). I tried to imagine how his body worked. Dappy seems to be a mollusc, as far as his arms are concerned, a dinosaur, as far as his head+neck+torso is concerned, a spider when he runs towards you... yet, it seems to be clear that his head is somehow supported by something other than muscles and brain.
So, I went ahead and thought about cartilage and muscles while drawing him. Other than that, I thought of Dappy like of a regular mammal (because that's what I'm used to). This means there is a spine which would look interesting, considering there are three legs that need to be cushioned... I don't know about the pelvis(es?). The neck doesn't fit into that, I should have thought it out a bit more...

Day 30:
[D30] German Bread Roll by RetSamys
Apparently, it's not all that easy to translate "Brötchen" into English. The English buns or rolls differ from the German bread rolls. Oh well, bread is different everywhere and yet the same.

Day 29:
[D29] Rocking Stones by RetSamys
I found some stones. This one got a bit chaotic, but I like it.

Day 28:
[D28] Rats by RetSamys
Hm... why rats? Because I'm into animation films. And some of them feature rats. The one on top is probably inspired by The Secret of Nimh. The next one was supposed to be an assassin... yeah, I know... and the final one... well, it has something to do with rats leaving boarding a ship.

Day 27:
[D27] Style Fail by RetSamys
First, I drew another broken world. I realised that the style I chose wasn't working for me. So I tried out something different. My dA friend :icontoddntheshiningsword:'s style is a bit unusual and recently, I have looked at a lot of his work, mainly his OC Eva. Well, it wasn't all that good of an idea either...
Next, I tried to measure myself with a god. What was I thinking? Chris Riddell is the most amazing drawer I know about. This is my attempt at recreating his character Ottoline in the style of Chris Riddell. And since I'm used to profiles, I thought that might help. Hm...
Oh, one thing: I did not reference any drawing, I made it all from memory.

Day 26:
[D26] Alcohol by RetSamys
70% alcohol, in a small glass bottle for medical purposes. The bottle has a chemical dropper/pipette. The original bottle distorts the whole content even more and the liquid is yellowish, which would make it darker... and the pipette is warped in a way that it shouldn't be, but I still like the outcome of this one.

Day 25:
[D25] Chibi Viking and Chibi Roman by RetSamys
Drawn in a train. Do not draw in trains.

Day 24:
[D24] Walkie-talkie by RetSamys
Saw one of those lying around in my parent's house.

Day 23:
[D23] Broken World: Time by RetSamys
Drawn in a train. Don't draw in trains.
This is for Dreamers-Welcome's monthly challenge. This month's theme was break.

Day 22:
[D22] Surreal Fruits by RetSamys
Well... this is not a study... which explains the lack of realism... I need to draw more edible things...
I was tired when doing this.

Day 21:
[D21] Broken World: Moon Fisher by RetSamys
Well, that paid off! I really, really like this. This surreal moon. This beauty!
It was inspired by the many good surreal drawings I have seen on dA and by the style of the great drawing god called Chris Riddell.
This is for Dreamers-Welcome's monthly challenge. This month's theme was break.

Day 20:
[D20] Broken World: Flying Island by RetSamys alternate, less coloured version: [D20b] Broken World: Flying Island in brown by RetSamys
My first flying island! Ever since I co-founded :iconflying-islands-here:, I wanted to draw one. Founder CheeseyPotatoePie already did one. Now, I have one, too.
This is for :icondreamers-welcome:'s monthly challenge. This month's theme was break. I have two more submissions for that challenge.

Day 19:
[D19] Spoon and Pills by RetSamys
Those two have nothing to do with each other. I don't have to eat pills. I just realised that I messed up the pill packaging and I didn't really want to do it all over, so I grabbed the next best thing.

Day 18:
[D18] Buttons and Safety Pin by RetSamys
I recently needed to sew a button on my pants because the old one decided it was free and a bird and it wanted to fly... it crashed, of course, but you have to admire its will and its dream.

Day 17:
[D17] Open Zipper Bottom by RetSamys
This turned out well, I like how the colours work together as well.

Day 16:
[D16] Glass and Potatoe Crisps/Chips by RetSamys
I started with the crisps and had to give up on them when I realised that I didn't know how to persuasively recreate the texture. So I drew the glass.
Also, first one to have two separate drawings and two colours!

Day 15:
[D15] Sink Strainer by RetSamys
One day, I will run out of objects to study...

Day 14:
[D14] Scissors by RetSamys
My scissors are blue, but the blades are not.

Day 13:

[D13] Fusilli Noodle by RetSamys
This is what is called a fusilli - spiral formed pasta. At least, that's what it says on the package: Fusilli - di demola di grano duro

Day 12:
[D12] Euro Cent Coins by RetSamys
Money, money, money. 80 european Cents in their brass colours. These are German pieces of money, you can barely see the Brandenburg Gate on them. Hm... only heads...
Anyway, I have been a fan of the Euro currency ever since its beginning. It's just so modern and pretty. And you can go to France and pay with the same money. No more weird currency calculations for a drive of 30 to 50 minutes!

Day 11:
[D11] Pocket Knife by RetSamys
This is a really small pocket knife I got in Paris years ago. It has some blue coloured metal for the handle and one blade. It is attached to two key rings (not in the image). This is the first in this series to be displayed in its approximate colours.
This could have looked better, the leaves pattern on the handle aren't as well displayed... it's because this has been drawn on a train...

Day 10:
[D10] Sailing Ship by RetSamys
Could be better...
My parents have ship models in their house for some reason. This one says "America". And I decided to keep some images black from time to time.
Finally, two digits!

Day 9:
[D9] Phone Connector Adapter by RetSamys
I have a feeling that the nature of this project demands a lot of failures in a lot of ways.
This is an adapter for phone connectors (that's the technical term for the plugs of your headphones). 3.5mm goes in and with this adapter, you can plug it into 6.35mm jacks.

Day 8:
[D8] Tea Bag by RetSamys
A tea bag. I like tea. And this drawing is not too bad either.

Day 7:
[D7] Earbuds by RetSamys
Yeah, I messed this one up...

Day 6:
[D6] USB Plug by RetSamys
:plug:This has become a fundamental part of my life. And I got it all wrong by making it too long and deforming it - it's all crooked now!

Day 5:
[D5] Key by RetSamys
You know, you could try and remake that key. But it won't do you any good because this is not 100% accurate and because the lock it belongs to is long lost...

Day 4:
[D4] Piano by RetSamys
Making the background look like yellowed paper was easy. An interesting thing I discovered was the multiplication mode for strengthening the drawing.

Day 3:
[D3] Light Bulb by RetSamys
This light bulb is broken. It needed to be replaced. Before it completed its existence, I captured it in its last moments.

Day 2:
[D2] Self-Portrait: My Drawing Hand by RetSamys
So far, this is the only self-portrait of me. Drawception! Gargh, anatomy. This is like coding: It should work, but somehow it doesn't. I have no idea why this looks wrong, I thought I did everything right. So, what is it? Or is it just me?

Day 1:
[D1] Chess by RetSamys
Chess study. I own way too many chess boards. I'm really terrible at this game, luckily I enjoy losing. Expect more studies. They look better than my normal sketches - at least at first glance.
Edit: I'm back! I have Internet! At home!

I'm moving to my very first own apartment. I won't have Internet for a while.

Until better days with Internet.


Free Journal Skin: Spring (also, free CSS coding)

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 7, 2013, 10:18 AM

Edit: I made some changes to the Skin and thanks to dA's 13th birthday, I could finally update this Journal with it!

Do you want this Journal Skin? Klick here!
I did it myself. Well, OK, the art is a collection of public domain clip arts.

As you can see, it has a mood box, a link bar, a feature box, a title, some text, a nice footer and a cool header.

And it is spring related, that is because I created this as an entry to :icondreamers-welcome:'s March 2013 challenge.

Have fun using this Journal Skin, please don't remove the credits, please tell your friends, please check out my features and - if possible - be happy. And if  you consider joining Dreamers-Welcome and All-Arts-Together, you will get a virtual nod from me.

Unfortunately, it seems that I will not  make any more Journal Skins since this feature is only available to non-PM users after a while. But if you provide the art, I'd be happy to code it for you for free! How does this sound?

I hope that's enough text to give you an idea of how the Journal looks like. Let me know if you have any questions, ideas or if you want to discuss something with me.




  • Listening to: Jack Conte
  • Reading: Christoph Marzi
  • Watching: WheezyWaiter
  • Playing: around with more ideas
  • Eating: Noodles
  • Drinking: Milk
I just joined two groups. Why? To be in a group! Really, there's nothing more to it. I want to know how this business works.

:iconall-arts-together: is an OK group . Anyone can join. And you can submit anything you like.

:icondreamers-welcome: is a fun group, joining them will do both the joiner and the joined happy. It's one of those comfortable groups without any specific preferences.  Also, there are monthly challenges.

Edit: And now I am also co-founder of :iconflying-islands-here:, because this group is needed.

CLOSED Animation requests: 0/5 slots free

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 20, 2012, 5:46 PM
Your Title - version 2.0


Yep, I'm doing free requests because I need to do more animation. 2d and nothing complex please and of course, my abilities are limited.
Here are  some animation examples...
Snowfall animated GIF by RetSamys Walking GIF by RetSamys Night Road animated GIF by RetSamys Scissors animation by RetSamys Mysteries Opening (small gif animation) by RetSamys
Tests: Smiley animation by RetSamys Animation Test by RetSamys Flames GIF by RetSamys

For everybody who's interested, I customise this one Cube animated GIF Place Your Text Here by RetSamys by replacing the squares with pictures of your choice. This is also free and it's outside the slots and open any time.

0. :iconretsamys: (this is what it looks like when a slot is taken)
1. :iconbellofvictory: - done:
2. :iconangellove12: - done: Eyes of Snow and Fire animation by RetSamys
3. :iconwhippetwild: - done: Planet Lincet with moons by RetSamys
4. :icontoddntheshiningsword: - done: Animation: Eva Collaboration (APNG) by RetSamys and Awesome Flash Collaboration by ToddNTheShiningSword
5. :iconsparklepaws33:

For any other commission (digital, German poetry and maybe some sketches), you can commission me for points.

  • Listening to: Parov Stelar - Shine
  • Reading: Lilith (Marzi)
  • Watching: the time go by
  • Eating: 'Mandelschnitten'
  • Drinking: floods of information

Kinder- und Jugendbuecher: Ich brauche eure Hilfe!

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 23, 2012, 9:14 AM
Your Title - version 2.0


Hallo deviantArt und all ihr wundervollen Menschen!

Ich brauche eure Hilfe, was Kinder- und Jugendbücher angeht. Egal welches Genre, welches Alter und was auch immer, Bilderbücher, Vorlesegeschichten, Märchen, Comics, Mangas, Teenie-Horror-Fantasy-Liebe, egal, womit ihr euch auskennt, ich brauche euch!

Es geht wirklich nur darum, dass ihr euch ein winzigklitzekleines bisschen auskennt. Empfehlt mir Bücher oder helft mir sie in einen Entscheidungsbaum einzutragen.

I dare you to comment

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 17, 2012, 11:30 AM
Your Title - version 2.0


Comment here and I will tell you...

1. What animal/creature you remind me of.
2. What colour I think fits you.
3. How I feel about you.
4. I'll Insult you...
5. My favourite OC of yours.
6. What season you remind me of.
7. Tell you what food you smell like in my head
8. A song you remind me of.
9. Think of a random nickname for you.
10. What element you remind me of.
11. I'll order you to put this in your journal without using the words

A Beard a Day

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 16, 2012, 10:58 AM
Your Title - version 2.0


What is it about?

The blog is going to track their progress over the next year during their 'A Beard a Day' project.

Starting August 1st 2012, they are going to create a beard a day, every day, until July 31st 2013. The beards will be hand crafted, primarily with crochet, but as the project goes on they hope to develope into other areas.

The subject of this project is obviously beards, and they will be looking into the meanings and connotations of beards in todays culture. The main focus will be one of gender, but they also plan to look at them in terms of status and age.

They will be tracking this project with daily photos whenever available, as well as interesting tibits of research, and interviews they hope to undertake with the public and any famous bearded people I can get my hands on :D

A good example for a magnificent beard is Craig Benzine aka WheezyWaiter .

New project, help appreciated!Okay peoples', this is my new project! It's called 'A Beard a Day' and I will be starting it on Aug 1st, 2012. It will be a year-long project, ending on July 31st 2013.
It is still in its early stages, but you can help by spreading the word. I will be asking the public to get involved, so keep you eyes peeled :D
Website can be found here:
How can you help?
There are a number of ways you can help me with this project, some direct, some indirect. I appreciate any and all help.
:bulletblue: Simply just spread the word! Posting this link on whatever social media sites you use, mentioning it in blog posts or online journal entries, or even sending emails (if you're that way inclined) would be a fantastic help!
:bulletblue: Send me your interesting beard stories! (You can send them to me on here via comment or PM, or my email: No story too big or small, silly or serious. I would love to hear your stories.
:bulletblue: Also send me