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Oh, I can write a Critique? Why, this will save me a comment to make.^^

You told me that you see yourself more as a designer than as an artist and I thought about it and I just didn't buy it. And this is proof. This is fine art! I bet I could hang a print of this in a museum and people wouldn't notice.

There's a lot going on here. So many lines in the right places! Such textures! But I'll skip that part because I would only bore you with simply listing all the details I see. Instead, I'd like to focus on the shading and lighting, because it is amazing and it sells the whole thing!
  • The brooch is just delicious! It's not just because it's red, but having such a strong colour in an otherwise lower-saturated image helps. It looks like glass (or a polished gem, because all of the nice-looking "gems" in my life were made of glass) and it has all the important properties! It gets darker with the curve of the material and with the direction of the light. And the reflection is the icing on the cake.
  • Shiny metal things. Given that the brooch reflects so well, I wonder if the goblets and the bracelet shouldn't reflect more, because it looks like it could be expensive, this way it looks a bit low-grade or possibly old and not well cared for. Maybe you were going for that.
  • Window light. It might seem like a small and simple addition to some, but
    1. they are wrong, perspective is hard and you nailed it and then there's even the shadow on the leg!
    2. there is an offset in saturation near the character's head and it somehow manages to make both the background near the head and the character on the bottom more interesting
    This is the attention to detail that I expect from a 3D rendering engine, not from an average artist. You are neither and that is a compliment

Other things I'd like to mention:
  • The tattoos. I like them. Especially the one on the upper arm. Is that a symbol for fire?
    Unrelated to the tattoos, I still like the writing system, it looks more ordered here than on a previous piece
  • Damn, the details are amazing the more I look at it.
  • I already mentioned the textures, but you went an extra step for the skin. Veins. Friggin' veins! And then there's the scar and it gives me the feeling that you have it saved somewhere in a better resolution and you can zoom in even further (this doesn't contrast with the surrounding detail).

I didn't notice those were wings until I remembered they belonged to the character... which is good. Bat wings are stretched which is why they look so different to what I see here, but if they weren't, and if they were thicker, this might just be an accurate representation.

The only issue I have with this image is the top and top-left border of the cloth, on the shoulder and on the back: It's too edgy. Those folds are sharp and my eye tells me that they should be rounded.

By the way, as far as I can tell, A+ on anatomy. :thumbsup: Also, usually, most of your male characters look feminine instead of young, but this is definitely young instead of feminine (although I understand that it's more complex than that with the additional gender and all that).

OK, and the wine spill isn't as smooth as the rest of the image, but I almost didn't mention it. But I have the feeling that you have trouble painting realistic liquids in general. Not that I could help you with that in any way. =D

No, but the real reason I wanted to write a Critque on this one was the frame. I know you used it before, but it looks great here. I'm not sure what it is about it, it just reminds me of a window or a a mirror with the different saturations and the refraction-like effect. It tells me that the image I see could be optimised for my screen (of course, it's more that my screen should be optimised for images), and yet I didn't see it until I saw the frame, so it's good the way it is.
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My-Sword-is-Bigger Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Holllly shit thank you so much for the awesome critique! :la: :la: :la: This is honestly way more than I was expecting to get when I put up the critique function.

Well I guess if you wanna print it out and hang it in a museum go ahead. :XD: Don't forget to time how long it takes for someone to notice aha.
I guess I don't say I'm an artist because of the way I define 'art'. I think of an artist as a person who work on a pretty picture and care about technique/presentation etc. more than the subject. I'm not that person. I have literally only 2 goals: creating another world and representing that world.

But honestly, thank you for noticing all the small details! I never thought anyone would notice those things, because the tediousness of visuals are often taken for granted.
As for the goblets, yeah I was going for 'old'. It's also that I feel like shiny goblets would be unrealistic. From what I've seen in museums and reenactment, actual golden goblets they had back in, say, Roman times were never actually that shiny. They didn't have machines like we do.

Nice that you noticed the window light, cos that was an afterthought since the picture just didn't look complete somehow. I have the palaces in Europe to thank for the idea.

:hug: And thanks for the compliment. Strangely I've always liked being compared to machines aha.

Yep, the tattoo is a flame. ^^
And holy hell, you noticed the veins! :glomp: I swear you're like noticing every single little thing I was proud of but never expected anyone to notice. Funny thing, the idea of drawing veins comes from a Horrible Histories episode, where they said Victorian ladies painted veins over their makeup to give them that pale, never-seen-the-sun look. :XD:

I hit jackpot with the scar, but no it's not done in higher resolution. I did use a smaller brush, though.

I've never made a study of bat wings, but I think I should. At some point.
You're probably right about those folds. Here's the thing - drawing round folds is a lot harder. It's easier to go wrong, and end up having the folds look cartoony. ^^;

By "most" I assume you mean 2 out of 3, since I only really draw 3 characters. xD And yeah with the gender thing - one of those characters is technically not male, but since the enter gender system is invented, I don't know what other pronoun to use. Heh … that problem's gonna bite me in the ass when I'm writing.

Yeah, I didn't know what I was doing with that wine. xD Drawing puddles is especially hard. And I wasn't prepared to go spill some wine just to see how it looks.

What didn't you see until you saw the frame?
And yeah, the mirror / window effect is precisely what I was going for. I love this border cos it's so easy to do and it also makes the image look a lot bigger than it is, giving the impression that there's more to see beyond the borders.

Anyway, thank you so much for this critique, and (once again) for noticing all those little details! :iconsupertighthugplz:
RetSamys Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Noticing the details is something I have learned, but coming up with all that is beyond me. I've never really known what a typical Critique looks like, I just know that mine are different. But hey, you are an artist, so here's your review.
I guess I don't say I'm an artist because of the way I define 'art'. I think of an artist as a person who work on a pretty picture and care about technique/presentation etc. more than the subject. I'm not that person. I have literally only 2 goals: creating another world and representing that world.
But isn't that on itself art already? And this painting is nothing but an extension of your art through another medium.

I didn't see that the main image isn't as saturated as it could be. Which is usually something I see after looking a Deviation for a few seconds.
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