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Teaser: My New Year's Resolution
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Published: January 12, 2016
Part 0 (Teaser) -you are here
Part 1 - First Flight
Part 2 - Title | HD version | still title
Part 3 - March 2016
Part 4 - April 2016
Part 6 - May 2016
Part 7 - June 2016
Part 8 - July 2016
Part 9 - August 2016
Part 10 - September 2016
Part 11 - November 2016
Part 12 - December 2016

OK. Time to make it official. I don't usually make new year's resolutions, but for 2016, I did.
So, here's a teaser image. I call it "Adventures of a red book". It will be an animation.
I have made lots of animations before, but this one is different, because I will continue it as a series throughout the year. Here's the plan so far:
  • Work an entire month on an animation.
  • No pressuring myself about time or execution.
  • Have fun.
  • Once the month is over
    • Post all of the animation of the month. All will be licensed as CC-BY.
    • Start with the next part of the animation, which begins were the last animation ended.
  • The main character of the series will be a flying red book. All will be pretty minimalist, because I can't invest that much time and also my skills are bad enough as it is.
  • Once I have finished the series (no idea when that will be, see what I need to do below), compile it into a minutes long (!) animation and upload it to YouTube. It should be enough for 720p.
And I do this without caring about people liking it. No matter how few people will see it (even though I will try and advertise it) and no matter how badly people are reacting to it, this is where I say that I do it for myself! Since time and execution isn't all that important to me this time, it'll be far from perfect, still, I hope that at least a few people will see it and find it nice.

To do:
  • Create a narrative! For a project this big, I need some kind of a story or at least a common theme that will bring resolution to the adventure. Help appreciated.
  • Come up with objects or backgrounds my little flying book will encounter.
  • Create a title with a fitting font.
  • Come up with names for the "episodes". The first one will be something like "First Flight" or "Shelfless". We'll see.
  • Start animating. OK, this is a lie. I have started and I like how far I've come. I won't be able to create as much as in January later on, but it makes a great start.

If anyone would like to help me, let me know! Please.

Free art - you may:
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TheCacklingCatHobbyist Writer
I would love to help, if you're requesting it seriously, though I don't know how much I could. Love it, though!
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RetSamysHobbyist General Artist
Thanks, I appreciate it. I wish I knew what I wanted...
If you happen to think of some idea that I might use for this, think of me and let me know!
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Veska3ifHobbyist Digital Artist
good luck with your resolution and project dude :D
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RetSamysHobbyist General Artist
Thank you. =)
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Veska3ifHobbyist Digital Artist
you welcome ^^
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Das klingt echt interessant. ICh bin gespannt, was dabei raus kommt.
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RetSamysHobbyist General Artist
Danke! (Ich auch. :giggle:)
Super-großartig wird es natürlich nicht, das Teaser-Bild ist der erste Frame der Animation, daran sieht man schon, wie einfach es wird. Aber ich hoffe, dass es sich am Ende doch sehen lässt. Ca. 30 Einzelbilder habe ich ja schon. =)
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ICh habe nie mehr animiert als ein paar buttons - ich glaube die meisten bilder waren 15... Und das war wesentlich einfacher, als das hier! Also warte ich jetzt darauf, dass dabei was gutes rum kommt. Alleine die Idee ist doch schon interessant!
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RetSamysHobbyist General Artist
15 Bilder sind schon verdammt gut! Ich kenne viele, die sich nie die Mühe machen, über 5 Bilder hinauszugehen.

Danke für den Anstoß!
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Nuja - etwas kompliziertere Farbeffekte. XD Wie gesagt, meine Animationen kommen bei weitem nicht an ein miniFilmchen heran.^^

Aber gerne!
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