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Night Road animated GIF



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Another thing that worked rather well.

I like sitting (not driving) in a car at night, the street ahead, the night sky around...
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Wow! This makes me feel like I am driving! What a great illusion. Maybe the sky looks a little odd, the way it is moving sideways, but overall, the perspective of the road is really great. It can actually make me dizzy if I stare at it for too long! :D

Some improvements may be some road signs on the right side. They don't even have to be fancy, just something with a 'Straigh Ahead' arrow, or something to that effect, or, if you wanted to put a speed limit sign, that could improve the illusion more, too. Adding the silhouettes of mountains in the distance could be really neat, too. And a moon....

Okay, I'm getting pushy and crazy now. :D

My gifs are so amateur and crappy, it's nice seeing something better. I am addicted to gifs, so this will surely go in my favorites.

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