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I didn't know I needed a picture book about Orcs until I saw GoblinHood's children's book called "Mein Papa ist ein Ork" (My Dad is an Orc) and the sequel "Mein bester Freund ist ein Goblin" (My Best Friend is a Goblin). I highly recommend it for kids 4+ years, old it's so amazing. And yes, they do work for kindergarten and preschool kids as well as for primary school pupils. (It's also interesting to see how the parents lean in and how well-versed they are in fantasy lore.)

Today, the author and illustrator Rudy Eizenhöfer came to my youth club to read us his stories and everyone had a wonderful time. For the occasion, I provided a time filler and the skulls were a great success. Which was great, because when the little Orc wanted to split some skulls in the second book, we had some ready for him!

I've seen skull templates on dA and elsewhere, but I really wanted to make one on my own and the other ones didn't have quite the mechanism I wanted. It was relatively little work compared to the Orc template that I did first. This was just a nice little extra and because it was less time-consuming, it turned out to be the more popular choice - even though they all admired the Orc I made.

There are two skulls on this template because I needed this print-ready today and I didn't want to waste too much paper. Also, I just like a horizontal template.
Oh - and I'm considering just leaving my name on everything I make. But I won't go back and edit everything in my Gallery until I find something I'm 100% happy with.

Resources used:
Tools used: the Gimp, CreaToon for the model preview in the upper left corner.
Let me know what you think!

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Hello, I'm from ProjectComment

The skull idea as a filler for the authors that were reading your book was a neat idea. I bet the little goblins had a fun time smashing those skulls, eh? The skull looks great, and since you came up with it that even makes it nicer. Rather than printing from a template, I’d imagine a lot of work went into this? Did you do it traditionally with pencil and paper, or 3D modeled it to get the form? Leaving it free to use is also a great idea, as it’ll allow other artists to use your model and put their own spin on it, and also sending people your way to get the original which helps you get more viewers to your page. The skull looks neat, the lines look neat, and everything about it is neat. They appear straight which will help out when cutting them out.

Speaking of cutting, some people don’t use exacto blades, and scissors don’t cut nice straight lines at times. Having the areas that need to be cut out a tiny bit thicker than the fold lines will help with people just seeing your model and wanting to cut and print it out. It’ll also help hide errors a bit when cutting. The fold lines are great, but I’m not sure what and where the glue and folds go… at first. However be the case, add numbers on the sides near the tabs so people, especially kids and parents, can find out where the tabs glue where. Maybe even add in some simple drawn instructions so they can get a hint.

Overall you’ve done a marvelous job with this. The glue bottle and the dark square next to it is a nice design take in where to add the glue. Almost like a model car. You could add those markers on the dark squares as a precaution for those that may not really understand what that is at the corner, but it’s up to you really. It’s overall nice, and I like how you’ve asked only for credit if people want to redraw a design on it. May I draw something on it? :D

Great job and keep up the good work. :thumbsup: